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"We'd better hurry up, Inuyasha," Kagome murmured. Inuyasha nodded slightly and, still glaring at his half-brother, sheathed the Tessaiga. Then he held out his hand to Sesshoumaru. Kagome's eyes widened. Wow. Inuyasha's…

"Give me my arm back."

Kagome almost giggled. And here I thought he was… oh well. She looked at the rip in Sesshoumaru's sleeve, and could see a slightly discoloured band of skin encircling his arm.

Sesshoumaru's cold stare travelled from Inuyasha's face to his outstretched hand, as though thinking about changing his mind about the deal. Inuyasha waited, and Sesshoumaru's eyes snapped up to his face again.

"Very well."

Without warning, steam vented off his left arm, and it detached, falling to the ground. Inuyasha grunted and picked it up, untying the makeshift bandages Kagome had tied around his shoulder stump. He held it in place, but it didn't meld. "Kagome, tie it up."

She did as she was told. There was no doubt in her mind that Inuyasha's arm would soon heal again… it was just a feeling.

"Let's go." Inuyasha bent on his knees so that Kagome could climb on, and once she was comfortable, held her tight and jumped up into the air. Kagome took a peek below and saw Sesshoumaru right below them. She snuggled closer to Inuyasha, hoping her skirt wasn't flying about. Even if it was, there was nothing on Sesshoumaru's face to show that he saw anything.

She sighed as he climbed up on the already airborne Ah-Un's back. This journey was going to take a while.


Too late.

Kikyou put a hand on a nearby tree trunk and surveyed the scene. It was a disaster. People everywhere, dead or dying. Her soul collectors were going crazy, grabbing the glowing balls of light hovering above the bodies and dropping them into her body. She could feel herself getting more powerful with each soul that entered her.

She held up her palm when one of her demons attempted to drop another soul into her. "Hold on to that one for a while," she ordered it. The demon floated above her head. She did it with a few others, then started walking again towards the circle of hills.

She walked for a while, and some of the wolf demons called out to her, asking her to help. But Kikyou didn't stop. Even though it tore open her heart not to heal them, she knew they would only suffer more if they survived. No one was suffering superficial wounds; it would be better if they died. Even with this thought, she couldn't bring herself to end their lives. So she let them lie there, and continued up the path to the tallest hill, her face a mask.

She took her time to scale the hill. A rough path had been cut into the side for the wolves, smaller children and elders who couldn't jump high. Kikyou paused as her soul collectors sunk more souls into her, and looked up. An oversized feather flew out the side, creating a breeze and whipping up her hair.

She waited till the feather was out of sight, and continued up until she reached a small landing of sorts. She strode inside the den right in front of her without hesitation, and paused as she reached the anteroom. A small boy was standing over the body of an old wolf demon, and was aiming his weapon at another female who was standing right in front of him with a defiant stance.

Kikyou quickly drew an arrow and strung it on her bow, knocking his axe out of his hands. The boy turned to face her, a blank expression on his face. He picked up the axe again by pulling the chain connected to it.

Kikyou strung another arrow on her bow. "Flee now," she ordered the aged demon. The wolf looked at her and drew herself up to her full height. "I am not a coward. Let me h- handle…" she faltered as she looked at the bodies of the old wolf demon.

Kikyou deflected the boy's deadly weapon which flew out and looked toward the demon which she had strived to bring closer to her reincarnate. He was lying on the floor, blood still gushing out from the open wound on his chest. She felt a pang of sadness as she looked upon his handsome face, holding a contorted look as if he was in extreme pain just before death claimed him.

She took a couple of quick steps and clamped her fist around the boy's neck. His brown eyes were blank as they stared up at her. "Naraku's whereabouts." was all she said.

The boy didn't reply. Instead, he wrestled with her, trying to slash her hands with his axe. Kikyou's hold didn't weaken even though purple spots of matter began escaping from the open wounds on her hand. She ignored the gasp from the right.

