A/N: okay so some of you don't know what lemon is… obviously some of you are either new to fanfics or have just found the more decent ones! I commend you for that one! I was like 10 when I first found lemon… not the best experience (LOL). But anyway, lemon is porn. It is a graphic description of sexual intercourse. There. Now tell me if it would be bad to put it in the fic. Thx again for your time!

It had been two days since that night. Sawyer slept inside from now on. But he had given no sign as to whether or not he knew Kitty had kissed him, and since then she had decided it was a terrible thing to do and that it should never be spoken of again. It would remain her secret with herself, nothing more.

She looked around herself at the busy beach. Finally whenever she got up in the morning people didn't turn their heads, as if expecting her to start doing back flip and grow wings out of her shoulder blades so that mid jump she would just fly off into the sky to get them help, as if she was their little clown, their personal little savior who would bring them all back to civilization. Sayid had salvaged some of the wreckage from the boat. The radios and other such technological junk that Kitty could not have cared less about. She gave Michael and Jin permission to take the rest of the boat, whatever they could use, and use it for their raft. The radio didn't work. The lumber was torn apart at the bottom from coming into shore. All they could take was wood from the top, and that was basically worthless. Still… those crazy people… the ones who called her savior, they were convinced she had brought them so much closer to rescue! They started having little meetings on the beach, they would sit and whisper and glance at her. They were a small group, three women, and two men. But still, they scared her. It was now that one of them approached her. It was a woman, one who would probably have been very beautiful had she still had some make-up. But natural air on her face had destroyed it. She looked ravaged and tired.

"Savior?" she asked very politely, as if half-afraid Kitty would smite her. "My associates," she gestured to those still on the beach in that stupid circle, "and I, we're confused, that boy, he seemed very important to you, why did you not just… resurrect him?"

For a moment Kitty thought that the immediate fear surging through her body was the actual God striking her with a lightning bolt. Normally she didn't believe in God, but this was a special case. This lady was certainly a special case. For a moment she got the impulse to toy with the lady, but decided against it.

"I didn't resurrect him… because I can't."

"Was he too full of sin?" she asked immediately.

"You could say that," Kitty thought, reminiscing, melon collie nostalgia overtook her and she felt her throat grow tight. She looked at the woman; she was staring at her, adoring, fearing, and studying. Kitty wanted to be away, she needed to be away. "Um… I have to go now. Would you excuse me please?"

"Oh, of course savior!"

"Oh and please… please don't call me that," Kitty pleaded, practically running away to go see Charlie and Claire. It had been a while since she talked to them.

"Hello?" she called finally reaching their usual little spot on the beach and sticking her head in the shelter.

Charlie burst out of the door, "Oh! Hey Kitty! Where have you been lately? Claire misses you! Aaron does too! Oh and I'm sorry about what's his face… um, Mark was it?"

"Yeah…" Kitty said, Charlie was talking a mile a minute, plus he was rummaging around, grabbing blankets and other random objects from around Claire's settlement, "Where is Claire?"

"I told her to take a hike," Charlie said still looking for random objects.

Kitty gave him a look. "NOT LIKE THAT!" Charlie said exasperated, "I needed to get rid of her! I'm trying to plan her birthday surprise… type… thinger."

"Can I help?"

Charlie looked her up and down, "Actually… would you mind taking Aaron for a night or so?"

"Oh God I don't know," Kitty was in panic, what would she do with a baby? For an entire night! What would Sawyer do? How would he react? Would he let something like this happen? Does he like kids? He didn't seem like he did, "I mean… with Sawyer and everything."

"Oh don't worry! Aaron loves him!"


"Long story," Charlie said, "But basically we found out that if Aaron is ever fussy or crying, if Sawyer just talks he'll shut up."

Kitty let out a laugh, it was hilarious. She could just picture Sawyer in a fluffy pink nursery reading to dozens of drooling, cooing babies.