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Strawberry Lip-Gloss

I've been in love with my best friend Hermione Granger for years now. Actually to be more precise I've loved her since first year after Halloween with the troll incident. I have many things I love about her such as her intelligence, magical talent, beauty, and sense of humor, courage, and feistiness. She is amazing in every way I could every way I could imagine.

It wasn't until 7th year when I had the guts to do something about my crush on her. And it wasn't intentional. I mean I didn't tell her before because of Voldemort. But since I finally eradicated him from the wizarding world did I even feel like I could even ponder telling her the truth.

But like I said it was 7th year and we were Head Boy and Head Girl. We were sitting in our common room doing some homework. I then noticed that she had taken a little tube of liquid out of her pocket that I believed to be lip-gloss. And I watched, mesmerized, as she gently coated her lips with the sticky gloss. I then was able to smell the scent of strawberries.

I don't know about why I did what I did. I guess I just finally snapped. Without a word I got up and walked over to where she was sitting and pulled her to her feet. I then firmly planted my lips on hers. She was rigid with shock at first but then she began to melt in my arms like chocolate under the sun's rays. She began to kiss back, making me beyond happy. I gently slid my tongue over her bottom lip begging for entrance, and when I did this I tasted the yummy lip-gloss.

The kiss was deepened and I was in heaven. When breathing became a must we gently pulled away. "Wow, I've waited for you to do that for a long time Harry. What made you do it?" Hermione asked with labored breaths. "I guess it was the lip-gloss." I answered her casually. She smiled and began to kiss me again.

Now that we are dating I always make sure she has that strawberry lip-gloss. I still can't believe that all this only started with strawberry lip-gloss.


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