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The Kimmatrix: Matrix Resurrections

A Fan Fiction Fusion By

Classic Cowboy and Turles

Chapter 01: For Every End There is a Beginning

"To Dream is Destiny"

- Unknown

We dedicate this fan fiction to Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, Wade, and Rufus; for giving us so many great adventures and inspiring us for wonderful fan fictions.


The skies were dark and clouding inside the Matrix over the city of New York. It was pouring rain and flashing lightning as if signaling the coming end. The code was in chaos; there were no more individuals inside the buildings and on the streets. There was only Agent Smith…over, and over, and over again. An army of them looking from behind their sunglasses to the empty street as the rain came pouring down upon them.

Walking down the empty street was a man who, in seven months, had become the stuff of legends, the very man who was prophesied to end the war…the One…Neo. He walked down the rain-soaked, empty street with the Agent Smith copies glaring at him, some baring their teeth and others just frowning with their deep hatred of him. Neo paid no heed to them as his sights were set upon one Agent Smith, the one that walked out into the flooded and empty street. Smith turned and looked at him.

"Mister Anderson, welcome back." Smith said, still sounding condescending as he spoke that one sentence, "We…missed you." He then looked around at the multiple clones of himself, marveling in his own glory, "Like what I've done with the place?"

"It ends tonight." Neo said coldly to Smith.

"I know it does; I've seen it." Smith said knowingly, "That's why the rest of me are just going to enjoy the show, because we both already know that I'm the one who beats you."

And so the fight for the future of both man and machine began. Neo and Smith fought one another; they fought in the streets as it continued to pour. They had taken to the skies, clashing against one another like the Archangel Michael and the Prince of Darkness fighting for their beliefs. They fought inside the buildings and came back down to the rain soaked streets again, their powers were equal to one another, even amidst the destruction that they caused, buildings falling and craters being made out of roads. It seemed like a very even tug-o-war between the two of them until at last, Neo was lying face down in the mud of one of the craters with Smith standing over him, confused by all of it.

Neo looked up at Smith, stood back up upon his feet and looked at him from behind his sunglasses. Yet, Smith was afraid of what he had said. He wondered where it came from and why he said it in the first place. He looked at Neo and began to step away from him.

"NO! Stay away from me!" He cried, backing away from Neo, utterly terrified, and yet this puny human still just stared at him.

"You were right, Smith; you were always right." Neo said, sounding very defeated, "This was inevitable."

The fear that had once gripped Smith melted away as he growled like an animal, reeled his right hand back, and rammed his fingers into Neo's chest. The infection of Smith's assimilation abilities began to flow from his fingers in the form of liquid metal that began to spread until it consumed Neo. It began to mold itself like clay being formed by invisible hands until a new Agent Smith copy stood in Neo's place.

"I did it…" Smith uttered in awe of what happened; he was in disbelief that it finally happened after all that he tried to do to achieve that one moment. "Is it over?" He cried out to his new clone and the clone had started to nod, but as his question was asked, something began to go wrong with all the other Agent Smith copies. Just like poorly made clay statues, they began to crack and from the cracks came green and white light, until at last every copy began to crumble and explode. All that was left behind were the billions of men, women, and children of the Matrix that were held prisoner by the rogue Agent, all of them Smith's victims…with the exception of Neo.


In the place of all the copies of Agent Smith were the men, women, and children that were taken by him. Every single one of them hadn't a clue what happened or why they were in the places that they were. Amongst all the millions of people in the city, there was a man and his wife, who found themselves sitting down on the wet concrete of the sidewalk with all the people around them.

Disoriented, the man pushed himself onto his feet and asked, "What happened?", hoping that someone would have an answer; he looked around at all the people sporting that same confused look, and then back to his wife, who was still sitting on the wet concrete holding onto her pregnant belly.

"Hon?" Her husband asked, very concerned about the way she held herself, "Are you ok?"

"No…" His wife moaned out in pain, "My water just broke!"

Panicked, the husband looked around the crowd of dazed and confused people for help, "Is there a doctor in the house?" He asked loudly, ignoring the cliché, "Please! My wife's in labor!"

From behind the crowd came a voice calling out, "Move out of the way! I'm a doctor! Please, let me through! I'm a doctor!"

The man who called for help saw the people around him stand to one side to allow the anonymous doctor through. That was when he saw a beautiful woman with reddish brown hair and green eyes who was also pregnant with the small, round belly she sported.

"I'm a doctor." She said to the man and his wife, who was now moaning in agony down on the concrete. The doctor came down to the ground, looked between the pregnant woman's legs and made her prognosis, "Oh dear, she's dilated pretty wide. The kid's coming fast, and we won't make it to a hospital." She reached up, parted her patient's legs and began the procedure, "Push, Misses…"

"Stoppable!" The patient grinded through her teeth as she pushed the baby through her birth canal.

