Sawyer stepped out onto the cold evening sand of the beach and stripped down for his morning swim. No one was up yet, but even if they were he wouldn't care, he had just as much right to a bath as any of the others did, and what was the problem if he intended to actually BATHE instead of just swimming around in his boxers?

It had been no more than two or three minutes when the waves began to get more vicious and sway Sawyer this way and that as he got farther out to sea. Peaking his head up from under water he scanned the surface in desperate hope that perhaps the strange current was coming from a boat.

There was no boat, but off on the horizon and approaching slowly was a small black dot, but with each moment the sounds of cries were growing slowly more audible and the vision of a human being more and more visible. When finally he established that it was a living person Sawyer muttered, "Woah," and swam out to get her. But with each stroke the water seemed to be intent on dragging him farther away from her and a little closer to the island, he was just about to give up –

What the hell do I care anyway? She was probably just one more mouth to feed on the island too stupid to know when to stop swimming out.

When he felt something malleable and soft like flesh but cold like ice. He submerged his head and in the crystal clear water saw her. The girl he has seen out farther, drowning; now drifting farther and farther to the bottom of the ocean. Quickly and not quite knowing why he grabbed her hand and dragged her back to the island with exhausting speed and effort.

When finally the southerner reached land the sun had risen and lit the island with incredible brilliance.

Was I really out there that long? Did I wake up late?

The other castaways were already going through their usually daily routines when Sawyer dragged up the little drowned woman onto the beach and proceeded to give her mouth to mouth resuscitation, he still nude from his "bath" and she in a torn, formfitting wet suit. There were audible gasps and obvious murmurs and people debated just what was going on down on the beach. Michael was walking out of his little shelter with his son only to throw his son back into their tent and rush down the beach.


He stopped halfway when he realized the girl wasn't moving, on top of which she was bleeding.

"I found her while I was swimming, okay? I didn't do any of this shit to her!" Sawyer tried to justify himself but Michael didn't listen. Oblivious to whatever Sawyer was saying he bent down and took the girl's pulse hurriedly before snatching her up and running into the jungle.

Knowing immediately what would happen next; Sawyer struck the ground hard with his white knuckled fist and went to go retrieve his pants.