Chapter Nine

A.N. Thanks to Raleigh for letting me know that there was something wrong with my came up as normal on my screen, not sure what was wrong. As soon as I posted the last chapter I realized that while the chapter was a perfect ending I had to write this chapter. Two people who loved Rory equally have given Logan their advice, but there's one more person who has weigh in. Some of you will be happy and some of you won't, since it could go two different ways, and I don't really have an explanation for why I picked who I did...anyway enjoy the chapter!

"This is my cell phone number," Logan rushes around the apartment, his demeanor is amusing 18-month Victoria who sits on the floor not far away.

"Which I already have Mr. Huntzberger," Victoria's part-time nanny, Katie, nods, she was an older lady who had been taking care of Victoria every morning from 9-1:30, when Logan had to be at work, since Victoria had come to live with Logan six months before.

"And here's," Logan pulls a card out of his pocket, "the number of the hotel I am staying at."

"Okay," Katie nods again taking the card, "but I'm sure you'll have your cell phone on the whole time anyway."

"Of course," Logan nods, "but just in case it doesn't work."

"Mr. Huntzberger, we'll be okay, really. It's just for one night, I know you've never left Victoria over night with anyone but her grandmother before but we'll be fine." Katie assures.

"I wouldn't go, but I have to it's a thing for Yale that I couldn't get out of," Logan gently lifts Victoria up placing a kiss on her cheek. "Daddy is going away tonight sweetie, but grandma will be here to pick you up first thing in the morning and you'll stay with her for one night okay?"

"Daddy stay," Victoria's bright blue eyes begin to tear up and Logan makes up his mind that he's not leaving.

"Okay, Daddy will..."

"No," Katie cuts in, "Victoria it's okay. Daddy will be back in a couple of days." The older woman gives Logan a long look before telling him, "you have to leave her alone sometime. It's just for one night."

Logan sighs, he knows she's right, hell he'd even had the exact conversation with Lorelai just the night before. With one more kiss he hugs Victoria tightly to him before letting Katie accept the crying child, "just go, she'll be okay." Katie encourages.

"I love you baby girl," Logan murmurs before he hurries out of the apartment unable to watch his daughter cry for him any longer.

"Can I get a Jack and Coke?" Logan approaches the bar, lightly drumming his fingers on the bar top as he waits for his drink. He didn't really want to be at this Yale function, but Finn and Colin had been giving him a hard time so he'd agreed just to get them off his back, besides one of his papers was sponsoring some part or the other of the event so he didn't have a choice.


Logan briefly remembers the man standing in front of him, a friend or Rory's, and he wracks his brain for a name. "Martin, right?"

"Marty," he responds without a pause.

"Yeah, sorry, so how have you been?" Put Logan into an office full of people and he could talk endlessly, but put him in front of people who had a connection to Rory and would ultimately want to talk about her and he froze up.

"I'm good," Marty nods, "I'm working for a law firm in Boston." There's a pause in the conversation that, from experience, Logan knows will lead to Rory. His intuition and experience don't fail him. "I was at Rory's funereal, I didn't see you there," Marty's words are low and Logan's used to the tone behind them, it's the tone that tells him that Marty doesn't think he was ever good enough for Rory.

"I was out of the country," Logan responds simply, he'd made his peace with leaving and losing Rory the instant Victoria had come to live with him.

"It was all so sad," Marty sighs and his expression goes vacant for a minute. But they suddenly focus on Logan again, "whatever happened to her daughter? Do you know?"

"Victoria, my daughter," Logan stresses the final word, "is living with me in New York City."

Marty stares at Logan, "your daughter? I had no idea that you and Rory got re-involved."

"We weren't," Logan leaves it at that, he didn't feel like Marty needed to know the details. The two fall silent and Logan can't help but ask the question he'd asked two other people in less then two years, "you loved her, didn't you?"

Marty nods, "I did. In college, she was an amazing woman."

"You were the only man who loved Rory and didn't leave her," Logan comments and his own memory of leaving Rory reminds him of the last party. "You were at that party, the night I left Rory."

Marty nods, "I was, and I was there the next day. She was broken. But you know it never mattered how many men left Rory."

Logan expects Marty to continue but when he doesn't he asks, "how do you figure that?"

"Sure it hurt her when people walked away from her, and she was broken for awhile afterwards but I never thought she couldn't be fixed. Lorelai always was the most important person in Rory's life and it didn't matter how many guys walked away from her, so long as she had Lorelai to run to in the end. People walked in and out of their lives and it didn't matter, they were each other's entire world."

"I'm going to kill that inconsiderate son-of-a-bitch," Lorelai bursts into Luke's the next morning, much to the amusement of the town's residence. They loved their coffee served with a side of Lorelai drama. "He just takes of Victoria, he knew that I was picking her up at 9:30. But I get to his apartment and there's no one around when I get my hands on that stupid ass I'm going to kill him."

"Are you done?" Luke asks carefully, knowing that he's probably just brought on the wrath of his wife.

"No, I'm not done Logan," her eyes fix on Logan and Victoria coming down the stairs, "Logan, why's Logan in your office?"

"We both lost Rory," Logan begins, "and I was stupid and selfish to think that I had more of a claim over Victoria then you do. And I was an idiot for taking her away from you, allowing you weekend visits. Rory would have hated that more then anything. But I panicked that this was the only way that I could make everything up to Rory." Logan takes a deep breath, "but I stayed up all night working on the details, and I talked to my father first thing in the morning."

"What's going on?" Lorelai interrupts.

"Victoria and I are going to move into the apartment over the diner, until we can find a house. My father's decided to invest in some small newspapers and the Stars Hollow Gazette is on the list and I'll be heading it up, making sure it does well. Victoria and I are going to move to Stars Hollow."

"Really?" Lorelai's words are soft but nobody in the diner misses them.

Logan nods, "Victoria needs to be near her grandmother and I figure with her terrible twos starting to set in I could use some help."

"Thank you," Lorelai hurries to hug Logan and the crowd in the diner claps.

Under the sound of the clapping Logan takes the opportunity to tell Lorelai, "Rory would have wanted us to be a family and she'd have wanted her mom to help raise her daughter. I just wish I was as smart as some of the other people who loved Rory, so we didn't have to go through the last couple of months. A lot of people loved Rory, and it's because of the way you raised her, I want you to bestow the same gift to her daughter."

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