Only fifteen minutes had passed, but they were the longest fifteen minutes that Mrs. Stoppable had ever endured in her entire life. It was equally intense for Mr. Stoppable, who was nervous as could be about what could go wrong. Yet, all that was laid aside when they heard the first cries of their newborn child.

"It's a boy!" The doctor announced to the Stoppables. She cut the umbilical cord, wrapped the little newborn in her jacket, and handed him to his parents.

"He's so beautiful!" Mrs. Stoppable exhaled, holding her son, "Thank you, doctor."

"No big." The doctor smiled back, "But I've got to introduce myself. I'm Doctor Possible, and what do you plan to call him?"

"Well, to extend your courtesy" Misses Stoppable said, "I'm Mary Stoppable, this is my husband: Joseph, and this little man; we'll call him…Ronald Stoppable."


Sixteen years later…

…In the Real World….

Down in the bowels of the world were ancient service and waste tunnels that used to flow for cities spanning hundreds of miles above them. Flying through the tunnels was a hovercraft that hummed its way over the stagnant debris, sending out sparks of electricity and gently illuminating the darkness with blue hues from its multiple hover disks. The hovercraft was named the Nebuchadnezzar II (or Neb II for short), and upon the bridge of that ship were two men piloting it to a safe location.

Both of these men were African-American, one was much older than the other and had his head clean shaven; this was Morpheus, named after the Greek god of Dreams, and the captain of the Neb II. The other man was much younger than Morpheus with long hair made into dreadlocks and had a small goatee and mustache; this was the Neb II's operator: Link.

"Alright, Link." Morpheus said, standing up from the pilot chair, "Keep an eye out. If they've reactivated the agents, the sentinels could have been reactivated as well."

"Aye, sir." Link acknowledged as he followed Morpheus down to the main deck of the Neb II. On the main deck was a small semi-circle of chairs in an environment of gray steel and wires running up the walls like so much kudzu. At the head of the semi-circle was Link's station, surrounding him with keyboards and screens, as Morpheus addressed his crew, two of which were standing inside the semi-circle of chairs. One, a young African-American woman, and next to her, a young Asian man.

"Niobe, Ghost." He addressed them, "You're with me. We've a council meeting to attend."

"Great." Ghost sighed, walking over and sitting down in one of the chairs in the semi-circle, "Watching who can come up with the biggest words, you or the Architect, is my idea of a blast."

Morpheus picked up on Ghost's sarcasm and had a good answer for it, "Would you prefer Release Tube Monitoring Duty again, Ghost?" He asked in a very playful threat as he sat down in his chair.

"Sir, no, sir!" Ghost said sitting up and giving a stern salute, "Anything but that, sir!"

"Alright then." Morpheus said while Link brought out a very long needle, preparing to stick it under Morpheus' headrest, "Let's not be late."

And the jack-in started.


Inside the Matrix, a 1998 jet black Dodge Charger roared down the streets of New York City, heading to the council meeting that Morpheus was talking about. This was brought about by the sacrifice of the very last One, Neo, whose dying wish was for peace, and so the Earth Council was formed. This council consisted of representatives from Zion and the Machine capital: Zero One. The Earth Council worked at organizing slow release of trapped humans as well as cleaning the sky above Earth, which had been darkened for longer than anyone could remember. Yet, Morpheus did not come to the Matrix to discuss the clean-up effort or the release of humans. His reasons were about some disturbances in the Matrix.

The Dodge Charger came to a stop outside the United Nations building and out of it came the three Zion Representatives. Morpheus took a look up at the building, thinking about the ironies around that building, how the machines and humans took the floor there. Morpheus straightened out his alligator skin coat and stepped through the front doors, passing by the foyer with the gold colored symbol of the U.N., the world surrounded by two olive leaf branches, to the elevator to the their desired floor.

At the thirteenth floor, the trio walked into a waiting room with a secretary's desk that sat at the side of a pair of swinging doors. They walked up to the secretary, a young bleached blonde woman, who looked up at them and smiled as if she'd been waiting for them.

"Representative Morpheus" she smiled, "The Architect has been expecting you."

Ghost leaned over to Niobe and whispered, "Freaky how Colonel Sanders does that."

"Your associates may wait out here," The Secretary continued, "he wishes for a private conversation with you, Representative Morpheus."

Morpheus nodded, while Niobe and Ghost took their seats in the waiting area. He followed the secretary through the swinging doors, down a long hallway to one door at the end of the hall. When the secretary had left, he opened the door, and walked through it to find himself in a completely white room that felt like the inside of a padded room of a sanitarium with numerous TV sets around him displaying different images from all over the Matrix. Morpheus saw the back of a chair in front of him and knew who was sitting there.

