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Chapter Fourteen

The days before the Christmas holidays seemed to fly by for James and the others. They attended classes, did homework, and all the usual things teenagers do. They were very proud to say that they had successfully avoided a life-threading situation for almost a month, a record for James, Jane, and Bill.

"Life... is like a grapefruit. It's orange and squishy, and has a few pips in it, and some folks have half of one for breakfast."

-Ford Prefect (Hitchhiker Guide to The Galaxy)

Before they knew it, it was the last day of term before the holidays. Just their luck, it was Potions last, for a double period. Snape was still professor, and as greasy and ill tempered as ever. This was one thing that puzzled Jane, James, Bill, and Frank. Almost everyone in this world it seemed had major character differences, yet Snape was just the same. They though it was maybe that Snape was just born a fowl old bat, but like so many other things, this was just one of the mysteries that would never be solved.

The only good thing was that he seemed to not really loath James as he did in their world. This might be because he spent so much time loathing Harry that he had no time to torment others. Or that in some amazing way, Snape realized that James was not the son of the person who had tormented him, at least in his world.

So, even though Potions classes could not exactly be called fun, they were at least tolerable. Though the sound of the dungeon door swinging behind the grassy haired potion master still sent a shiver down James's spin.

"Today we will be making a truth potion, although this is not as strong as the Varisum (sp?) it is still strong enough to force the drinker to answer any question posed to him truthful for a fifteen minutes after taking the potion. At the end of class we will test those a few lucky people's potions," he sneered at Harry as he said this and James felt very relived that he wasn't one of the 'lucky few.' "The instructions are on the board, you have an hour and a half."

James was paired with Molly, as Jane seemed to have completely forgiven Bill for his 'tactlessness' as she put it. They seemed to be spending more time then ever together, sitting in a corner or sneaking off to who knows were, and James was beginning to feel left out. He always knew they Jane and Bill would one day forget their stubbornness and get together, but he'd always thought, or maybe hoped, that he wouldn't become a third wheel when that happened. Luckily he had Molly, and Frank, though Frank had taken to spending a lot of time alone wondering the ground. James though that something must have happened in that final battle, when Hogwarts finally feel, that had changed Frank. He seemed so sad and alone, yet James didn't know what to do to cheer him up.

So instead he turned his attention to Molly. He had never really spent much time with her, in school she had been a year behind him, then when the war started, he'd hardly had time for anyone. Now he was seeing, as he had in his fifth year, that she was no longer the girl he knew. She seemed more sadden, like they all did; yet she had a sort of elegancy about her, which hadn't been there before. If James had been a poet, he would have described her as a flower, starting out as a tiny bud. Then over time it slowly blossoms into a beautiful flower.

He was also seeing qualities in her that hadn't been there before. Like how she had the ability to make him laugh when he wanted to cry, and how she always seemed so strong. She had lost her almost entire family, the only time he'd ever seen her doubt anything was that morning in front of the fireā€¦

James was jerked out of his thoughts by Snape.

"You're potions should be finished by now, we'll let is simmer for five minutes then test a few."

"Whose do you think he'll test?" Molly asked him in a whisper as they watched their silver-blue potion bubble.

"Harry of course," James told her, "and probably Ron and Dean, if Hermione and the others had gotten enough NEWTs to be in this class he'd probably test them too. Harry told me he's hated the lot of them since they put stinksap on his chair during the first lesion of first year."

Molly giggled softly at the though of Snape being stuck to his chair in a room full of first years, before looking back up at Snape who had called their attention again. As predicted he decided to test Harry's first, then proceeded to ask him very nasty questions.

"What is your full name," Snape started out by asking in an almost bored voice. He was smirking though, which told James that he was enjoying this immensely.

"Harry James Potter," Harry stated, in the same strained voice James had once heard Barty Crouch Jr. use in his fourth year.

"What was your most embarrassing moment?"

"When I was ten, I slept over at Ron's house and wet my bed."

At this the class laughed and Harry turned a brilliant shade of red that rivaled Ron's hair.

"What is one thing you have done that you don't want me to know?" Snape asked after letting out a little chuckle.

"I stole supplies from your store cupboard."


"To make potions to turn the Slytherin's hair red and gold."

