You're Out Longer Than You're In
By Emania

Total Words: 493
Category: Humorous
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Response to Kirayasha's Writer's Challenge on dA: http : (backslash, backslash) kirayasha . deviantart . com / journal / 4970141 / (without spaces)

"Don't're out longer than you're in."

Waist deep in demon guts and trying failingly to avoid thinking about what exactly it was she was wading in, Kagome swiveled around (swiveling as much as the demon guts would allow her to, anyway) to face the speaker. "How exactly is that supposed to make me feel any better, Miroku-sama!" she demanded.

Miroku thought about it and shrugged, shifting his position so the spreading goo of guts would not touch his feet. "It's something to look forward to, no?" he tried.

Kagome turned to Inuyasha in wordless surprise. "Don't look at me," Inuyasha shrugged. "My job is to kill 'em, and yours is to find the shard…" he fell back onto the grass and closed his eyes. "And don't be all day about it, either…we've got some ground to cover before nightfall."

Kagome gaped, a few choice phrases coming to mind, but she managed to hold herself in check by counting mentally to 10. She felt the pinprick of the jewel shard somewhere to her left and started to work through the large former demon's remains.

"Eeep!" Kagome yelped as her foot slipped and she fell, arse first into the mire. Her hand moved around in something squishy and unidentifiable, searching for purchase and when it came out with something that could've been in a jar of formaldehyde in the science lab back home, something inside her snapped and she screamed.

As expected, Inuyasha ran to her side, lifting her onto her feet. "What is it?" he demanded, drawing Tetsusaiga, prepared for battle. "Is it another one of them? What? Where?" His nose flared but he could smell nothing except the dead demon around them.

"Get me out, get me out!" Kagome squealed, reaching out to Miroku who was standing just beyond the edge of guts.

Miroku took her hand and pulled her. "What happened, Kagome-sama?" he asked, his back to her as he looked around for any signs of trouble.

Kagome took the chance that his attention was elsewhere and casually pressed against his back, pushing him face first into the demon guts right alongside Inuyasha. "Oh, I was just done and I thought you boys shouldn't miss the pleasure," she told them cheekily, holding up the purified jewel shard. "I'm going to the hot springs," she told them over her shoulder. "Oh, and remember," she turned back and winked at them. "You're out longer than you're in!"

Inuyasha and Miroku watched her go in stunned silence. Just as Miroku managed to find his footing inside the slippery mess, Inuyasha knocked him along the back of the head, dropping him right back in. "Baka," he told him. "You pissed her off."

"I did?" Miroku asked. "You're the one that told her to hurry it up," he tried to smooth the pinkish things off of his face. Before Inuyasha could argue, Miroku pushed on Inuyasha's back and knocked him on his face. "Baka," he mumbled.