"Hello, Architect." Morpheus said.

The chair turned around and sitting there was that old, white-suited man with a silver pen-remote in his right hand, The Architect.

"Greetings, Representative Morpheus. I know why you're here and I regret to inform you that I am unable to give you the complete reason for the reactivation of the Agent programs." The Architect said very bored and emotionless.

"And why is that?" Morpheus asked, "This is…"

The Architect cut him off and finished his sentence for him, "A concern of all humans not connected to the Matrix and the Council of Zion fears that this could be a sign of our backing out of the treaty. I can tell you that the Agents are programmed not to harm Zion Representatives whatsoever. An event has occurred in the Matrix, which has brought uneasiness to the powers that be. Ergo, the Agents have been reactivated to isolate this "anomaly" and delete its existence and all it has affected if possible. Concurrently, you have little or nothing to worry about and should avoid this issue in the future."

"Anomaly?" Morpheus asked rather confused about the Architects articulation, "An anomaly like the One…like Neo?"

"No." The architect answered, drawing in another breath for one of his long explanations, "An anomaly similar to, but not the same as the One. It is merely a dangerous glitch in the Matrix, conceivably a side effect of the Smith Program sixteen years ago, or from the release of the One's powers combined with those of the Smith Program. Rest assured, we will isolate and neutralize this malfunction in a matter of cycles. If that is all, I shall see you at the council meeting shortly. Good day, Representative Morpheus."

Morpheus walked out of the Architect's office and back through the hallway of doors, his mind filled with thoughts and notions about what the Architect meant by the new anomaly. He had thought that if it was just a simple glitch, then it could be fixed without the reactivation of the Agents. When that thought had occurred to him, Morpheus was already in at the waiting area where Niobe and Ghost stood waiting for him.

"What'd you guys talk about?" Niobe asked Morpheus as the three of them had stepped into the elevator.

"It's nothing to do with breaking the peace treaty." Morpheus answered as he pressed the lobby button.

"Then what is it?" Niobe asked, hoping to get a straight answer

At that moment, Morpheus had figured out something about the machines.

"Something has them scared," He stated, "And I intend to find out what it is."


In the state of Colorado was a small, suburban town called Middleton, which was part of two other cities, Upperton and Lowerton. However, it was Middleton that was the home to a set of very special individuals.

The first was the teenage hero: Kim Possible, a young athletic woman who had long brownish red hair that came down to her lower back. Her face was smooth and soft like porcelain, and set in her doll-like face were a pair of green eyes like precious gems. This young woman was responsible for so many great deeds around the globe that to any normal person it would seem inconceivable that a young woman could do all of it, and be a normal, high-school girl, head cheerleader, swim team member, yearbook committee member, and on the honor roll. She really was quite super-human when it came to her own deeds.

Then there was Kim's information gatherer, a ten year old genius named Wade, who was a rather pudgy boy of African-American decent with a great knack for gathering any information Kim needed either for personal or mission use. Wade was also super-human, but in his mental faculties instead of his physical qualities like Kim. After all, Wade did earn a doctorate in every field of study at the age of nine.

Last, but certainly not least, was Kim Possible's sidekick: Ron Stoppable, a rather lanky kind of boy with shortly cut and messy blonde hair, which added to the innocent look he cultivated with his brown eyes, freckles, and rather large ears. Ron was always quick with a joke, especially when the occasion arose. Even in the most dire of situations, Ron always had a sunny disposition, at least when he wasn't petrified with fear at whatever new plan of destruction Kim's enemies had concocted in their various take-over-the-world-ventures. While Kim and Wade were super-human in their own way, Ron was super-human in a very different respect. His super-human traits lied within his heart. Even after everything he had been through, he was still willing to try to be friends with anyone, but he was still quite human with his fears. Especially when they related to his bad memories of a summer camp called, "Camp Wannaweep", but thanks to his life with Kim, he was able to overcome some of his fears. In all the missions that he'd gone on with Kim, the two of them were always such a solid team for reasons that seem to defy all logic and reason. At least, that's how many of Kim's foes saw it.

Yet, recently some strange things had been happening to Ron, things that he couldn't quite explain to anyone, let alone himself. Whenever he would lose something, even something as simple as a set of keys, he'd imagine where they would be and they'd be there, unlike times before when they were in the last place he'd ever look. Then there were the dreams. He tried to tell this to his parents, but they would always tell him that it was probably a result of the onset of puberty, but Ron knew that it had to be a lot more than just that. One day one his way to school, he was mulling over it his head as he had done countless times before. As he did, his pet, a naked mole rat named Rufus, crawled up onto Ron's shoulder and chirped in his ear, and Ron, in his weird way, understood everything that Rufus was trying to say.