"You're one of the undead."

The boy slid from her hands and executed a neat back flip, landing a few paces away from her. He gathered up his axe and without warning, ran out the opening and jumped down. Kikyou avoided the old demon's stare as she followed the boy.

As she reached the edge of the ledge, she saw him landing on the ground, and sprint into the woods. She too jumped down, stumbling as her body absorbed the shock of the landing.

She followed the jewel shard's and his fast receding aura into the trees. He was going to the one who controlled him, and she intending to find out where that place was.

As she walked, she chanted a complex spell, her hands glowing faintly pink as she settled into a fast pace. It was a difficult spell, dangerous if she made any mistake. But it seemed to work, as she disappeared bit by bit. Soon her whole body was invisible. It was easier to use Naraku's… she thought.

Her spell had not only hidden her from view, but also masked her scent and aura. But it would only be for a short while, as long as she had energy left. Since she had had lots of souls, there was excess bit of it, so she had risked it.

The trees thickened and Kikyou picked up her pace, her demons following easily. She started running now; the boy was starting to get farther away. She held out an arm as a branch whipped her face, and let out a small gasp. She could sense about four more jewel shards coming her way. Ignoring them, she continued on her path.

Suddenly, she stopped. The boy was just ahead of her. He just stood there, looking around in confusion. She ran up to him and swiftly grabbed him by the neck. The boy's flailing limbs failed to land a hit as he was lifted up in the air.

"Where is Naraku?" she hissed at him. The boy's eyes widened with fear. "Wh- where are you? Wh- who are you?" he stuttered, his hands finally grabbing onto Kikyou's invisible wrist.

Kikyou looked into his eyes. It seems Naraku has stopped controlling him now… with that thought, she grabbed his arm and let go of his neck. Immediately he started struggling.

Kikyou made herself visible again. There was no use wasting energy to fool this boy. He gasped when he saw her, purple matter escaping from the cut on her cheek and arm. Her demons appeared from nowhere and started feeding her souls again.

"Lead me to him!" Kikyou ordered him, but the boy just stood there. "Hurry. Or you shall be punished," Kikyou said again. Just as he started to open his mouth to say something, Kikyou heard a thud behind her. She looked around, taking care not to let the boy escape.

"Kikyou, let go of Kohaku!" Her reincarnation all but screamed. Kikyou gave her a cold glare before looking up at the sky to find Inuyasha's half brother hovering above on his beast.

"Kikyou!" Inuyasha called out. Kikyou's gaze snapped back to the half-demon. He was carrying Kagome on his back, and currently she was digging her ankles into his abdomen hard. She then climbed down and ran towards her.

"Kikyou, what had gotten into you? Let go of him!" Kagome cried, taking Kohaku's arm. Kikyou let her hold on him loosen. "The boy was leading me to Naraku. Get out of my way."

As if on cue, Kohaku wrenched free of Kagome's grasp and dove to the right, disappearing into the bushes. Kikyou hitched up the bow strung across her torso and followed suit. She heard a small "oh!" of surprise behind her as she parted the leaves, searching for Kohaku.

Maybe it would be better to take them with me.

But Kikyou shook off any thoughts of taking the help from Inuyasha, Kagome or his infernal brother. This was her battle. She had a way to defeat Naraku, and they would probably just force Naraku to abandon this hideout of his too, what with Inuyasha brandishing his Tessaiga like a drunken bird trying to build a nest with an overlarge branch.

She masked herself again, and followed Kohaku's aura. This time he was heading in a straight line, jumping nimbly from tree to tree.


Inuyasha looked in the direction where Kikyou had disappeared. Why was she here? And why the hell was she looking for Naraku? And… why did Kagome dig her heels into his guts so hard? It hurt quite a bit…

His eyes widened as he realised the impact of Kagome's action. Was she still jealous of his feelings for Kikyou? He shifted his gaze to Kagome, who was still looking at the place where Kikyou had disappeared. She appeared to be deep in thought.

