Chapter 4 – Uncontrolled Magic

Joy Multiplied

By Lady Urquentha

PG – 13

Disclaimer: All characters belong to J. K Rowling, the exception being any OC characters that might wander in. The plot is my own, and even that may have been influenced by stories I have read in the past, and if so, I apologize.

Chapter 4

Minerva frowned as she heard the sound of whimpering coming from around the corner. Speeding up her steps, she rounded the corner, only to find a young first year girl curled up against the wall, sobbing. Minerva crouched down,

"Miss. Feron?" she inquired. The Gryffindor first year lifted her head, revealing a tear-streaked face.

"What is the problem?" Minerva asked gently. The girl sniffled,

"Professor Severus took fifty house points off," she muttered, "and gave me a week's detention because I blew up my cauldron." Minerva sighed inwardly, here was this year's Neville Longbottom, and Severus wasn't helping it any.

"It's okay, child," Minerva soothed her gently, "Professor Severus can sometimes be a bit harsh, but his subject is very dangerous. It'll be fine. I'm sure you'll win your points back, and a week detention isn't so bad. I'll talk to Professor Severus, all right?" The girl sniffed and nodded.

"Then why don't you head upstairs to change for dinner?" Minerva suggested, "it starts in twenty minutes." The girl quickly nodded and scurried off.

Minerva sighed and continued on her way to dinner. This was the fourth time this week that she'd found a first or second year in tears over something Severus had done. She headed to the Great Hall, determined to have a word with him over dinner.

"Severus?" Minerva said, as the noise level in the hall rose as food appeared.

"Yes, Minerva?" Severus muttered.

"Before dinner, I found Miss. Feron crying in the hallway because you gave her detentions and took off 50 house points for accidentally blowing up her cauldron," Minerva began. Severus snorted,

"the little twit has managed to melt three cauldrons since school started," he sneered, "and it's only been three months." Minerva took a deep breath,

"nonetheless, it isn't fair. She's a first year student, and a muggleborn. She's not used to magic, and you should be a bit more considerate," she told him. Severus fixed her with an icy glare,

"the only reason you're worried Minerva, is because she might ruin your chances at the House Cup," he sneered. Heat flooded to her face as she took in his words, and her fists clenched. Minerva felt rage and disgust begin to boil up inside her, but she gritted her teeth,

"Hardly," she returned, her own look just as icy, "this is the fourth time this week I've found a student crying over something you've said or done. Two from Hufflepuff, one from Ravenclaw, and now Miss. Feron. It's just too much!" Severus glared at her,

"Just too much?" he mocked, "how then, do you suggest I keep the brats in line? One of the school rules is that I have the right to deliver detentions and to remove house points when necessary!"

"It is not necessary to take fifty house points and give a week of detentions when a first year student accidentally melts a cauldron!" Minerva's voice was rising, and she was unaware of the attention that she was attracting.

"It is when said first year student melts her THIRD cauldron," Severus retorted, "in her THIRD month of school! And has been causing nothing but trouble throughout!"

"Trouble? Your definition of trouble is vastly different to everyone else's," Minerva snarled, "not being completely interested in a subject is not being a troublemaker!"

"Exploding cauldrons is!" Minerva fought in vain to keep her temper in check, and it burst.

"You're just bitter because we've won the House Cup for the last five years!" she snapped, "you're nothing but a bitter man who takes it out on children who can't fight back! I don't wonder why the students say you're a vampire!" With that she stood up and stormed towards the doors, only just realizing that the entire hall had been listening to her conversation with the potions master.

There was dead silence around her, except for a few sounds like smothered laughter from among the various house tables. She glanced one time over her shoulder, and saw the entire staff table staring at her, and Severus with an angry expression.

"You don't know what you're talking about woman!" he shouted after her. As she spun around to face him, she fixed him with a glare filled with ice and fire at the same time, a glare for which she was famous, and that even Severus shrunk from,

"I know a lot more than you think, Severus," she shot back, before whirling and storming from the hall.

As she passed through the doors, she felt heat wash over her and suddenly there were shrieks of laughter behind her. She turned around just outside the doors, and her mouth dropped open. About fifteen feet in the air, Severus Severus was tumbling over and over, clearly unable to stop himself. His bright pink flying robes revealed him to be wearing a pair of jeans, something that few would have imagined. From the rigidity of his body, he was either petrified with fear or had been stunned. Knowing him, it was the latter, she doubted he'd be petrified by such a thing.

Smothering a laugh, and suddenly completely calm, Minerva hurried down the corridor towards her rooms.

She was seated at her desk, marking essays and humming softly when the portrait to her office was slammed open. A still pink Severus stormed in, clearly having regained the floor.

"What the hell was that for?" he snarled, anger clearly evident.

"What for?" Minerva asked, "our shouting session?"

"No! The spells!"

"I didn't cast any spells," Minerva frowned, puzzled.

"No? Then how do you explain this?" Severus hissed, "or the little display earlier!"

