Chapter 1. Shinobi Don't Bake Pumpkin Pies!

Heh...this is my first fanfic...It all started when ChloƩ (legendary-yoshi) and I were at the library...we looked up the word "ninja" in the computer card catalog. One of them was called Ninjas Don't Bake Pumpkin Pies! When we were walking home, I brought it up and started talking about Team Masho (the shinobi, Risho, Touya, Gama, Jin, and Bakken) anyway...I shall start are intentionally out of character...

One day, during a break at the Dark Tournament, Team Masho decided to bake a pumpkin pie. They had everything put together and the pie was in the oven...While they were waiting...lalala...Okay. The bell on the oven went "DING!" Risho went over to the oven and took it out. "Uh...I didn't think we were supposed to put the WHOLE pumpkin in the pie", said Touya poking the pumpkin. "The crust isn't a light flaky brown like the book says either!", said Jin. Risho then put the pie back in the oven then turned the oven on the highest possible setting. 10 seconds later...exploding sound Touya walks over to the oven and opens it. A puff of smoke came out and Touya abruptly jumped back. Risho put on his HELLO KITTY oven mitts and took it out. (I guess he used his hands the first time ;;)

The Mashoutsukai team stared at the melted pumpkin on the hunk of burnt crust.(can pumpkins melt?) "I don't think we did it right", said Gama. "You idiots! I wanted everything to be perfect, BUT NO! You always ruin it! The one chance we get to bake a pumpkin pie...YOU RUIN IT! I hate you! I hate you! starts crying I HATE YOU," said Touya. Touya then stomped out of the hotel room angry. Bakken looks up from the Fourteen magazine he was reading and said,"What's his problem?" Touya then opened the door and looked in and said "I HATE YOU!" And then SLAMMED the door (very hard). Bakken looked confused...very "a blonde being confused". "Yeah...I'll be right back", said Bakken placing his magazine on the...floor.

Risho stood holding the pie. "Ummm...", said Risho. "How are we goin' ta' fix the pie? Jin grabbed the pie and it his face. Jin toppled over...ya know a top. Karasu came through the window. In a gay hair dresser dude voice, he said,"Oh that pie looks delish!" Jin wiped the pumpkin off his face and said,"WHAT IN THE HELL DO YOU WANT?"(in a "I'm gonna eatcha'" unhappy old person voice) Karasu stared confuzzled. Bakken came back in the door wearing a Fuzzy Pink skirt and said," that green skirt was getting like kind of annoying...and I'm all about the fashion!" ... ... ... ... SILENCE... ... ... ... ...pause pause...What will happen next? I don't even know! Stay tuned!

Well...thats it...for now...I forgot almost everything. Hey! Are you even supposed to bake Pumpkin pies? Eh...yeah...well yeah...the end...for now