Time does fly by when one is so occupied with so many activities. The female transformer stood silently on the edge of the cliff looking out over the ocean from near the place that she once called home. Having joined a race of warring Robots had finally given her something that kept her at peak performance. Her training as a warrior had all but failed. Her commander Starscream was impatient and unwilling to bend to see her help explain how things were supposed to be done. She didn't care she wasn't about to let the arrogant air commander get the best of her. Into the net she went again this time it was a virtual war program.

Suddenly everything went dark. "What is this? Human video games? You can't manage to hit a moving target and you want to play video games?" The silver and red seeker started to laugh. "That's rich!"

Windcon glared at him she didn't bother to attempt an explanation knowing it would not have mattered.

"You know if it weren't for all the things you've done I would have sent you packing before you became a Transformer, your not even worthy of being called a Decepticon!" Starscream started to laugh again.

Windcon still said nothing she had her thoughts, and that were pure and simple. "You have your training I have mine."

"It doesn't matter anyway it is time to go out on your first mission." Starscream turned his back on the smaller jet. "Luckily for you it's just information gathering." He took a step forward and the door hissed open.

Air escaped Windcon's vents as she stood there if her anger was any higher it would have been steam escaping. Before she could do anything her comlink crackled to life. "Windcon report to the lift tower." Soundwave's unmistaken able voice said.

"I'm on my way." She replied before she stepped out sighing. "I know I signed on to help them but Starscream can't just expect me to learn vorns worth of skills so quickly." Other thoughts and concerns entered then quickly exited her processor as she entered the lift to the upper deck at the top of the tower.

The door opened quickly to Soundwave, Rumble, Frenzy and empty room and flight deck. The two smaller robots transformed landing in their guardian, then Soundwave spoke again. "Short hovering required."

Windcon transformed allowing Soundwave to transform and land within her cockpit. He inserted his high speed cable and uploaded the co-ordinates to where Windcon was to go.

The mission didn't take long a short stop above the observatory in California and they were on their way back. Her part of the mission successful, as for Soundwave as usual he hadn't said a word the entire trip, didn't even bother to jack back into her systems for the ride home. Inside she didn't think that was such a good thing.

She was right, after the touch down and Soundwave reporting Megatron was in a really foul mood. This was something she had learned to avoid very quickly. She opted to go down to hear quarters and wait to be called. She had wished some of the others would take that example but knew that would never happen.

Her desk had a nice stack of data pads that she used to house her new works, the newest a modification to her geothermal energon producers that would make raiding power plants a thing of the past. She held on to it, not wanting to bring something up while Megatron would be yelling at Starscream.

It came Soundwave's voice came through her comlink and she was on her way to Megatron's office to give her account of the mission.

After a semi detailed description of her point of view Megatron asked. "Is there anything else you would like to add?"

"Yes." She nodded. Pulling a data pad from subspace she explained how she proposed on upping the output of energon from the producers.

"AH Excellent news. Soundwave see that this is done." Megatron agreed. "That will be all for now."

Windcon fallowed Soundwave out into the control room. As the warning lights, and sirens started to go off, Megatron came out just behind them.

"Autobot intrusion." Soundwave announced.

"Send all available Decepticons to the scene, Windcon as well." Megatron ordered walking out in a near run." On the display a small group of Autobots were investigating one of the thermal energon producers.