"I didn't do it," Minerva shook her head, "I might have lost my temper, but I'm not that childish."

"The spell came from the doorway, and you were the only one in the doorway!" he spat.

"And yet, I did not. My wand, if you really want to know, was in my pocket. You would have seen me draw it to hex you," Minerva replied.

"Then, pray tell, who DID!" he bellowed. Minerva leaned forward on his desk,

"Severus, we may have our disagreements, but I am NOT so low as to hex a colleague without fair warning." He had a look of grudging acceptance on his face, even he knew that Minerva McGonagall would not attack a turned back, although all the evidence pointed otherwise.

"I would imagine it was someone's idea of a prank," Minerva continued calmly, "no doubt someone near the door cast it, and made it appear to be coming from me."

"Then it was very well timed, almost Slytherin," Severus grudgingly admitted.

"The only tables close enough were the Hufflepuff and Gryffindor tables," Minerva mused.

"Most likely your precious cubs," Severus sneered. Minerva grimaced, but knew that it was true.

"Minerva! What happened in there? You never lose your temper like that in public!" Albus's voice announced his arrival in the room. Albus swept into the room, seeming not to see Severus.

"I don't know Albus," Minerva answered wearily, "I just snapped." Albus's eyes narrowed as he did the calculations. His eyes started to twinkle, and Minerva gasped,

"Mood swings, of course."

"Why, Minerva, is it that time of the month?" Severus drawled. Minerva's eyes widened as they snapped around to look at him,

"Why, you…" She was cut off abruptly as Albus grabbed hold of her,

"Oh no, you don't," he said sharply, "do not hex Severus."

"The mood swings would explain the magic too," Minerva mused, turning away from him.

"What did you mean by explain the magic? You said you didn't hex me!" Severus said hotly.

"I didn't," Minerva answered.

"Then how do your mood swing explain the magic?" Severus demanded in exasperation, sneering. Minerva traded a look with Albus, and then sighed,

"because, dear Severus," she said sweetly, "there's another mind that uses my magic to act upon my emotions." Severus blinked slowly,

"I'm afraid I missed that one," he admitted, "only you can use your magic." Minerva smiled,

"Well, not for the next seven months," she answered. She had to tell Severus, as she had a feeling that he'd eventually have to take over some of her duties. Severus looked at her for a long moment, and then his eyes widened,

"You're pregnant?" he exclaimed. Minerva nodded, Severus was always quick on the uptake.

"How?" he demanded.

"The normal way, I'd imagine," Minerva said dryly. Severus flushed, and Minerva racked up a mental point. It was always a challenge to get Severus to show his emotions, and blushing was one of the hardest.

"I expected that," Severus snapped, "but who?" Minerva debated telling him, except for Poppy and their children, no-one knew of their marriage, even her best friends.

Well? she let the surface thought hover in her mind. She could feel Albus's presence floating in the front of her mind, as he often did. It was a way that they spoke without being overheard, a variation of telepathy, except that it was pretty much one way as it was extraordinarily difficult to project one's thoughts into another's mind. Albus inclined his head slightly, meeting Minerva's eyes,

"me." Severus's head snapped around, and he stared.

"YOU? You're the father?" Albus nodded, and there was a moment of silence before Severus started to laugh. Albus and Minerva traded slightly puzzled looks.

"After all the time that the staff has spent trying to set you two up," Severus explained, "you two turned out to already be involved." Minerva smiled faintly, she had noticed that lately whenever there was partner work, she always seemed to be left with Albus, and had wondered what was up.

"Who?" she asked.

"Rolanda started it," he answered.

"Naturally," Minerva snorted.

"Pomona and Filius are the other major contenders and," he smirked, "I may have helped out a little. The other staff are helping, but aren't as involved." Albus nodded,

"If you recall, Minerva, I said the same thing last week." Minerva wondered whether she should make the answer that the question begged,

"Was it by any chance last Tuesday you made such a comment? While you were helping me with my grading?" she asked sweetly, with a smile playing on her lips. Severus choked, catching the innuendo in her statement.

"So, what is it between you two?" Severus asked, once he'd regained control, "a series of one night stands?"

"I would never have a one night stand with anyone," Minerva hissed at him, and then blinked, unsure of where that sudden burst of temper came from. Both of the two men stared at her, and she blushed.

"Sorry," she muttered.

"Hormones," Severus drawled. Minerva glared at him, but said nothing.

"So, this is an ongoing thing?"

"Why is it any of your business?" Minerva's temper flared again, and then she groaned,

"this is worse then before, I can't control it at all."

"Before?" Severus asked, "how far along are you?"

"Three and a half months now," Minerva answered. Severus nodded,

"your secret is safe with me," he promised, "but do try not to hex me again, though, Minerva," with that, he turned on her heel and swept from her office. Minerva looked at Albus and sighed,

"well, that's one less person to worry about finding out about us," she commented, as the door shut behind him.

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