"I know I should forget about it, Rufus, but I just can't." Ron said, his voice sounding heavy with what he had on his mind.

Before coming to his school, Middleton High, Home of the Mad Dogs, Ron passed a small playground with children at play. Some of the children were running across the grass, some playing on the jungle gym, and others in the sandbox. Walking past, Ron couldn't help remembering back to preschool when he and Kim first met on the playground. It truly was one of the greatest days of his life. Yet, as Ron looked in the sandbox, he saw a little boy there playing with something. He stopped and slowly walked over for reasons that he couldn't explain. The sounds of the playing children were drowned out all around him as he came closer and closer to the sandbox.

Inside, Ron saw a little boy playing with spoons that were evenly set in front of him as he sat cross-legged in the sand. He took one of the spoons and looked at it like a diamond cutter looks at a raw diamond, imagining the different facets in his mind, and soon, the spoon began to bend in the boy's grip; normally, Ron would have been very freaked out by this, but he wasn't, for some reason. Instead, he felt a very sharp feeling of déjà vu; that this had happened before. So, in curiosity, Ron sat down in front of the boy, who handed one of the spoons to Ron, who looked at it, remembering all the different bends that the spoon did in that boy's hand.

"Do not try to bend the spoon." The boy said, sounding like an old Chinese Tao Master, "That's impossible…instead only try to realize the truth."

The déjà vu was in full force when Ron was about to ask what the truth was, but then for no apparent reason he already knew what the boy was talking about.

"There is no spoon." Ron said calmly, looking at his distorted reflection in the spoon's surface, and then looking to the boy who nodded at his answer.

"Then you will see it is not the spoon that bends; it is only yourself." The boy added as Ron continued to stare at the utensil.

As he stared, he began to bend his neck to the left and saw the spoon bending with him. It was as if the spoon was imitating the movements of his spine like a reflection in a mirror. Just as the spoon began its small bend, he heard Rufus chirp into his ear; he turned sharply to him, and knew what he was chirping about; he would be late for school if he didn't hurry up. After the interruption, Ron looked back at the spoon and saw it was straight again. He looked at the smiling boy as he laid down the spoon, got back up, and headed for school. Ron couldn't help looking back at that sandbox and the boy sitting there as he made his way out of the playground.

Rufus chirped once again at Ron.

"I know, buddy." Ron agreed as he looked back at the sandbox again, "Weird."

Ron arrived at school in the nick of time and took his usual seat next to Kim.

"Hey, Kim." Ron said very casually as he sat down.

Kim looked at Ron and saw a seriousness in his face that only appeared when there was something very wrong. She knew this and wanted to know what was up with her friend.

"What's up with you this morning, Ron?" She asked, hoping to sound supportive

Ron took one glance at Kim and said, "Nothing, Kim."

They couldn't continue their conversation any further as class had already started. First period was English and they were discussing how dreams can be used as devices to foreshadow future events or reveal something deep within the character themselves. The moment that Ron heard the discussion about dreams, he was intensely focused upon it, thinking that he might find out something about his own dreams. Yet, as Ron Stoppable thought about the subject of dreams, another sense of déjà vu came over him and he heard a deep voice in his head.

Have you ever had a dream, Neo, that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world?

That time, it wasn't just a feeling that Ron had heard it before; he was starting to think that he actually did do all those things before. The feeling and knowing had become so strong that Ron had completely lost track of time and the things around him, until a familiar voice brought him back.

"Ron?" The voice asked, until Ron snapped back to reality and saw Kim was standing over him. He also saw the clock behind her and saw that he had zoned out for the whole day from about nine to three.

"Ron." Kim said, "Class is over, let's get going."

The two of them walked into the halls and came up to Kim's locker.

"Were you listening to me, Ron?" Kim asked her best friend with a twinge of interrogation in her voice.

"Huh, what?" Ron asked, realizing where he was and said, "Oh yeah, I was listening, KP."

"Then what did I say?" Kim smirked at Ron, resting her hands on her hips and letting her thumbs slide into the waist of her baggy cargo pants.

"Uh…" Ron gulped; he really had no idea what was said back there in class since he had lost all track of what was going on around him for most of the day.

"Ruhoh!" Rufus chirped before slinking back into Ron's pants pocket, his eyes peeking over the lip of the pocket.

"I asked if you had any idea what you were going to do for your final English paper. You know its due in a week, right?"

"Hmmm." Ron mused as he rubbed his chin, "It's supposed to be a personal study, right? I remember hearing that a few days ago. Maybe I'll write about some of the weird dreams I've been having."

"What kind of dreams?" Kim asked immediately, intrigued by what Ron was telling her.

Ron blushed and looked away, "You'll laugh at me if I tell you."

"No, I won't!" Kim reassured in her very sweet voice, "We've been best friends all our lives. When have I ever laughed at you?"

