Chapter 1 – The Cause

Joy Multiplied

By Lady Urquentha

PG – 13

Disclaimer: All characters belong to J. K Rowling, the exception being any OC characters that might wander in. The plot is my own, and even that may have been influenced by stories I have read in the past, and if so, I apologize.

A/N: This is my first AD/MM story, so comments and whatnot are appreciated! I actually think this is one of the first AD/MM stories like this on FFnet, and I'm surprised I managed to come up with something semi-original! Lol!

Chapter 1

Minerva stretched in an almost feline way as she sat at her desk, marking the third-year essays. She had adopted many of the mannerisms of her feline form over the many years since she became an animangi at the tender age of seventeen. She was stiff from sitting down for the past four hours, marking essay after essay. It was late in the evening, almost curfew for the students, and she would need to be leaving soon as well.

She heard the soft sound of the portrait entrance to her office opening, and knew instantly who it was. She knew it from the sound of his footsteps, from the unique and familiar smell that lingered about him and the sound of his breathing, from the heat that radiated from his body, and from the presence that he always had. A soft smile curved her lips, though she didn't look up.

His hands descended to rest upon her shoulders, gently massaging.

"You're tense, my dear," his slightly husky voice murmured near her ear.

"Perhaps," she allowed, smiling faintly as she continued marking.

"Then let me remedy that," his gentle words were punctuated by firm movements of his hands against her shoulders.

She moaned softly, relishing the way he managed to dissipate the stress that had built up with such ease. She closed her eyes, disregarding the pile of essays that had yet to be marked. His hands worked with expert skill as they moved from her shoulders down her back, loosening strained muscles.

"Better, my dear?" he asked, as he released her finally. Her only response was a sigh as she opened her eyes slowly. She heard a soft chuckle from behind her, and two spells swept from behind her towards the door. Familiar lights of both a silencing and a locking charm bloomed around the room.

After those not too subtle hints, she was not very surprised when a pair of lips descended on her own. She lifted her arms and wound her delicate hands through silvery locks, standing from her seat at the same time. His arms closed around her waist, pulling her closer to him.

Minerva moaned as his tongue flickered into her mouth, exploring, while his hands traced complicated patterns on her back. She looked up into blue eyes turned dark with desire, and smiled.

A/N: There, short…very short in fact, but hopefully enough to get you guys interested. No prizes for guessing who our mystery man is! Lol!