"I suggest we hurry," Sesshoumaru interjected. There was something about his eyebrows that said that he had just managed to avoid saying 'you imbecile'. He had been floating aloofly at the top while all this had played out. To an outsider, it must've looked common enough, Inuyasha guessed. He threw an insult or two at Sesshoumaru and returned to staring at Kagome again. There was no use fighting Sesshoumaru at this time. There would be ample opportunities later. He felt Sesshoumaru's eyes boring into the back of his head, smirking at the thought that he wouldn't dare do anything.

Kagome strode back to Inuyasha and climbed onto his back again. Her mouth was set in a grim straight line and her eyes had a bit of hardness in them. Inuyasha couldn't help but shiver a bit, and took off again, Ah-Un following him easily. Funny how she could be scarier than a fifty foot demon.

"So what happened to that girl of yours?" Inuyasha asked Sesshoumaru loudly. He wanted to talk badly, to hear something besides Kagome's harsh breathing or the rush of wind.

"She has been taken care of."

Damn his personality. He could at least indulge in small talk. "What do you mean 'taken care of'? Did –" Inuyasha began again, but Sesshoumaru cut in. "She is not in danger."

Inuyasha gave up. It was a stupid idea in the first place. He didn't know where he got such flashes of brilliance, but Inuyasha figured it was just a continuation of when he had imagined what it'd be like to have dinner with his brother. Wishing him a savage death (poor lord, murdered by his own half brother), he picked up his speed.



They had reached Kouga's main part of territory, and it simply reeked of death. Kagome covered her nose with her hand, scared to even breathe in through her mouth. Dead bodies were lying everywhere.

Inuyasha continued on to the base of the hill where the largest pile of dead bodies was. He skirted along the edge and began his ascent. I wonder how he knows exactly where to go, Kagome thought, trying to ignore the smell and vision of death.

Sesshoumaru was already hovering at the top when Inuyasha landed on the ledge. Kagome climbed down. "Damn. It looks like we missed all the action. How short was the battle anyway?" Inuyasha muttered. "Well, we might as well go in."

Inuyasha strode in first, and Kagome followed him apprehensively. Sesshoumaru walked in, unaffected by the current mood. Inside, there appeared to be a small room. Inuyasha stopped suddenly, and Kagome bumped into him. "Wha –"

Inuyasha held out his arm. "Get out now." Kagome frowned, wondering why he was acting so strange. She tried to bend and look, but Inuyasha turned and started to push her out in the open again, but Kagome took advantage of his position and slipped through the gap made when he raised his arms to push her.

At first she saw a woman crouched over two bodies, sobbing gently. Her heart went out to her; she must've lost her family. As she walked toward her, however, she saw exactly who was on the floor.

Her chest seized up as she saw his pained face. Her knees buckled and she started falling to the floor. Inuyasha clutched her arm swiftly and set her on the floor gently. Kagome crawled closer to Kouga's body, and touched his cheek. A tear fell from her eyes.

"Inuyasha! Sorry, but we got delayed –" Sango's voice petered out behind Kagome, but she didn't care. Kouga's cheeks were cold, and he was very pale. Kagome gasped suddenly and winced as her chest spasmed, sending jolts of pain throughout her torso. The large jewel shard lodged in her chest fell out, glowing bright.

She felt Sango's warm palms on her shoulder, pressuring her gently to stand up. Kagome shook her off and stood up on her feet herself, her face suddenly calm. She picked up the jewel shard and put it back in her chest. She turned to Sesshoumaru. "Myoga told us you can revive the dead. Do it now." She ordered him.

The old woman finally spoke up. "Who are you people? What are you doing in the wolf territory?" she asked them harshly, shifting her legs to a fighting stance with fists raised. "You must be with those motherfucking demons that killed my kin. Prepare to die!" she screeched before jumping towards Inuyasha. He unsheathed the Tessaiga and planted it on the floor, using it as a shield against her attack.

