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Rin sat quiet, peacefully combing out her husband's hair with an ivory comb, when she saw the red cloud of her sons arrive back at the castle. Leaning on Sesshoumaru's shoulder she whispered

"They're home."

Sesshoumaru didn't answer instead he turned around and took her hands "My dear I smell unhappiness."


Midori quickly began to assemble all her things, the other servants in the household helping her bring up her large chests and boxes from the storage room in the mansion. Carefully she placed her kimonos in their boxes laying them carefully in the teak chests. Her eyes were filled with tears, but the servants did not ask why. They seemed to already know.

Arashi walked into her room with another few boxes and all her activity ceased,

"Must you leave?"

"Indeed, I have to. I can't bear any more of this…"

Arashi sighed and Kuu took the boxes he had in his hands.

Just then his parents appeared beside them "Oh look at that"

Rin smiled and wrapped her arms around her now normal son. "What is wrong Arashi, why are all these boxes here?"

Midori felt her body begin to shake when the cool eyes of the Lord of the Western Lands settled on her. "Why are you leaving Midori?"

"Because I can't marry him. He can't marry me, I'm too fractured and… and…."

"She kissed me" Arashi added, both parents looked at him and then to Midori.

Sesshoumaru was silent for a long time, Rin bit her lip "Is this your final choice?"

Midori nodded "Well then I will take you home myself" Sesshoumaru replied…

000 Five years later 000

In the coming years Rin's second son Shinto grew, though he possessed none of his father's long claws or beautiful silver hair. He actually looked more like Rin but with the same handsome features of his father's remained. When he had turned five Lady Midori the Princess of Amon Suu returned to the mansion, where there was a grand gala being held in honor of Lady Rin and Lord Sesshoumaru's 18th wedding anniversary.

As a result of years of unrequited love and abuse by her father Midori returned with the crowd of admirers and well wishers to the Flower Pavilion at Lord Sesshoumaru's mansion. Bearing a few extravagant gifts and… Hope. Jostled by the crowd she was pushed out near the edge of the space itself where a tall teenager stood in the corner. Eyeing the dais where Lady Rin and Lord Sesshoumaru sat.

With a gasp she realized that Arashi was no longer the young boy that she had first met, now he was a towering half demon of his father's height with piercing, intense honeyed-amber eyes. Within his veins flowed an immortality that could outlive her own.

Just as she was going to speak a little form ran out from the crowd and into his awaiting arms. He had a head of chocolate colored hair and deep brown eyes. Arashi picked him up and the little boy wrapped his arms around his long white neck. Resting his head on his shoulder with a sigh.

"Mommy is busy she cannot hold me like you do nee-chan"

Arashi rolled his eyes "You are horribly spoiled Shinto, I should talk to father about that"

Shinto shook his head, his voice a high whine "No! I don't want to go away from you!"

Arashi laughed and looked up to finally see Midori, he bowed a little "Welcome Dearest Lady of Amon Suu. I am happy you could make it."

There was an awkward pause that followed "How have you been?" he inquired again

"I have been suffering with my father and his good intentions for me." She replied reaching out to take Shinto who looked at her warily before slipping from his brothers arms and into her own.

"You smell nice" he giggled as she tickled his side. Before settling in her arms he sighed contentedly, finding it much better then his brothers.

Midori slowly looked up at Arashi "I sorry for what I did to you so long ago Arashi."

Arashi looked away from her earnest eyes "I realized that when you left, it was… lonely without you. Though so many other women came and left… I still missed you."

Midori held Shinto's warmth closer to her body, steeling herself against the tears that rose in her eyes.

"I was such a terrible person, but I don't think I'm like that anymore." She began

Arashi smiled a little "I'm sorry I wasn't old enough to truly understand what you were, what you wanted… And desired."

"Nee-chan who is this lady!" Shinto suddenly interrupted, Midori looked at him and laughed.

"My name is Midori little one." she replied

"My name is Shinto and I'm not little!" he cried pouting. Arashi hid a chuckle and Midori another smile.

"Do you like her nee-chan?" Shinto blurted after staring at Midori for a long time. Arashi stared coughing suddenly before he answered

"Yes, I always have."

Shinto looked at the both of them "Then why did you go away?"

Midori was caught by surprise and she looked into the large brown eyes of Shinto.

"I was confused" she replied and shifted Shinto's weight onto her other hip. The kimono was making it so much harder to balance both the young boy's weight and her own.

"Will you be staying?" Lady Rin asked, coming up near her son. Midori smiled

"If I'm welcome" she replied

"Of course you are, you are the future Lady of this mansion aren't you"

Midori felt tears of joy well up into her eyes, Rin was still smiling "Now why don't I take my lovely little son and leave you two alone."

Midori promptly handed the boy over to his mother who waved cheerily as they faded back into the crowd


There was only a few seconds pause before Midori threw herself into his arms, an animal like lust gripping the both of them. Between kisses she was giggling,

"I can't have a normal relationship with you can I?" he whispered before nibbling her ear. People had stopped and were gawking

"No we're not like your parents" she mumbled before she kissed him again.

And so another feudal fairy tale ends happily…

I think…