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Sam and Martin were sitting on top of their desks facing the door as Jack, Viv and Danny arrived back at the office. The two who had remained in the office each had a coffee in their hands, three cups filled with the strong black liquid sat between them made the way their co-workers liked them and just cooled enough to be able to drink. Sam handed the coffee's out receiving smiles of gratitude from the others as each bought a chair over and settled down with a sigh of relief. Martin glanced across at Sam who returned his gaze before piping up, "So, what happened out there?"

It took a while for anyone to reply, Sam noticed Jack's weary body language as he sat drinking greedily from the cup of coffee. Vivian seemed content, glad that the girl had been found, there was a smile behind her eyes somewhere Sam noted.

Danny got up from the chair he was seated on, and, clutching his warm coffee cup in his hand strolled over to the window staring out upon the city below. He turned around to his colleagues before speaking softly.

"I arrived first, before Jack and Viv. Jackie was leaning against a tree on the opposite side of the river, she had cut one of her wrists. Luckily I was able to talk to her…" he trailed off.

"You did a good job Danny," Jack spoke out interrupting the brief silence – it was like the whole building had gone quiet and it was just Jack's Missing Person's Unit sitting together drinking coffee and debriefing that dared breathe.

"Yeah," Danny started unsure how he would say what he needed to say next.

"I'm so sorry about what I have put you guys through lately, all of you… I don't know what I would have done if it had been me finding one of you in a car in the condition that you found me in… I am so grateful…"

Sam smiled as she got up and walked toward Danny. He faced the window again, and she embraced him from behind.

"We care about you Danny – you have nothing to be sorry for and we are always going to be here," she said softly.

Sam was joined by the rest of the team, who each laid a hand upon Danny.

"Yeah, we're here for you man just like you're here for us," Martin quipped scruffing up Danny's hair as he did so.

"I'm also here to pull you into line," Jack added. "I noticed you weren't armed when you approached Jackie today, lucky for you I'm in a good mood," he added.

Danny looked at the people who surrounded him overwhelmed by emotion. He was one of the luckiest guys alive he realised.

The phone rang shrilly breaking up the group of officers, Vivian answered it in her standard FBI tone.

"Jack, there's information on a new case being faxed through from head office."

He walked over to the machine picking up the sheets that were still warm from the printer – he took one last look at his officers and as he did so, he felt no bad vibes, no gut instincts. Instead, he felt lucky, lucky to be having the opportunity of working with the best in a job that requires the best. He took a glance at the printed picture of the newest missing person – a middle aged Negro woman looked up at him.

"Right, we have 42 year old Allison Denise, last seen…"