"Wait! We're not with Naraku! We're – we were friends of Kouga," Miroku yelled. The old demon stopped mid-attack. "And how do you prove that to me?" she asked them. When nobody said anything, she bared her fangs. "Knew it. Fucking deceiv –"

"Kouga used to clean armours."

Inuyasha, Sango, Miroku and Shippou stared at Kagome with wide eyes. What kind of a proof was that?

The old wolf demon looked at Kagome for a moment, her eyes acquiring a glazed look.

Her shoulders drooped suddenly. "Kouga never told anyone that… he even threatened to beat up all the people who saw him doing 'females' work'…" She walked to one end of the room. "D – dear foolish b– boy…" she broke down into tears, leaning on the wall while her shoulders shook with wracking sobs.

Kagome walked to her and patted her shoulders. "Don't worry… there is a way…" she murmured soothingly. The demon looked up at her hopefully and smiled when Kagome squeezed her hand reassuringly.

Immediately she wiped her eyes and stood up straight. "I am Leiko, Queen of the north-eastern wolf tribe. And you are…?" she asked imperatively. Kagome smiled. "I'm Kagome. I –"

"Time enough for details later. Now you said there was a way to bring Kouga back…?" Leiko interrupted. Kagome was taken aback, but only a bit. She understood her impatience.

"Yes, er… Sesshoumaru?"

Sesshoumaru hesitated for a bit, and stepped forward. As he unsheathed the Tenseiga, Kagome couldn't help but wonder whether Kouga would be the same, or like – Kikyou.

She watched as Sesshoumaru looked at Kouga's body intently. He swung the sword experimentally once of twice over Kouga's body. Kagome could just restrain herself from crying out as he apparently stabbed Kouga through his chest just beside his gaping wound.

And to her anger, he sheathed his sword. Kouga was still lying on the floor. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" she snapped at him. Sango stared at her friend, surprised.

Sesshoumaru turned and awarded her a cool glare. "His soul has already departed."

With a scream of rage, Kagome ran towards Sesshoumaru and jumped on him. He held out an arm and deflected her by merely pushing her away with the palm of his right hand. Kagome let out an angry hiss when she skidded along the length of the floor, but was up on her feet in a second, and loaded an arrow on her bow. Inuyasha started toward her, intending to prevent her from firing, but Kagome quickly let fly the arrow. It sped toward Sesshoumaru, deadly with its spiritual powers.

Sesshoumaru's expression changed for a fleeting moment; the poison was spreading in his body. With a lot of effort, he leapt up into the air to avoid the arrow. It crashed into the roughly-hewn stone wall of the anteroom, creating a huge crater in it.

Inuyasha wrenched the bow away from Kagome. "You idiot! Don't provoke him!" he screamed at her in rage. He quickly held Kagome's wrist together in his right hand while he threw the bow at Miroku. The monk caught it deftly.

Kagome struggled against Inuyasha's strong grasp. "That son of a bitch! I'm going to kill him! How dare he? How – how dare –" but it was of no use. At last, she stopped and went limp, sobbing gently. Sesshoumaru had been her only hope for that fleeting moment, but now even that had disappeared. Inuyasha slowly drew her into a hug. Kagome yielded, wetting his haori with her tears.


Queen Leiko walked over to her son's body, but did not cry. She had already mourned for him, and her mate. She knew it was too good to be true that they could be resurrected. Like a true warrior, she would only allow grief to overcome her when the battle was over.

Meanwhile, Sesshoumaru floated down to the ground slowly, and landed gracefully on his feet. Everyone watched him, wondering what his next move might be. His face gave away nothing, and he might attack anyone suddenly.

Sango gasped and instinctively ran forward to catch Sesshoumaru as he went down on one knee. Then, when she realised what she was doing, quickly took her hands off of him as though he was burning hot. Miroku darted forward and quickly led her away from Sesshoumaru, frowning. Sango shook her head and walked back to him.

