Hm, this Juma tastes pretty good, a young Twi'lek of about twenty-two thought as she sipped a cup of Juma Juice from a cantina that had just moved near her brother's droid shop and swoop garage. She heard people in the garage, and knew that she had to go see what they were doing or what they wanted.

One was a woman—a black haired girl with brown eyes. Her hair was up and she was wearing Jedi robes. Funny, she mused. Thought the Jedi were gone… The other person was a guy with dark hair and brown eyes. His hair was side parted and he was wearing robes too. Huh! She figured they were dating, but she remembered that Jedi didn't have "emotional attachments" or whatever the fancy Jedi name was for relationships.

"You Mission Vao?" the girl asked, admiring an accelerator for a swoop bike. The Twi'lek crossed her arms. "Maybe," she said. "Alright then," the girl said. "Now that we've got the right person—" "Wait." Mission said. "What are you doing here?" The girl shrugged. "Delivering a message," she said simply. "Oh, I'm Aneela and that's Atton."

Mission gave them a quizzical look. Atton was looking at some salvaged droid parts. "Yeah, we bring our regards from Revan." Mission looked at him; she was gaping. Mercena's alive! I thought she died a long time ago, she thought, absolutely bewildered.

"You didn't know she left?" Aneela asked. "She left about nine years ago." Mission nodded, unable to speak. She was alive…! "How do you know Mercena?" Mission asked. She, ever since the revelation on the Leviathan when she was just fourteen, had never been able to call Mercena by her true name, Revan. Even though she'd gotten her redemption, "Mercena" brought back happier memories and thoughts.

"Who?" Aneela asked. "It was Mer—Revan's old name," Mission said. Shifting to calling her Revan will be hard, she thought. "Anyways, she wanted me to ask you to go to Telos. Apparently she's reuniting the company," Aneela said. Reuniting the company! Mission was full of excitement. This means I'll get to see everybody again. I wonder what they've done, where they've been…

"Wait," she said, "why didn't Mercena just tell me?" Aneela looked at her. "I live here," she said, "with Atton." He grinned at that statement. Why is he smiling like he's hyped up on spice? Mission wondered. "But how do you know her?" she asked. "I fought with her, like you did," Aneela said. "And we hard to part ways, like you did." The memory of first hearing those words came back to her.

"We're heading to Telos in a few days," Atton chimed in, "and you can come with us if you'd like." Mission gave him a quizzical look. "But how do you know her—and Mercena?" she asked. Aneela laughed a little and said, "We'll tell you on the way."

Bao-Dur watched Telos come into view: Citadel Station was a grey patch on the planet's brown and green surface. My destination, he thought. The planet evoked old memories; the defeat of Czerka, with Aneela's help of course, was the memory he loved.

Iridonia had its call on him years ago. He had settled in and began to help the planet reconstruct itself. He'd worked on building freighters and operating ships. Now, as a passenger on one of his own ships, he watched Telos grow bigger and bigger. He knew what he'd find on it, and was anxious the reach it.

He stood and walked past a few passengers; they stared at his arm. Half man, half machine, he chuckled to himself. To get to Telos, he'd hopped a freighter to Onderon and took this transport to Citadel Station.

His eyes were heavy as he thought of memories since hadn't slept well in the last few years. He was worried about a lot of things. His Remote wasn't dysfunctional yet, which surprised him. It beeped a bit. "We're almost there," he told it quietly. The Remote beeped again and Bao-Dur sat down to catch a few minutes of sleep before they landed.

"Now approaching Citadel Station…" the pilot said over the intercom. Bao-Dur's eyes were slightly open as he saw the grey of the transport. He looked out the window: Telos was a lot bigger than it was before and they'd be landing shortly. He'd see the crew again.

He exited the ship after about fifteen minutes of waiting for the crowds to exit and for the ship to land. "Let's go," he told his Remote; it followed faithfully. He exited off the loading ramp to see the Telos Security Force stationed everywhere. They've certainly taken this place a few steps up since I was last here, he observed as he proceeded to the airlock.

Outside the airlock were a few families of humans and aliens greeting people coming home. Bao-Dur looked both directions for Aneela or at least someone who looked familiar. No one was in sight. Maybe at the TSF office? He wondered as he walked up to a TSF officer. "Where's the TSF office?" he asked. "Entertainment Module 081—or at least I'm guessing that's where you want to go," the officer said. Bao-Dur nodded and walked out of the hallway of airlock doors.

He came up to the waiting area was where a lot of people were awaiting a ship of some kind to either take them somewhere or to bring someone here. Entertainment Module 081, Bao-Dur repeated to himself so he wouldn't forget. "Remember that, alright?" he told his Remote. It beeped happily and followed Bao-Dur as he walked.

Bao-Dur walked a bit past the cantina, which was overrun, and thought he'd check in there. He stepped past large crowds. Telos is strangely overpopulated or the cantina is now serving free Juma, he thought.

