Ok this is my first fanfic, so I hope you all like it.

Disclaimer: I only own some of the characters, including Tarania and Therrinan. The rest are either from ingame World of Warcraft, or Blizzard owns them.

Chapter One: Therrinan's Departure.

Tarania was training to become a priestess. Something was disturbing her though. Partly, she didn't want to be a priestess particularly, but she felt that every day. Something else was bothering her. Today her brother, Therrinan, was leaving for Lordaeron and Azeroth. Although he was a very good warrior, Tarania still felt that he should be careful among the Forsaken. The thought slipped from her mind, and she continued her training…

One hour later…

"Goodbye, my friends. May our paths yet cross again some day soon." Therrinan was just leaving at the shore of Ashenvale. He hugged each of his family in turn, and departed on the ship.

"May Elune watch over you," said his mother. Tarania was watching among the friends of Therrinan and her family. A silver tear formed in her eye, and fell to the ground. Even as the others left, she watched the ship until it disappeared over the horizon. Then she left.

I hope you all liked the first chapter, I will write more soon!