Living is just a phase Prelude

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Summery: Crossover: This story is dedicated to those who feel that there is no reason to live. There is, you just have to find it. That is what makes the story of a broken girl desperately trying to survive in a world that is against her. Hiei/Pan.

She sat facing the crystal blue waters of the ocean. The wind played with her short raven black hair weaving in and out almost like that of a child's game, tangling it into thick locks. Which in return splattered acrossed her pale ivory skin. Salt water rose to lick her face as the waves slowly rolled into the coast smashing up against the grey boulders and cliffs such as the one she was now sitting on. Below her there were no sharp rocks, just deep water, which was mainly the reason why she was here. The warm sun was just setting over the horizon painting reds, yellows, oranges, blues, and purples acrossed the coming night sky. Far off you could see rain clouds drifting towards the shore. It was the quiet before the storm.

' It's good to be back here.' The girl thought, burring her toes in the pale sand still warm from the heat wave earlier that day. The sea breeze however brought a much-needed relief cooling the temperature down into the mid 90's. Even then it was warm, but not as bad as it had been.

Her gaze turned down towards the blue waters. In one swift motion she stood dusting off the back of her faded shorts. Walking towards a rock to lay her cloths next to she removed her big white T-shirt and shook her head to release her hair. Once she removed her shorts, revealing a black bikini, she walked further away from the edge of the cliff. Stopping she turned. Far off behind her she heard a man call her name. "No! Pan! Don't do this again!"

He would not stop her again.

Running towards the edge she jumped as she reached the ledge letting her arms rise mimicking that of a birds wings. Sailing high above the water she closed her eyes as the wind rushed passed her sending an overwhelming feeling of emptiness throughout her soul. She felt nothing. No twisted pain inside her chest, no guilt. Just freedom. The kind of freedom she wanted forever.

" Sayonara Trunks."

The woman was brought back from her musings as the sensation of hitting a bed came over her. The water splashed acrossed her skin in an instant, it felt almost like electricity surging through her body. The cool rush was greatly welcomed. Opening her eyes she peered around. She could see everything around her the water was so clear. The fish, plants, and occasional dolphin fluttering about twisting and turning, dancing its playful game. A warm smile graced her lips. This planets creatures were so amusing.

She turned to the sea cliff behind her searching for what she had come for. Glancing down she saw it. A small crevice big enough to hold on to with a small rope she had attached herself, when she had tried this once before. It was about 20 more feet down from her current position.

'Good.' She thought. Pumping her legs while using her hands to maneuver herself through the water she began her decent, ignoring the pain in her ears and the bridge of her nose, getting greater with the water pressure. She heard a big splash above her. 'It's him.'

He was coming again to stop her. The man she only knew the face of. She didn't know why he always came for her. He just did. His hair reminded her of Vegeta's it seemed to defy gravity. He was about the same height too. Why couldn't anyone see that this is what she wanted? She wanted to be free. No more of life's painful woes. No more friends stabbing you in the back. No more blames placed on her shoulders and especially. No more 'him'. She used her Ki to speed up under the water. Getting farther and farther from the surface. Farther from her pain.

She suddenly felt dizzy, a little faint. She happily gave into the blackness that consumed her mind. Falling limp in the process. Strong arms encircled her pulling her upwards. She didn't care anymore; she was so close to freedom. Closing her eyes she let her mind drift back to the reason why she was doing this why she was ruining her life. To the day she was betrayed…

Here ends the Prelude.

So what do you think? Good bad? This is just the prelude! PRELUDE! Cough Yes this is a Pan/Hiei paring. Yea I know…what was I thinking? Right? Well the truth is I was really bored. I mean really bored. Oh well I hope you enjoyed the prelude. Remember it is just a prelude, not the real thing. The real chapters are much longer. If you have read my other story you'll know. Fan Fiction is my life…if I were in one of those truth / anti-drug commercials I would say: "Fan Fiction is my Anti-drug." Okay enough about me, and more about you…I want to know what you think! Should I continue? Or no? I am sorry all you trunks/pan lovers out there this is not one of them, actually it's more of a Trunks bashing…see ya!

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