"He's been poisoned," she said aloud at last. Sesshoumaru gave her a glare of such loathing that she drew back a bit. But she held her ground. "Let me help you," she said, looking him in the eye.

"I need no human's help. I have already –" But exactly what he had already done was lost as he stopped speaking suddenly. A drop of crimson blood trickled from his mouth, dripping onto his haori and staining it more. Sango quickly tore off a part of her sash and wiped the blood off.

Why do I have this sudden urge to help him? He is nothing to me. He

She remembered how Sesshoumaru had spared Kohaku when he could have just pressed his neck harder and ended his life. Kohaku, who had tried to kill Sesshoumaru's young ward. That girl seemed like a daughter to him, and Sango knew that dog demons were fiercely protective of their young. Whole armies had been known to die if as much as a hair on a dog demon child had been harmed. It must've taken a lot of self control on Sesshoumaru's part.

Sango smiled sadly. And I'm returning the favour.

Sesshoumaru batted her hand away and got up on his feet. "Since the leader of the wolf tribe is dead, we have no choice but to defeat Naraku on our own." He announced.

Suddenly, Sesshoumaru went down on his knees again, more blood oozing from his mouth. A green aura surrounded his body, and he collapsed suddenly, unconscious. Yet his face revealed nothing of the pain he must be feeling within. Sango stepped forward immediately as Miroku and Leiko gasped and felt Sesshoumaru's forehead. She then looked at Kagome. "Heal him. Now."


"Kagome, please. It's important that he survives," Inuyasha said gruffly. He didn't like pleading. Kagome looked into his golden eyes, and knew that he made sense. There were more important matters at hand than killing Sesshoumaru because he couldn't revive Kouga.

"Alright. But – I don't know how…"

Inuyasha let out a frustrated noise. "Wish Kaede was here. That old hag could finally have some use before kicking the bucket –" He stopped for a minute. "Hey, Kagome, how did you shield me from the Wind Scar back in the forest?" he asked her. Kagome didn't respond.

I can just concentrate and think about purging the poison or whatever it is from his body. Ick, I hope I don't have to undress him…

"Okay… um, I'll put my hand on his face then…" Kagome fluttered her fingers lightly over the purple stripes on Sesshoumaru's cheeks, electricity running through her body. Even though her mind screamed at her to run far away from this murderous demon, she stayed put and closed her eyes. No one's ever done this before… I should've brought some herbs and made a medicine or something… I don't think even Kikyou has ever attempted a fast healing before…

Kagome sighed. There were too many new things to do too soon… intuitively her hand dropped down to Sesshoumaru's abdomen, and untied his armour. Inuyasha shifted beside her slightly, but she ignored it. Soon, Sesshoumaru lay only in his white haori.

It felt natural. Priestesses were born to protect, to heal. Her spiritual powers directed her toward the place where the poison was concentrated, growing and poisoning the powerful demon's body. It was eating him from inside.

Kagome parted the opening in Sesshoumaru's haori top and laid her hand on his bare chest, shuddering in disgust. She had never, in her wildest imaginations, pictured being in such close proximity to Sesshoumaru. Nor did she have any wish to. As far as she was concerned, Sesshoumaru deserved to die a horrible and painful death.

Her eyes scrunched up as her hands shook. Pink, glowing energy flowed from her hands into Sesshoumaru's body. His body spasmed as green smoke vented from his body. Kagome was somehow managing to purge the poison.

As she worked, Sango was whispering with Miroku. "It looks like Naraku managed to find a weakness within Sesshoumaru," he said. Sango nodded. Inuyasha's sensitive ears caught his whispered words and he got up. "What is it?" he asked him interestedly.

Miroku looked at him seriously. "I've just figured it out. The Tenseiga protects Sesshoumaru when he in mortal danger… remember?" he asked him. Inuyasha nodded impatiently. "Yeah, yeah, just spit it out already."

