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Chapter 12-The Fabrication Ends

There wasn't any warning. Danny had barely a second to think about moving before he was diving out of the way and the wall behind him gained a new scorch mark to add to the ones that were already scattered around the room. The fact that she wasn't saying anything troubled Danny as his mind finally caught up with his instincts. Usually there would be something, but his mom's face was stony as she followed him around the room with the ecto-gun.

Maybe he should try talking to her. But it seemed unlikely that would help. Her whole focus was on him. She wasn't even bothering with Vlad, who was finding this all very amusing. He knew why she was so focused on him. She believed that he had killed his dad and now wanted revenge. That didn't seem like his mom, but she and Dad already hunted ghosts and maybe the thought that a ghost had killed her husband was too much. It just made him hate Vlad more.

He wasn't sure what to do. He twisted in the air as his mom fired again, missing him by inches. He couldn't bring himself to fire at her; possibly try to knock the weapon away. He just couldn't, but he couldn't fly forever either. He knew his mom was smart, and at some point he was going to get hit.

Trying to talk to her was going to slow him down, though.

"Mo-Mrs. Fenton, this is really a large misunderstanding." The next shot clipped his shoulder as he moved out of the way and he gave out a small hiss of pain. She wasn't relenting at all and he wasn't sure what else to say to her. That her husband wasn't dead? That this had all been orchestrated by the other ghost who just happened to be Vlad? She wouldn't believe that any more than she would believe him telling her that she was actually firing on her own son.

The next shot hit his leg and he dropped a few feet in the air as the pain shot through him. What was he supposed to do? Go Intangible? He glanced at the large gun in her hands as she leveled it on him. Somehow he sensed that wouldn't work. The thought that the gun looked a lot like the weapons Valerie uses flickered through his mind, but he paid no attention to it. He curled his body inward and threw up a shield around him as she fired again. The shield was working, but he had already lost energy from fighting Vlad.

"Please, Mrs. Fenton," he tried. "I didn't…your husband…." He looked over at Vlad. She wouldn't believe him, and Vlad might become suspicious. His mind was drawing a blank and his body gave a jolt as the shield took another hit. He watched Vlad's smirk grow. It was obvious to everyone that he knew he was cornered.


"What do we do?" Sam's eyes went from Danny to Tucker. She was drawing as much of a blank as Danny was. There didn't seem to be anything they could say to get Mrs. Fenton to stop. Tucker was struggling with Amy who had been much more persistent in saying something ever since her grandmother stepped into the room.

"Will you take her? I have a plan." Sam was up for anything and quickly relieved Tucker of Amy.

"Grandma, don't hurt-" Amy shouted before Sam could silence her. Mrs. Fenton turned toward then and for a second she seemed back to normal.

"Amy? Tucker? What are you doing here? Sam, where's Danny?" She then turned to glare at Danny and Sam was floored with the irony.

"He's, uh, somewhere close by." She looked over at Tucker for help and found him fiddling with his PDA. "Tucker," she hissed. "How will that help us?"

"It'll help us get some payback." Tucker pushed one button and the screen lit up to show something that Sam couldn't make out from her position as she wrestled with Amy. Grinning, Tucker held the device up high for everyone to see.

"And then I came here," finished a voice that caught everyone's attention. The screen showed a living room with three people in it: Jazz Fenton, her husband, Luke, and Jack Fenton.

"So," Luke, Jazz's husband, started as he glanced down at what he had written down. He was in his policeman's outfit. "You and your wife were attacked by Inviso-Bill and another ghost. You say, though, that Inviso-Bill saved you?"

"He did," Jack affirmed, but he was clearly puzzled by the fact. "He took me outside and told me to get away. He said I would just get killed and that I should come here to help Jazz because Amy had been kidnapped. I wonder how he knew about that."

"Jack?" Maddie lowered her weapon as she stared at the screen. Vlad was giving the device a similar dumbfounded look. It gave Danny a moment to rest and he lifted his head to look also, a small smile starting to materialize.

"It's very possible that he knew about it because he and the other ghost were the ones who abducted her."

"Luke," Jazz huffed. "He did not abduct Amy."