"Hey," a female voice said behind him. "You lost, Iridonian?" He turned to see Aneela, the General, grinning at him. His expression said, "I'll be damned": his mouth was partially open, probably because he hadn't seen her in years. Her hair was a bit grey already! Good thing I haven't got any, he thought as he itched one of the spikes on his head.

"General?" he asked. Her posture was different but he recognized her nonetheless: despite her hair was a bit greyer and her Jedi robes hit most of her figure, he recognized her. She hasn't changed much, he thought, but at the same time she seems totally different.

"What are you doing here?" he asked. "Waiting for you," she said. "We're meeting everyone at the TSF office." She grinned. "And conveniently I wanted to get some Juma." "Then let's go," he said, "because it's a little crowded." She nodded and took his mechanical hand. "I'm glad you could come," she said and gave him a hug.

and Mical told me that he was getting married in a few months to a brunette girl he'd met through the hospital job. He's now a senator. He seemed to light up tonight in no way I've ever seen him before. It was like he was complete, whole. Maybe it was the Juma? Oh hell, just believe that he's having a good time in his life finally. He said his project for the Republic is complete, and that it's going to be published as a book (finally!) in a few months to a year. Even though Kreia said that he'll never stop loving you, it seems he has. Maybe her prophecies weren't all accurate…

Mira came luckily; I thought she wouldn't. She says that she's out of the bounty hunting loop now and is trying to teach self defense classes on Nar Shadda. She told me, rather jokingly, that she uses her Force powers for all sorts of things: for stray bounty hunters, for making her Juma a bit more satisfying, and—well, you get it. I'm glad she's finally found herself at least. She always seemed restless and angry, but now I think she's better than before.

G0-T0 didn't really come, and I didn't really expect him to or want him to come, if I'm brutally honest. He said something about going back to Nar Shadda, but that's the last I heard of him. I remember Bao-Dur saying that he was really well put together, but that he didn't want to have a droid that functional. "I would get bored," I believe is what he said to me.

HK-47…what a lot to tell. Turns out he's Revan's old droid. I gave HK-47 back to her, and she seemed strangely pleased to have her droid back. I don't really understand why, although I did appreciate his occasional humor.

I told T3-M4 that he could go with Bao-Dur back to Iridonia, stay with Revan, or be sold. Of course he didn't choose being sold, and he chose to go with Bao-Dur. I know he'll be a good droid there and Bao-Dur seems to love that little droid a lot. Atton doesn't really like droids, so he won't hang around the apartment in Nar Shadda long.

Visas came for a short while. She stayed the entire time, but it doesn't seem like she was thinking about this. I haven't seen her give a full grin, but I did see her smile when I first saw her and she saw me with the Force. I still don't know how Miralukas see with the Force, but I'm sure I'll never know. She told me that she finally got peace at Katarr, like Kreia said she would. She told me that she's also going to travel around the galaxy kind of like I did. She's going to the Outer Rim and then take a freighter back to the Core Worlds. She's going to travel and teach as many as possible the ways of the Jedi.

Mandalore showed up, although I didn't expect him too. He seemed different from the person I knew. He was happier it seemed, and he talked with Revan a lot. He took off his helmet, and seemed happy to see everyone. He's the only person who knows everybody, too. He says the Dxun camp is going well, and that the recruits are all right. He didn't explain a lot, because he knows not to reveal too much.

Members of Revan's company that were present were Mission Vao, Jolee Bindo, Zaalbar, and Bastila Shan. A Cathar named Juhani would've been there, but Revan couldn't contact her. She searched Dantooine but couldn't find her anywhere. Revan told me she thought she went into hiding because she was grieving for her friend, and what Revan believed to be her love, Belaya, who apparently died on the attack on the Jedi enclave all those years ago. All of them were wearing a Cross of Glory—even Mandalore. He never told me anything about fighting for the Republic, but then again he seemed way too complicated and like he'd even seen more than I did. Carth Onasi was there with Revan, and he seemed as though he was a supernova: he's just been an explosion of happiness ever since Revan came back about a year ago.

"Aneela?' a voice whispered in the dark. "Hang on," she said.

There really wasn't that much to say to them except a bit of standard table talk. We seem like long-lost family somehow, but strangers at the same time.

A Pazaak card hit the back of her head. Aneela grinned and laughed silently to herself.

Well, as soldiers say, "duty calls". Yeah, sounds lame.



"What?" she said to the darkness. "Since when do you have a diary?" Atton asked, throwing another card at her. She heard him sipping Juma. "Since now," she said as she used the Force to knock his Juma all over him. "Hey," he said. "Acts such as this lead to the darkside." "Oh yeah?" she said. "We'll just see..." And at that moment she realized her future was brighter than the explosion of a plasma grenade.

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