Ron looked back at her and shot her a cocked eyebrow look, giving a great hint of his skepticism.

"A lot?" Kim asked restating herself

"I dreamed I could do…things…" Ron said, trying to remember them as he leaned against the lockers.

"What kind of things?" Kim asked, getting out her books from her locker.

"I could see things that others couldn't." Ron began, his voice sounding as serious as ever, "I could stop bullets, and even fly like Superman, and I also had a…" Ron shook his head, "Never mind."

"Had a what, Ron?" Kim demanded, leaning close to Ron with a very narrow and suspicious eye, "Spill or I'll tell the girls about your peep hole in the locker room."

Ron blushed to a beet red when Kim brought that up, because it was true, he did have his own peep hole that looked into the girls shower. There, he could see all the cheerleaders in their most vulnerable states with all that water, which was why Kim chose to shower at home. She may be honest with Ron, but not that kind of honest with him.

"I…" Ron struggled to try to tell Kim the next part, but he knew he had to or his peephole's future would be very dark indeed, "I had a beautiful girlfriend; she had really dark hair that shined like the tight, black-leather body suit that she wore. She had a body that just screamed… boo-yah…" He said 'boo-yah' in a very soft and smooth kind of tone, yet he quickly looked away, waiting for Kim's laughter. He heard nothing and when he looked back, he saw that Kim wasn't laughing; instead she had a look of intense jealousy on her normally serene face.

"Who is this girl?" Kim asked, trying to keep back the burning jealousy within her, "Do I know her? What class was she in? If you say Bonnie, I swear I'll…"

Ron cut off Kim's interrogation, "I don't know." He said, sounding like a man on trial contending his innocence, but then he shrugged, "I've never seen her before in my life."

Kim wanted to press further, to squeeze out more of the juicy details about this mystery woman, and then it occurred to her that she was being a little silly about the situation. After all, it was just a dream girl; there was no harm in a guy fantasizing. Yet, Kim wondered why she was suddenly jealing so hard over Ron's love life, fantasy love life, at that. As she was about to ponder this, her Kimmunicator beeped.

She reached for it and pressed a button, "What's the sitch, Wade?" She asked.

Wade was quick with his report, "Drakken and Shego are up to no good as usual."

"What did they do this time?" Ron asked, rolling his eyes and positioning himself behind Kim to get a better look at the Kimmunicator screen.

"They stole something from a wealthy Frenchman called the Merovingian." Wade reported, "What it is and how they did it is something that I don't know the details to, but the Merovingian asked for you and Ron by name. He sent a small private plane which should arrive at the Middleton airport at exactly three-fifteen. Good luck on the mission."

"Gotcha, Wade. Kim out." She switched off the Kimmunicator and turned to Ron, "We've got a job to do, Ron."

"Better than writing some lame-o report!" Ron smiled his usual cocky happy manner returning quickly as he brought himself back to standing up. As he did, something occurred to him and his face turned to a very serious tone, "How are we going to get to the airport?" He asked Kim.

"I'll just call in a favor for a ride." Kim answered back.

Ron's head turned slowly as if something deep inside him was aware of something inside the adjacent of lockers. Kim didn't know that Ron was starting to feel something that he didn't know anything about. If he were to call it anything, the best word to describe it was that it was like an intuition that had been intensified.

"No need, Kim." Ron said, his voice sounding very sure of himself, "There's a limo here for us."

"Sure there is." Kim said, dismissing what Ron's statement while the two of them walked towards the front doors. As the two of them passed over the threshold, they saw a small crowd outside gathering around something. From their vantage point of the high concrete steps, they saw a long, black stretch limo with a driver holding up a small white sign with two names written on it:

Kim Possible


Ron Stoppable

Kim turned sharply to Ron, who was looking very stunned at his correct guess about the limo, "How did you do that?" She asked like a child asking the magician how he did his tricks. "Your guess is as good as mine." Ron shrugged.


The limo took Kim and Ron to the Middleton Airport where a small passenger plane was waiting for them. Onboard, they were waited on hand and foot with refreshments and other conveniences as if they were rock stars or royalty. Along with that, the butler of the plane gave them two boxes, telling them that the Merovingian liked his guests to be well-dressed when meeting him. Ron was given a tuxedo containing a long coat that came down to his knees as well as a cane. Kim was given a very sexy, black dress that came down to her ankles and had a slit cut up to her thigh that showed off her leg when she moved along with a pair of black formal gloves that came up past her elbows. The two of them saw how good looking they were and wondered if they had to give them back after they were done, but the butler had told them that the Merovingian would allow them to keep their clothes as a sign of good faith.

