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A Million Miles Away

Samantha Manson gave a murmur as sleep started to fade away. She shuddered as a chill passed through her. Her eyes cracked open. Why was it so bright? She had gotten in late last night, but judging by the sun streaming through her window it almost looked-

The phone rang and Sam searched blindly for the receiver.

"Yes," Sam croaked out.

"Miss Manson? You asked for a wake-up call correct?"

Sam's eyes snapped open as she sat up and glanced at the clock. Her anger started to boil as the digital numbers came into focus.

"Yeah, I asked for a call. Atten o'clock! It's now 12:30!"

"Apologies, Miss Manson. I- "

The phone was thrust down violently as Sam threw herself into action. She was still muttering a few choice words about the hotel staff and the guys' stupid fake French accent as she grabbed the clothes she had set out last night and ran into the bathroom. She paused as she glanced in the mirror. Actually the voice sounded sort of familiar.

She shook her head as she put on the lavender blouse and plain black skirt. She was a hundred miles away from him. Sam had become a cartoonist of sorts. It was more like a freelance cartoonist. She would be hired by different companies and then would ask for a small description of the characters personality. It was then up to her to draw whatever her creative juices cam up with. She hadn't gotten any offers in awhile. She blamed it, rather venomously, on all the Reality TV shows that had become popular. Finally, an offer had come from a Mr. Johansen. She wished she would have had more time but they had said it was urgent. She'd sent her sketches in a week ago and oddly enough they had called and asked for a conference with her. That had never happened before. But that was why she was now hurrying against the clock as she put on the last bits of make-up.

She glanced at herself in the mirror again wanting to finally look at the end result. She preferred to have her shoulder-length black hair up, but she didn't have time for anything fancy and with her hair down she would look professional enough. Something green flashed behind her and she whirled around to the empty room. She gave herself a sheepish smile as she shook her head. She was just missing him that was all. And wishing he could be here with her.


Her cell phone went off while she was in the car.


"Hey, beautiful."

Her face went flush. "Danny, I said to stopcalling methat!"

"Why? Because your face will look like a radish afterwards?"


"That's the whole point."

"Danny- "

"I know, I know. I'm sorry I broke the rule."

"The rule?"

"Keep Sam happy or her collection of vital organs will grow."

Sam couldn't help the small chuckle she released.

"You can spare me this one time, right? I did call to wish you luck."

Sam gave off a murmured expletive as she quickly floored the brake.

"What? What's happening?"

"Traffic jam," she gave off a frustrated groan. "No! I don't need this right now. I'm already going to be late!"

"Traffic? Late? Shouldn't you already be there? I thought you said the conference was at one."

"It is at one. There was a small problem with my alarm going off this morning."


There was a long pause on the other end of the line.


"Sam, I gotta go. Sorry."

Sam gave a sigh. "OK. I understand. Be careful. Bye."

She turned her phone off and rested her head against the steering wheel. She really needed him right now. She needed Danny here for her. Everything was going wrong. Danny understood how much she needed this job. If Danny were here he would be able to help. He was always able to calm her down. But Danny was a hundred miles away. It might as well be a million miles away.

She surfaced from her thoughts and listened to the grating noise of car horns. But the noise was coming… behind her? She snapped her head up. The roads had cleared! She gave a frown as she sped forward. She was still going to be late. She'd just have to take what she got.

But somehow this spur of luck made her miss Danny even more.


Sam was still thinking of Danny as she walked into the building ten minutes late.

"Miss Manson, I presume?"

Sam gave the receptionist a smile. "Yes, I'm Miss Manson. Could you please direct me to Mr. Johansen's office?"

Unfortunately, Mr. Johansen called two minutes ago to inform you that he has run into a delay. I told him that you had not arrived yet, and he stated that if you did arrive to tell you that he will be here- "

"Now." Both women turned to look at the middle aged Mr. Johansen as he came through the building's doors. Sam swallowed as his eyes fell on her.

"It is nice to meet you, Miss Manson. You should be happy I was delayed. I feel that punctuality is very important in the buisness world. It is a fortunate thing for you that I was delayed by a pause in traffic. Now, if you will follow me I will lead you to my office so we can discuss your work. Good day, Mrs. Grey.

