Title: A Love / Hate Relationship With Spring - Epilogue

Author: WhosJeebus

Rating: M

Pairing(s): Seto/Joey

Beta: Jennie B.

Spoilers: Nuttin'

Disclaimer: Are you serious? Oh, OK. I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh, I just twist it around and use it for my own perverted satisfaction. Don't look at me like that. I'm not the only one. points finger You're reading this, after all.

Summary: Joey Wheeler has no shortage of reasons to hate the season of flowers, butterflies, and rebirth. Can someone unexpected give him a reason to enjoy it as well?

A/N: Review responses follow after the epilogue.



Seto cracked one eye and observed Joey studying him intently. He sighed tiredly. He was SO not up to dealing with this right now. He just wanted sleep. "The rusty gears turning in that big, idiotic head of yours are keeping me awake." He reached up to tug at Joey's shoulders, arranging him comfortably to his own liking. "Stop thinking and go to sleep, Mutt."

Joey snuggled back against his former rival, idly musing at how swiftly life was apparently returning to normal. He placed one hand over Seto's and immediately fell fast asleep.



Something felt odd. Very odd.

Seto turned his face to the side and hesitantly opened one eye. His vision was filled with a riot of burnished gold, and his arms were wrapped around something firm and warm. He blinked, realizing his face was buried in an unruly mop of soft blond hair that was tickling his nose.

His memory returned to him in a rush, and a smile crept over his sleepy features, slow and satisfied. He rolled over onto his side and gazed down at his bedmate. Joey was still sleeping peacefully, and hadn't budged an inch from where he had finally collapsed the night before. Seto swept some hair away from his lover's pale face and watched him in fascination, listening to his slow, even breathing.

He leaned down to press a kiss behind Joey's ear and tucked the sheets back around the sleeping form. He briefly curled back up against the blond when he realized that where their skin wasn't touching, he was too cold. Reluctantly, he finally pulled himself out of the comfortable, warm bed and strode over to the window. He leaned forward, one arm against the frame, and looked out on the new day. The sun, recently risen, beat down on the quiet street outside. Seto stretched languidly and smiled to himself again. It was going to be another glorious Spring day.

Retrieving his discarded clothing, he quietly dressed, bemoaning his lack of shoes. This thought brought yet another pleased smirk to his face, as his mind replayed the strange events of the previous day, culminating in the pleasurable activities of the night before. He shook his head, bemused. He couldn't go around grinning like an idiot all day. He had things he had to do.

The first and foremost being to call his limo driver to take him home. He made a brief search for the phone, and once found, Seto realized he had no idea what Joey's address was. He sighed in frustration, and slipped silently out of the bedroom. He checked all the likely places, and finally found a small pile of mail sitting on an end table. He shuffled through the letters, wryly noting that all the bills were in Joey's name. He made the call to his driver, obviously waking the man but unable to bring himself to care. His mind was already preoccupied with his schedule for the day, plans slowly taking shape in his mind. Seto's agenda included some additional first aid as one of his top priorities. His injured feet had started to throb again the moment he awoke, and he was amused to note that he had temporarily forgotten all about them. It was amazing how mind-blowing sex could cause one to ignore any number of debilitating traumas.

He waited patiently by the front window for his driver to arrive, and debated waking the apartment's still-sleeping resident. He felt strangely reluctant to slip out the door without any warning, but Seto had no idea what to say to the other boy. He felt that a little time and distance would help restore his equilibrium where Joey was concerned, and he reasoned that the blond would be likely to appreciate some recovery time as well. Seto ran his hand through his hair, unaccustomed to giving these matters so much thought. He told himself that it was simply because he recognized a lot of his own characteristics in the mutt, and he was merely reacting in a natural manner by acknowledging that perception. This obsession was sure to run its course if he were patient. In the meantime, he planned on purchasing his own copy of Mortal Kombat: Deception and practicing non-stop until he was confident he could best his opponent in a rematch. He certainly wouldn't complain if they ended up in bed again as a result.

Continuing that line of thought, he frowned as he recalled Joey's unfortunate dilemma with his employer. J. Wallace Toomey was going to have Seto's undivided attention after tomorrow's board meeting, and he was sure to leave the CEO's office a broken and humbled man. Seto was eagerly looking forward to it. He'd been longing for any kind of excuse to take down the pretentious twit, and this one had literally fallen right into his lap.As a businessman, he'd always thoroughly appreciated the efficiency involved in killing two birds with one stone.

This left Joey's financial problems still unsolved, however, and he wracked his brain for an acceptable solution to that as well. Seto himself had recently fired a caretaker and was unsure if the position had been filled as of yet. Perhaps if he were to phrase his idea the right way... He smiled ruefully to himself. Dealing with Joey Wheeler's unpredictable temperament was going to be akin to navigating across a floor covered in broken glass. He would just have to close his eyes and make a dash for it, hoping for the best. The position didn't pay all that well, but it did include free room and board on the grounds, and Seto liked the idea of having Joey close at hand. In fact, it gave him all sorts of interesting ideas. He shifted his weight restlessly and glanced toward the blond's room. He was unwilling to give his lustful thoughts free rein just yet, or he would end up back in Joey's bed, best intentions be damned.

On the street below, he saw the sleek black limousine maneuver itself to a stop at the curb in front of Joey's building, his driver stepping out to wait patiently. Seto knew the man was a professional, but even HE would be hard pressed not to show any reaction to his employer's lack of footwear and rumpled state. Seto knew he looked freshly fucked, and he didn't give a damn. He paid a lot of money for his personal staff's total discretion, and today he would get the perfect opportunity to test that high-priced loyalty.

Giving one last, longing glance at the closed bedroom door, he made his way out of the apartment, slipping the bolt behind him. He shuffled down the stairs with a lightness to his steps that hadn't been there before. He felt a little giddy and stupid, so he shot his bewildered driver a blinding smile as he sauntered out onto the sidewalk. He snidely imagined that the man must be convinced his normally reserved employer was just short of twirling madly in a circle and breaking into song. But why should he care? It was a beautiful Spring day and Seto Kaiba had big plans to make.


the real end


(There's gonna be a sequel! Woo-hoo!)


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