Title: In the Nick of Time, Chapter 2

Author: Zeke

Summary: Rose and the Doctor have now had their fill of the experience of imminent death, and retire back to the TARDIS. Next chapter may involve adult content (Rating will be amended accordingly).

Rating: T / PG13 etc.

Disclaimer: I don't own the rights to Doctor Who, or any of the characters within it. So there!

Yet again, Rose had done all of the heroic saving of the day. The Doctor would not have agreed, of course. It had been his idea after all. But Rose was the one with the scratches on her arms from dragging herself through the ceiling to drop down into the corridor through the light fittings.

She had opened the door with a look of triumph on her face, and came face to face with the Doctor who grinned at her proudly. "That's more like it," he exclaimed, then pushed her back up the corridor and started them running for their lives. Again.

Rose had expected him to fumble with the key when in such a rush, but he opened it easily. Obviously he had experience in the mad dash that they had just performed. She collapsed to the floor while the Doctor twiddled and turned the assorted dials and handles that made up the controls of the TARDIS.

And that was it. Suddenly, the looming threat of death was gone and all was well again in the world of time travel. Rose was thankful that she had already collapsed; otherwise she might have found the sudden change rather difficult to handle standing up. She glanced up to find the Doctor standing over her and looking triumphant.

"That's it then, is it?" Rose said softly, and the Doctor raised his eyebrows.

"That's it?" he repeated. "Was there not quite enough escaping and certain death for you then?" He leaned down and grasped her hands, pulled her slowly to her feet.

"I suppose that'll do for now," she said, feeling a bit wobbly on her feet if she was to tell the truth. "Anywhere in this funfair ride where I could grab a nap, do you think?" She let the Doctor lead her off through the TARDIS until she was suddenly standing in front of large bed. He slid her jacket off her shoulders and draped it over a nearby chair, his own following suit. As he turned her around to face him, Rose felt a lump of apprehension fill her throat. Him kissing her back in the little sealed-in room had been good – more than good – and she didn't regret it. But right now… she was just so tired.

The Doctor stroked his hand along Rose's jaw as she lifted her face upwards to look at him. She closed her eyes as a slight tremor ran through her. He pushed her back gently until she sat down on the bed, and then lay down. She snuggled into him as he arranged himself beside her, listening to the peculiar double heartbeat until she fell into a deep sleep.

Sighing softly, the Doctor slid an arm around the dozing Rose and prepared himself for a night of watching her sleep. He'd almost forgotten that they needed rest more often than he did. He stroked a few hairs out of her face and she snuggled deeper against him, and to his horror, began to snore. Fantastic.