Traffic delay? There's a coincidence, thought Sam.


"Now about your work, Miss Manson. I find it very intriguing and it has a certain depth to it that I feel is necessary for capturing the person we want." They were now seated in his comfortable office on the sixth floor. Sam glanced around uneasily.

"I try my best, Mr. Johansen. Did you prefer the drawing of the blond or the auburn-haired boy?"

Mr. Johansen pulled out a piece of paper as he spoke.

"Neither, Miss Manson. This is the one I am talking about.

It was suddenly much harder to breathe. It was Danny. One of her drawings she had done of him. His black hair was its usual messy style and he was giving the viewer a shy smile. The thing that stood out was the eyes. His blue eyes were looking directly at you. The eyes seemed to be conveying that all of Danny's attention and focus was onher andher alone. Something Sam believed and hoped would always stay that way. She'd draw Danny to pass the time or when she was in a creative slump. But she had definitely not put that picture in the packet she had sent to Mr. Johansen. Or at least she hadn't meant to.

"An excellent piece of art. I feel almost sorry for not hiring you sooner. You have been recommended before Miss Manson, but I didn't see the point of hiring people who were not going to stay on my staff. I had an office set up for you, Miss Manson. I would like you to use it for now since, well, the bottom half of the picture has yet to be drawn. We would like to see what you come up with for it. We also may have questions.

Something in Mr. Johansen's tone left no room for discussion. Sam gave him a tiny nod.

"Excellent.Your room will have your name on it. It's room 36. You are allowed to go look at it if you like." He gave her the room's key.

Still unable to speak, Sam gave him another nod and as much of a smile as she could muster before standing, shaking his hand, and leaving.


Sam was in a daze as she walked down the hall looking for her office. She was just a little lost and she kept thinking of Danny. He was appearing everywhere today. First the hotel, the guy had sort of sounded like him, she thought she had seen him in her room, He called her in the car, and now she was going to help create a cartoon that featured a Danny clone. Someone in her town, like Danny who watched anything that had her work in it, was bound to notice!

She headed toward two women that were talking, hoping they would be able to inform her where her office was. As she came close, she was able to catch a little of there conversation.

"Did you hear about the traffic incident that happened this morning?"

"You mean the traffic jam that happened six blocks away? Yeah. So?"

"No I'm talking about both jams. That one and the one farther away that Mr. Johansen was caught in. They're connected.

"How so?"

"The reason the one closer to us cleared up so soon was that the two cars that had caused it suddenly disappeared. The next thing you know they appear again twenty miles east of us in the middle of the main intersection. That's what caused the jam.

"How'd Mr. Johansen get here so fast then?"

"Rumor has it that he walked away from his car to a different street and paid someone to bring him here."


"And guess what? The new office that has been set up down that hall," and here she pointed. "The one for Mr. Johansen's guest suddenly has something sitting outside it. Looks like the person using it has a secret admirer. Odd way to show you care though. I would have preferred red roses."

Sam swiveled around to where the woman had pointed and took off.


Whatever Sam had thought about coincidences before had flown out the window. But she had to make sure.

She skidded to a halt in front of the door that had something leaning against it. One dozen long-stemmed purple carnations. Her favorite. But only a few people knew including…

She rummaged in her purse as she unlocked the door, grabbed the roses, and gently put them down on her desk. Everything else she had brought with her then went on the floor as her cell phone was recovered.She quickly hit the speed dial. It rang once before she got an answer.

"Hello, beautiful."

The sentiment couldn't take the smile from her face.

"Hello Danny, how was your day?"

"Pretty busy, actually. This ghost had me chasing him across the entire city. How was your day, though? When are your coming home?"

"I'll have to stay here for a little bit. My day ended pretty well. It was weird.'

"You can't expect everyday to turn out bad, Sam."

"There were just a couple of strange occurrences. That's all. I think I have a guardian angel."

"Hey, that's my job! You tell this "guardian angel" that you already have someone looking out for you!

"Can I tell him thank you?"

"I suppose," he mumbled.

"Thank you, Danny."

"W-what," he stuttered. "Thanks for what, Sam?"

Sam raised a carnation to her nose, inhaling deeply.

"Just for everything."


There was a short pause.

"Your welcome, Sam. Any time."

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