"The Tenseiga only protects him against the… ah, physical attacks… of course, poisoning is also physical, but you know what I mean. So the Tenseiga couldn't protect Sesshoumaru this time. It could sense no danger."

This disquieted the tree greatly. That Naraku managed to weaken even the most powerful demon other than himself so greatly and without any apparent effort…

Kagome stood up suddenly and wiped her hands on her top as if they were filthy. "I think it's done. I managed to stop it before it spread… it was too easy, I have a bad feeling about it," she rambled. Behind her, Sesshoumaru quietly got on his feet and strode out, picking up his broken armour along the way. His face was the same expressionless mask.

Miroku quirked an eyebrow. "What's his problem?"

Inuyasha grunted. "Sulking. Can't bear a human healing him." He said harshly. Sango looked out the opening thoughtfully. "Somehow, I don't think it's something so childish," she said after a while.

She noticed Kagome walking over to Kouga's body again, kneeling down beside his lifeless form. She reached out a hand and stroked Kouga's cold and pale cheeks softly, fresh tears falling from her eyes. Sango sat beside her and held her shoulders, squeezing them gently. Shippou bounded down from Miroku's shoulder and sat on Kagome's other side, hugging her waist.

Kagome wiped her tears away, and straightened her shoulders. Smiling at Shippou, she ruffled his hair. Before her smile could falter, she looked away from the little fox demon.

She looked at Sango with fire in her eyes. "I'm going to kill Naraku." She said with quiet ferocity. Sango nodded, noting the determination in her voice. Kagome may not be powerful enough to kill Naraku, but her self-confidence would be a big asset if they hoped to win together.

Leiko began to make preparations to bury Kouga's body, calling the other wolves from the main room to come and carry their leader away. Kagome turned to her. "Cover him with a cloth and leave him be." She said in the same quiet voice.

"But Kagome, you know there's no chance –"

"Just do it." Kagome interrupted Inuyasha. He shut up for once, being wise enough to not interfere with whatever was going on in Kagome's tortured mind. Leiko looked like she was about to argue, towering over Kagome.

Inuyasha stepped in their midst and led Leiko away from Kagome and they conversed in low tones for a while, then Leiko nodded and smiled sadly at Kagome.

"I know now that Kouga was a really close friend of yours, so I am willing to do as you wish."

Kagome opened her mouth furiously, about to correct Leiko's mistake, but Miroku interrupted. "SO! Why don't we follow Kikyou's trail, eh? She was following Kohaku, right?" he yelled.

Kagome decided to let it slip this time and nodded curtly, glaring at Inuyasha. She strode out of the den. Sango saw her shoulders droop as soon as she thought she was out of view, and strained her neck until she went out sight.

Sango hitched up her Hiraikotsu and walked out, Miroku and Inuyasha following with Shippou on Inuyasha's shoulder. Leiko stayed behind to take care of the tribes people still surviving.

They exited to see Sesshoumaru glaring coldly at Kagome, who seemed a bit uneasy under his gaze. Sesshoumaru's hand was twitching as if he would want nothing better than to wrap them around her neck and kill her slowly and painfully. Kagome seemed to have realised that already, as she climbed hurriedly on Kirara's back.

Sango hopped on in front of her, and turned back slightly. "Are you alright, Kagome?" she asked her friend, and immediately slapped herself mentally. What the hell am I thinking, anyway?

Kagome's eyes brimmed with tears again, and she leaned on Sango's back. "Let's get on with it, please." She whispered. Sango patted her knee sympathetically, her eyes wetting a bit. I can understand how you feel, Kagome. Just… just don't bottle it up like I do.

But she never voiced this thought aloud however, as Sesshoumaru took off suddenly. Inuyasha growled and set off into a sprint, Miroku following closely. Kirara too took to the air, staying only a little distance behind the airborne Sesshoumaru. He seemed to have a plan in his mind.


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