"That's a months detention Potter, sit down."

He did the same thing to Ron, who's worst memory it seemed was his brother turning his teddy bear into a spider. He had also snuck a dungbomb into Snape's office, which got him a month of detention too.

"Now, who shall we try next?" Snape asked menacingly, before turning on James. "Aw, why yes, why not the other Potter. Let's see if you are as shallow as you are in this world."

Then he made James come up to the front of the class a drink his potion. Immediately James felt the world around him turn blurry and it was as if he was floating on a cloud. Out of nowhere Snape's voice came to him asking his name. James couldn't see why he shouldn't answer, so he did.

"Harry James Potter," James said.

"And what, dare I ask, is your most embarrassing moment?" Snape asked.

James though for a moment, trying to remember which moment had been most embarrassing. Then he settled on one and said.

"When Aunt Marge came to visit the Dursleys when I was nine. She gave me dog bisects as a present, and then her dog, Ripper, chased me up a tree. She wouldn't call it off till past midnight, after the whole neighborhood, and the Dursleys had had a good laugh at me."

After he had said it, James was aghast, he couldn't believe he had just told the entire class that story. He'd never even told Bill and Jane.

"What is your worst memory?" Snape asked, James didn't want to, but somehow he felt forced to answer or something terrible would happen.

"In my fifth year, when I saw my godfather, Sirius Black die," James replied.

"And what is your greatest fear?"

"That I will lose, that Voldemort will win, and everyone I care about will die."

"Wouldn't you rather just stay here and live in peace in this world, and be a coward?" Snape asked him, manically.

"I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that I don't know the answer."

-Zaphod Beeblebrox (Hitchhiker Guide to The Galaxy)

Just then the potion wore off, so James was spared the embarrassment of answering that question. Though, as he took his seat, James wondered what he would have said.

"Well, that was enlighten," Snape, sneered. Though James was pleased to see that Snape looked at him with something boarding on respect, that he had never see in his world. "We have time for one more, how about the other Ron Weasley."

Bill went very pale as he walked up to the front of the room and drowned his potion.

"What is your full name?" Snape started by asking.

"Ronald Bilius Weasley," Ron said blushing, as most of the class giggled at his name.

"What is your most embarrassing moment?"

"When I asked Flure Delecore to the ball and she rejected me in front of about thirty people."

At this James, Molly, and Frank laughed, Jane frowned, and everyone else just looked puzzled.

"What is your worst memory?"

"Last year, when I saw my mom, dad, Charlie, Percy died, right in front of my eyes. They just fell open, eyes wide," Bill said in a wispier. For a moment his eyes looked haunted and he looked so much older. James remembered that battle very clearly, it had been one of the first, the Weasleys had all come to Hogwarts to help defend it. Mr. and Miss. Weasley had been killed by Voldemort himself and Percy and Charlie by Death Eaters when they ran to help their parents. Molly and Bill had both seen it happen, they'd been devastated. It had taken weeks before they would even talk and months before the haunted look in their eyes would fade. Even now, almost a year later, they still had nightmares about it.

It was very lucky the bell rang just then, for James didn't know if he could restrain Molly any longer. She was on the verge of run up to the front of the room to either hug Bill or kill Snape.

"Place a sample of your Potion on the desk before you leave," Snape said coldly.

As Bill was still in his trance, James and the others had to wait for him to come out of it before they could leave."

When he finally did come out, Snape called them back.

"One moment please," he said, in the kindest voice any of them had heard him use. "I feel I must apologize for my questioning of Mr. Potter and Mr. Weasley, I had no right to ask you personal questions in front of an entire class. I know how hard it is to lose a parent and I am sorry for your loss. I feel I have misjudged the four of you based on your other selves, I apologize for my rudeness."

He seemed to want to say more, but though better of it. With a swish of his billowing black clock he left the room, banging the dungeon door behind him.

There was a long silence in the room after Snape left. The teens looked at each other, puzzled and slightly alarmed by Snape's sudden character change.

"Did he just say what I though he said?" Bill asked after a moment.

"I think so," James said, "anyone else think that was just weird"

The others all nodded. An unspoken agreement never to talk about this again hung in the air and they all filed slowly out of the room.