The two men stared at her, but she stood firm in what she had said.

Luke cleared his throat. "Jazz, I think you're starting to believe these stories that you've been telling Amy. I always assumed you knew what you were doing, but-"

"How do you explain him saving my dad?"

"We've gone and looked at the house. There isn't anyone there. Both your mom and Danny are gone. It's a possibility they made up a story because they didn't want Jack getting in the way.

"He kept insisting he was saving me, though," Jack murmured. "And Inviso-Bill has helped me before in the past when the ecto-filtrator was full. And the other ghost was the only one attacking Maddie. He just kept saying he didn't want to see me die."

Luke opened his mouth, but Jazz cut him off. "Luke, I know you're just doing your job, but you're wrong on this one."

There was an awkward pause before Jack finally asked, "How long do you think Tucker wants me to keep sitting here?"

Sam turned from the screen as the subject of Amy abduction was brought up to take in everyone's expressions. Tucker was looking very smug, and Sam mentally grumbled about how they weren't going to hear the end of this for a while. Maddie had a look of awe on her face as she watched Jack through the screen. She turned toward Danny, seeing him in a new light. Danny was beaming at his friend.

"Tucker," he called. "You rock!"

"I know." After saying that, Tucker almost immediately gave off a yelp as he leaped out of the way of a magenta blast.

"Vlad was seething. "No!" He turned his rage-filled eyes on Danny. "You were supposed to kill Jack!"

"Angry that I out-witted you again, Plasmius?"

Vlad's hands flared with pink fire, but was distracted by a shout. "Hey!" He turned to see Valerie pointing a gun on him. "Nobody fires on my boyfriend!"


Valerie had been so confused-and she still was-but she was ignoring the few small questions she had in favor of making sure this ghost didn't exist on any plain of reality. He wouldn't even be returning to that ghost world…zone…whatever it was if she had anything to say about it.

She'd just stood there for awhile as Mrs. Fenton attacked Inviso-Bill…with a gun that looked a lot like her own weapons. But that ghost with the cape had called Inviso-Bill Danny and she now had to agree with Mrs. Fenton's question. Where was Danny Fenton? Everyone else was here and threw of knowing him through Tucker she couldn't really see him as a coward. He should be here with his friends.

"Tucker," the ghost named Danny called. "You rock!"

That was weird. From the ghost's tone it almost sounded like the two knew each other really well. And, now that she thought about it, his voice sounded really familiar. And now the ghost's face was looking a lot like…and the ghost had called him Danny.

Why hadn't the ghost's resemblance ever occurred to her before?

And then that other ghost-the one that had been called Plasmius-fired on Tucker and Valerie's mind switched gears. Tucker may be keeping some things from her, but she still cared about him. No one, especially not some putrid ghost, was going to hurt him. Not unless they were planning for Valerie to hurt them back.


The fact that he was still drained wasn't troubling Danny as he dove into the fight alongside Valerie. His mom knew! She knew that his dad was alive. She knew that he had saved him and that he wasn't the enemy. She also knew, he thought with a smirk, who to point the ecto-gun at now.

Unlike the last fight were he had been fighting for his freedom, this battle was going to be fun. Even if they lost, his mom would go home. Danny was pretty sure Vlad knew this because a permanent scowl was imprinted on his face as Vlad dodged a punch from him. Vlad's moves weren't as confident as they used to be. He knew he had lost. But one realization wasn't going to make up for all the pain he had caused. Danny was still going to kick the crud out of him anyway.

Danny landed an uppercut as Vlad dodged a shot from Valerie. The shot from his mom struck his back and he was pushed back towards Danny who grabbed on roughly to Vlad's costume.

Vlad gave Danny a shaky smile. "All right, Daniel. I-"

"Not this time," Danny growled. Vlad was not going to call some truce. Vlad's interference in his life was going to end.

Still holding on to Vlad, Danny made both of them intangible and flew them threw the wall into the next room. He knew his mom and Valerie would be there soon enough, so he needed to get this out quickly. He pinned Vlad to the floor and gave him a harsh stare.

