Title: Hopes and Dreams
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst/slight Romance/Drama
Pairing: One-sided Sesshoumaru/Kagura
Word Count: 132
Spoilers: Manga chapter 374
Summary: In the end, she knew it was too much to hope for.

Perhaps it had been too much to hope that he would have made it to her side in time. Visions of a hero saving her from death had filled her thoughts in her last moments. She could blame the miasma, she could blame the hysterical calmness, or she could even blame her newfound heart.

Deep inside, Kagura knew the end was near. But a part of her refused to give up the silly hopes and dreams. What was living if one couldn't hope for a happy ending?

A smile appeared as she spotted his figure in the distance. It was too late, but he had found her. A peaceful feeling washed over her and she let go of her hope. It was time to move on from such childish wishes and dreams.