Fairytales and Dreams
by Thunder's Shadow

Disclaimer: If I was J.K. Rowling, millions of people would be burning my books right now, rather than celebrating the fact that the sixth book comes out in 99 days.

Author's Note: EXTREMELY short drabble-thing.. Does anyone know a vignette is? I like theway it rolls off my tongue, and if it's similar to a drabble, I'd rather use it instead...

In the shadows, a spider scuttled across a young boy'shand, yet he didn't move an inch. The crack of light coming through the door's vent was enough to shine directly into his eyes, and on the wall. He would've played hand puppets, but he didn't dare enjoy himself now in fear of getting "punished."

Aunt Petunia had been in a bad mood since this morning, when an odd little man, dressed in a gown, bowed to him in the shop they were in. Petunia was furious, but had tried to act calm as she dragged him and Dudley home, shoved him into the cupboard, and toldDuddikins to go watch the telly. That was five hours ago. But Harry wasn't feeling too bad, because the stranger had seemed like a nice one, not like his "family." Hedidn't know how, but he knew that the man was different from theDursley's. He also knew his Aunt didn't like it.

Aslow-spreading feeling of hopespread throughhim for the first time in a long while. Maybe this man would save him -- like in the fairy tales his teacher had taken to telling them. There was one story they started reading just the other day, abouta girl being saved from her prison-tower by a man. The girl was trapped byan evil witch, and she always dreamed of someone saving her. Now, Harry didn't believe in magic (Uncle Vernon told him as far back as he could remember that magic was fake, and any others ideas of that nature would call for a punishment. Harry thought that he couldn't possibly be punished even more, but kept that bit of information to himself.)...but who was to say that same thing couldn't happen to him?

He smiled boyish grin, which made his face light up in a way that would've seemed remarkable if you had looked at him just moments before.

And outside the cupboard under the stairs in number four, Privet Drive, childish laughter could be heard as a young boy, with renewed faith in the world, amused himself by making shadows with his hands.