"For death begins with life's first breath and life begins at touch of death."
John Oxenham

Rory had always been the princess of Stars Hollow. Anyone could have told you that. There wasn't a single person who didn't know who she was and very few people disliked her. She'd been a constant in Stars Hollow since she was a baby, despite having started college and moving away. She wasn't perfect by any means and more than once she had shocked the town. From the time she'd been discovered in Miss Patty's dance studio asleep with her boyfriend, Dean. And when she started dating Luke's good-for-nothing nephew. Of course there had been that time when she had slept with a very married Dean. And then there had been the time she'd announced that she was pregnant and yet refused to disclose who the father was.

But all of those painful shocks were nothing compared to the one that had come crashing down around Stars Hollow one warm beautiful day in July. 24-year-old Lorelai Leigh Gilmore had died.

Lorelai had been in the middle of a crowded Luke's when she had gotten the call on her cell phone. Luke had been on hand to immediately remind Lorelai of his ever present no cell phone rule, but she had only made it halfway to the door when she had gotten the news. Lorelai had dropped her cell phone, it clattered to the ground only to be retrieved by a close at hand Kirk. As he put the phone to his ear he'd clearly heard the words "complications" and "birth". Kirk glanced from Lorelai to Luke and in just that mournful glance Kirk had silenced an entire diner full of people. Luke had appeared almost instantly ushering Lorelai out of the diner leaving Kirk alone with a questioning group. But Kirk says nothing and instead he turns on his heel walked quickly out of the diner.

The official announcement of Rory's death came that night at a town meeting. Jackson had, with an unmasked sadness, announced it in front of the entire town that Rory had died during complications during childbirth. And the town mourned. Everyone cried openly in Miss Patty's small dance school.

Across town Lorelai Gilmore was sleeping. Not peacefully, but she was sleeping and that was something. Richard had called a physician friend in who had prescribed a strong sedative. Lorelai just couldn't even cope with the thought that her daughter, her best friend in the world, was gone and that now she had to learn to live without her constant for almost a quarter of a decade. And somewhere in the house a motherless child cried.

A.N. Okay it's short I know. I meant it to be short. I want to see what you all think about it before I continue with the story...The rest will be in present tense and there will be dialogue...If I do continue there will be questions answered. Who's the father of the child that caused Rory's death? That's a secret but it is someone from this or previous seasons of Gilmore Girls! Any guesses? Oh and the title is tentative!