The plane had landed at Kennedy Airport in New York City, where Kim and Ron were driven in another limo through the city to a rather medium sized building and were shown to an elevator. It was elegant just like the lobby with its white Italian marble; the elevator had great oriental carpeting on its floor, walls that seemed golden with their reflections, and buttons that seemed to be hand carved for every single floor.

"Pretty ritzy place." Kim complimented as she looked around its elegant features, "Don't you think, Ron?" Not getting an answer, Kim asked again, "Ron?" She looked to see Ron was leaning against the golden wall his eyes glazed over showing that he was very deep into his thoughts.

Inside Ron's mind, the déjà vu was reaching ridiculous proportions as he thought about another voice in the depths of his memories. He heard a sinister voice speaking to him:

Why, Mister Anderson? Why do you do it? Why get up? Why keep fighting? Do you believe you're fighting for something? For more than your survival? Can you tell me what it is? Do you even know? Is it freedom? Or truth? Perhaps peace? Yes? No? Could it be for love? Illusions, Mister Anderson, vagaries of perception; the temporary constructs of a feeble human intellect trying desperately to justify an existence that is without meaning or purpose. And all of them as artificial as the Matrix itself, although only a human mind could invent something as insipid as love. You must be able to see it, Mister Anderson. You must know it by now. You can't win. It's pointless to keep fighting. Why, Mister Anderson? Why? Why do you persist?

"Because I choose to…" Ron spoke, coming out of his trance in a similar way that he knew the answer to that boy's question about the truth of the spoon.

"Choose to do what, Ron?" Kim asked, worry filling her innocent, green eyes, "Are you sure you're up to this one? I can fly solo this time if something's bothering you."

"No, I'm fine, KP." Ron said, shaking his head, "Just got a lot on my mind. That's all." He smiled, hoping that this reassurance would set Kim's worries aside.

Kim studied her best friend for a moment. She tried to figure out what was going on in Ron's head; he had been acting very strangely for the past few days, a lot stranger than normal. Of course Ron was always a little off, but it never reached this level of strangeness. She shook it off when the elevator dinged and the doors opened to a hall that was filled with white and green squares and rectangles with a black, shining floor that led up to a wooden podium with a man in a three piece suit behind it. As the two of them approached the podium, the suited man spoke in French to them.

"Could he try that in English?" Ron asked.

"We're here to see the Merovingian." Kim said to the suited man.

"Ah, yes. He's been expecting you." The suited man smiled, "Right this way, Miss Possible, Mister Stoppable."

The two of them followed the suited man through a restaurant filled with men and women dressed in such upscale clothing and eating food that seemed to be better suited as finger foods. Yet, Ron wouldn't exactly know a lot about these cuisines because his diet consisted mostly of Bueno Nacho items. The suited man brought Kim and Ron to a long table at the far end of the dining room where a very sleek suited man sat sipping red wine with a lady in white sitting next to him. The man looked up at the oncoming teens and stood up to greet them.

"The legendary Kim Possible!" He said, his accent very thick with the French dialect, "Oh, such an honor to be in your presence. Miss Possible, you are exactly as I imagined, bravery matched only by your beauty. Thank you for your quick response."

"No big." Kim blushed as she sat down in the empty seat in front of the Merovingian with Ron sitting next to her.

"And you," The Merovingian smiled brightly at Ron, "It has been too long!"

"Huh? Have we met before?" Ron asked as he and Kim blinked in confusion.

"Oh, my apologies." The Merovingian bowed his head and waved it off, "I mistook you for an old acquaintance of mine. Allow me to introduce myself. I am the Merovingian, and this is my wife, Persephone." He presented the woman sitting next to him wearing a white dress accentuating her considerable cleavage.

"It's a pleasure, Miss Possible, Mister Stoppable." Persephone said smiling at Ron, "Are you two lovers or possibly a couple?" She asked, smiling at the two teens, which were starting to blush a very deep scarlet.

"What?" Kim asked, very surprised by what she heard in this woman's assumptions about her and Ron, and quickly moved to dispel her notions, "No, we're just best friends and partners in saving the world!"

Ron nodded feverishly to go along with what Kim was saying.

"For now." Persephone smiled under her breath.

"Please excuse my wife," The Merovingian smiled, "She is quite open with the ways of romance and love… almost to the point of obsession, but that obsession has aided me in my latest experiment."

"Experiment?" Kim asked, anxious to change the subject from the embarrassing topic of her and Ron's relationship, "Does that have anything to do with why you called us?"

"In the long run, yes it does, Miss Possible." The Merovingian replied, his voice sounding very calm and quite intellectual, showing off his level of education, "You see, I am fascinated with the concept of causality, cause and effect, action…reaction. Are you familiar with causality, Miss Possible?"

"Sure." Kim nodded as she smirked at the memories of Ron on the missions, "Ron fires his grappling hook and we see what underwear he has on today. Cause and Effect."