"I want you to get something straight, Plasmius. I am a Fenton. I will never be a Masters. My mom will never be a Masters. I want you to leave me, my family and my friends alone. You leave us in peace! No matter how resentful you may be, your life is going to get a whole lot worse if you hurt anyone I love again! That's a promise. You got that, Plasmius?"

Danny didn't glance up as his mom and Valerie rushed through the door, followed closely by Tucker, Sam and Amy. The two raised their guns, but with the position they were in they couldn't fire without hitting Danny.

Danny's face stayed on Vlad's. "Got that, Plasmius?"

The glare Vlad sent him didn't faze him at all. "Got it," he snarled.

"Then you won't mind us leaving." He let go of Vlad and stood up. "I think all of you should go home," he said, finally addressing everyone else.

"But," Valerie started and then stopped as the ghost beside Danny suddenly sunk through the floor.

"You won't be seeing him again," he said firmly.

There was a pause and then his mom stepped forward, almost hesitantly. "Thank you," she whispered.

"It's no problem." He glanced up as Valerie approached.

"Danny, was it?"

"Uh, yeah," he replied uneasily. He couldn't tell what she was thinking with that visor in her suit. "It's Danny Phantom."

She gave him a piercing stare and he scratched the back of his head nervously.

"Phantom?" Even with the visor, he could tell she was quirking an eyebrow at him, before nodding. "Nice to meet you, Danny Phantom."

Sam piped up. "How exactly are we getting back to Amity Park?"

His mom gave a smile. "Oh, I'm sure Vlad has something we can use, perhaps another helicopter. By the way, where is Vlad…And Danny?"

And as he discreetly disappeared through the floor, Danny caught Sam's response. "Danny? Oh, we'll probably meet up with him as we leave…."


The chill Sam received as she stepped into her apartment a week later stopped her in her doorway. Cautiously, she closed the door and walked further in. Nothing was out of place, but Sam warily placed her things on a chair. Her kidnapping a week earlier fresh in her mind.

She gave a sigh when familiar, yet invisible arms encircled her. She relaxed and soon the arms weren't invisible anymore.

"How long have you been waiting here to ambush me?" She asked as she turned around and gave Danny a smile which he returned.

"Since early this morning. Did you get all of your stuff?"

She nodded. "Most of it is still in the car."

He hugged her tighter. "I'm sorry that you lost the job."

"It's all right. I wouldn't want to work for a company that was owned by him anyway."

He nodded, but frowned when she looked away. She'd wanted to ask him something for awhile. Now seemed a good time.

"Danny, back at Wisconsin…what changed your mind? What made you suddenly decide to fight him?"

"I…" His hands went to his sides as he searched for an answer. "Would you believe me if I said I didn't know?"

"You don't know?"

Danny walked over to sit on her couch and she followed him. "I…I was just so tired of playing this game of his. Ever since I've met him he's been stringing me and everyone else along like we're his puppets. I just decided that I had had enough."

"Oh." It's not that she didn't believe him. Somehow, though, she sensed that he was leaving something out, but she wasn't going to push him into telling her.

Danny gave her a smile. "I have something for you."

"Really? What?"

"Close your eyes. I'll be right back."

Sam gave a huff of agitation, but obediently closed her eyes. A minute later, her nose perked up when a sweet smell drifted by it. She felt Danny sit next to her again on the couch.

"You can open them."

One purple carnation was suspended under her nose and Sam smiled. She took the flower gently from him and inhaled. "I love it, Danny. Thank you." She flashed on the dozen roses she'd been given by Vlad, but the memory was gone in a second. It was these small moments with Danny that she loved. Just the small ways that he showed his affection for her. She leaned over and they shared a small kiss.

"It was you," Danny murmured when they parted.


"You were the reason. You and everyone else. It was so low of him to drag you and Amy into our fight, yet you were being so strong. You were the one standing up to him when I had already given up. I…I wanted to be strong for you. And you don't have to worry anymore. Vlad isn't going to bother you again."

"You've been strong for me a thousand times," Sam reasoned.

"I know. I just-"

"I know," She whispered. "Thank you."

The two leaned forward and shared a longer, much more passionate kiss. And for the remaining time, as they talked and laughed, all thoughts of Vlad and the incident a week ago melted away. .

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