By animeninjaNIPPON

The breeze was blowing softly through the distant trees, and the sun was shining gracefully upon the island known as Duelist Kingdom.

I didn't care. I was in a bad mood.

First, Mai Kujaku tricked me out of my suite. That was bad in and of itself, but the fact that she said she'd give me some made it worse. Then, in my attempt to get back at her, I bet my rarest card against some poseur duelist named Katsuya Jonouchi and lost. Someone up there hated me, I was certain.

"Hey! Ryuzaki!" I heard a sinister voice call.

I turned around. "Haga?" I said, shocked. "I thought you were deported off this island."

"I escaped the guards," Haga said matter-of-factly.

"Really? I asked with a wicked grin. "How'd you manage to do that?"

He began his lengthy tale of how he gave Pegasus' guards the slip. I felt somewhat better knowing that someone other than me had been screwed over the wrong way. Also, it was kind of nice having someone to talk to. Insector Haga was my only real friend and even he got on my nerves sometimes. Yeah, everyone else hated me…

We walked past a dueling platform, where who should step down but Mai Kujaku? She had just finished dueling the crap out of some random schmo, who immediately ran off crying. She approached us with extreme arrogance.

"I thought you boys were thrown off the island," she said.

"They haven't come for me yet," I replied, "and he" - I gestured to Haga – "escaped."

"Well, I'd love to stick around and hear about your 'epic adventures,' but I've got a tournament to win." She waved and turned to leave. "See 'ya."

As soon as she was out of range, Haga dared to put his two yen in. "I can't believe you thought you had a chance with THAT."

I jerked my head in his direction. "What the Hell do you mean by that?" I asked indignantly.

"She's out of your league," Haga continued. "A woman with that body wouldn't go for some under aged hooligan. Especially in that hat…"

"You're one to talk," I fired back. "At least she bothered to make a fool of me. No girls ever talk to you. You're always hiding behind those oversized glasses." Then, with uncontrollable compulsion, I snatched his glasses right off his face.

"H-Hey! Give those back! I can't see!" he whined. Suddenly, he turned to me. I'd never seen him without his glasses before, and he looked… different. He blushed as I stared at him, and then yanked his glasses out of my hand.

"Hey you!" boomed a voice behind us. Haga adjusted his glasses and turned around. It was one of Pegasus' goons. "You said you were going to relieve yourself, and then disappeared for two days. Did you think you could get away that easy?" He grabbed both Haga and me by the ears. "And you, Dinosaur Ryuzaki," he said, glaring down at me, "You're out of the tournament too!"

Now I was really in a bad mood. The suit carried us along and led us into a rowboat that would send us back to Japan. But at least I had someone to complain to.

End of part one