Ron glared at his partner in crime-stopping, "Kim!" He said in a quiet shout.

"You see what underwear he has on today," the Merovingian continued for her, "And you wonder and imagine what is hidden underneath it all; cause and effect….Action…Reaction."

Kim blushed brightly; she'd hoped that she would have eluded that blush-inducing subject, when she was drawn back into it like being stuck in quicksand. The Merovingian continued, "To understand my experiment is beyond your capability at this time, but it has to do with the concept of true love passing on in reincarnation. Whether two people who were madly in love and willing to die for one another will feel the same if given another chance at life. However, whether or not you believe in reincarnation matters little for the key to the full spectrum of my experiment requires something that you both are yet to understand."

In the midst of all of the Merovingian's prattling, Ron spoke about his confusion in scratching his head.

"Umm…you lost me at 'to understand my experiment'." He said.

The Merovingian reached into his pocket and pulled out a small Palm Pilot-like device and handed it across the table to Kim, "Here is the tracking device that will lead you to the ruffians who took my prototype and also an early reward for aiding me in addition to your clothes." He said as he gave a small handclap.

"You don't have to reward us; you've already given a lot with these clothes." Kim said, trying to be modest in waving her hands, hoping that she would stop the Merovingian's generosity.

"Nonsense!" The Merovingian smiled, "I have a gift for the both of you."

The Merovingian gave a small handclap, and seconds later, a waiter came over with a small plate in one hand and laid it down in front of Kim and Ron. They looked at it and saw a delectable slice of chocolate cake.

"Enjoy the desert, Miss Possible." The Merovingian said as he lay back, "As soon as you've finished, Mister Stoppable will receive his gift."

"Hey! I like cake, where is my…" Ron was about to protest Kim getting a slice of cake and not him, but then he narrowed his eyes at the desert. There was something very wrong about it; he couldn't quite place his finger upon it, but he definitely knew that something wasn't right about it. The dark brown surface of it seemed to have a kind of golden shimmer to it; it could have been the light, but it seemed much deeper than something as simple as that. Yet, the fact remained that it didn't seem to belong where it sat.

Kim took her desert fork and was about to make her slice into the cake, when Ron's hand reached over, grabbed the rim of the desert plate and pulled it away from Kim before she could even sink her fork into its delicious goodness.

"Hey, that's mine, Ron!" Kim snapped at her partner, "You'll get yours later!"

Ron held it away from her so that she couldn't get a good grab on the desert plate, neither one of them noticing the Merovingian's look. He looked at the scene with shocked and, at the same time, knowing eyes as if he was expecting all of it to happen the way it was.

Ron set the desert plate far away from Kim's reach, while Rufus snuck out from one of the pockets in Ron's jacket and climbed up upon the table to where Ron set the plate. Rufus rubbed his paws together as he looked at it.

"Ooh, cake!" Rufus squeaked as he reached out, tore away a small piece of the cake and swallowed it whole with the Merovingian watching with great disgust, either at Rufus eating the cake or just at the mere site of Rufus himself. Yet, as Rufus swallowed the chocolate delight, he started to spin around on the table's surface, "Oh….no feel good…"

Setting the scene aside, Kim reactivated herself into her usual mission mode as if it were a set of clothes that she had slipped into, "Well, we've a mission to accomplish" she announced as she stood up from the table and addressed the Merovingian, "We'll have your prototype back in less than two days."

Ron followed suit.

"Very good, Miss Possible." The Merovingian said, his gaze turning stone cold as he looked at Rufus very nervously as if the hairless rodent was a disease, "And Mister Stoppable….do hold onto…that…that…rat…"

As soon as the words left the Merovingian's lips, Rufus did something that was very odd, almost as odd as when Ron looked at the chocolate cake slice and felt that it was out of place. Ron witnessed Rufus dive from the top of the table, into Ron's hands and then down to the floor where he wrapped his front legs around Kim's ankle and started humping against her leg.

"Eww, Rufus!" Kim gasped, kicking and shaking her leg, trying to extract Rufus, who latched tightly onto Kim's leg and continued to hump it as if his animal senses were set aflame by Kim's scent. Kim knew that this would haunt her nightmares for weeks to come.

"Rufus, get offa her!" Ron gasped in response as he tried to grab the mole rat, but Kim's hopping from one foot to the other was making it rather difficult and awkward as the men and women of the restaurant started to gawk at the two of them, while Persephone giggled and the Merovingian narrowed his eyes at Ron.

Ron had his hand around Rufus' body and he started to do what never failed to calm his hairless friend down. Kim knew what this trick was and immediately joined in upon his tactic.

