Title: Brotherly Love
Rating: K+
Genre: General
Squicks: Implied gore, one mild curse.
Word Count: 107
Summary: Think before you speak.

Inuyasha gripped the handle of Tessaiga, a confident smirk beginning to appear. "Keh. Running away again? I bet you couldn't even hit me if you…"

The rest of his sentence was interrupted as all the air was forced from his lungs. A muffled whimper escaped as his eyes widened in shock and pain. Sesshoumaru twisted his hand, extending his claws into the wound in Inuyasha's chest.

"Think before you speak."

Inuyasha crumpled to the ground in agony, as Sesshoumaru removed his hand, flicking drops of blood from his claws. Muttering under his breath, Inuyasha forced out one last comment as his brother walked away.

"Lucky shot, bastard."