Rock a bye, Rufus in the tree top,

When the wind blows, the cradle will rock

When the bow breaks, the cradle will fall

And down will come Rufus, cradle and all

Rufus fell asleep almost instantly, his grip starting to loosen from Kim's ankle and he fell directly into Ron's hands. As he did, Ron tucked Rufus away into one of the large pockets of his tuxedo coat. With Rufus asleep and the situation brought to a close, Kim assessed the damage done to her ankle as well as her notions of decency.

"Oh, no he didn't…" Kim groaned looked at her ankle and starting to blush pink, "I have to wash this off before we go anywhere…"

"There's a restroom by the elevator." Ron said knowingly as if he had been there in that very restaurant before.

"How do you know that?" Kim asked Ron with that same curiosity that she had when she asked Ron how he knew that the limousine had pulled up to the school.

"I don't know." Ron shrugged, "Let's just hurry up and get out of here."

As the two of them were about to leave the dining room and flee the embarrassment that the two of them had endured, Ron suddenly realized something. His senses about the cake, he knew that there was something wrong with it, and Rufus' behavior after eating it was proof that it wasn't just him. He knew that there was something very wrong about the world around him, but he couldn't figure it out. Some would say that he was paranoid, then again Kim said the same thing about him when they returned to Camp Wannaweep and faced Ron's old enemy, Gill. Ron looked back at the Merovingian, narrowing his eyes at him and back at the cake with that little nibble missing, seeing that same golden glow about it.

The Merovingian smiled as he watched them leave, "Ron Stoppable." He said with a cocky pompousness, "I see much potential in you, my boy. So much potential…"


Around the hills of Middleton, Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable were on their search for the Merovingian's Machine. Thanks to the PDA-like device that was given, the search was a little easier with a small light showing a location past a few three-dimensional hills and mountains displayed on the item's map function. It was quite the hike, even after Kim called in a favor for a ride from an eccentric billionaire, who finally put his Hummer to good use instead of just a trophy car. Of course, he said his thanks to Kim for their help with figuring out which stocks would take off. Kim simply shrugged it off; saying that it was 'No Big', and that the answer was obvious to the most normal of people. Yet, that was Kim's modesty. Though Ron was riding in the back seat of the Hummer bouncing up and down on the bumpy road, he couldn't take his mind off of that freaky desert at the Merovingian's restaurant. It just kept bothering him why that cake slice had that golden shimmer; it made him think of all those UFO sightings where people always say that they saw something, but they weren't sure what it was.

After the ride was over and the light was closer to them on the Merovingian's palm pilot, the two heroes decided to go the rest of the way on foot.

"It says that it should be here." Kim said, holding up the palm pilot to figure out where the location of the machine could be. She held out the palm pilot, looking in all directions as she stood at a set of rock formations. The base of the formation of round rocks and boulders that she was standing on looked almost like a dam holding back a river that didn't exist.

"Maybe that French guy doesn't know what he's…" Ron was about to remark about the situation and try to discredit the man that hired them, but then something came over him. It was a wash of sureness that he couldn't explain; that he suddenly understood something about the world around him. It was much like the awareness of that golden shimmer on that cake again, but this time it was within the rocks themselves.

He looked at the rocks and narrowed his eyes, "…wait…something's here…" He said whisperingly as if his normal voice would have given him away to some kind of invisible enemy.

"What, Ron?" Kim asked, holding the palm pilot at her side and wondering what Ron was going to do next. She watched as he came closer to the rock dam; he held out his hand and shoved it against one of the many round stones in the formation. The stone looked out of place as well. While the other stones had an orange color to it, the one that Ron laid his hand upon looked redder. He shoved his hand against it, and the rock sank in, and yet it didn't disturb the other rocks around it. Instead, the rock formation began to move inward like a pair of swinging doors, and beyond the rocks was a small ramp that went downward in a slow decline.

Kim smirked, "Mister Dumb-luck." she said to Ron

Ron shook his head at Kim, "Not dumb luck, Kim…Dumb skills."

"Uh-huh, uh-huh!" Rufus chirped from Ron's cargo pocket.

The two of them went down the dark, declining ramp until they came into a place that just seethed with villainy in its high vaulted ceilings to accommodate whatever machinery and super computers that the villains would have at their disposal. The two of them snuck in hoping that none of Drakken's henchman or worse…Shego…would discover them. Yet, as the two of them were sneaking around, Ron's senses were becoming stronger and stronger. Just like an infection that was growing worse, so too did those unusual senses grow with each passing hour, and it came to a point where Ron stopped dead in his tracks.

Kim looked behind her and saw the dead seriousness in Ron's face and asked, "Did you hear something?" She asked, narrowing her eyes and looking around.

"Uh…" Ron stammered quietly, "yeah, I heard something, yes…" He said, rubbing his suddenly sore chin.

That was when they heard a very familiar, arrogant, and conceited voice call out to them, "Kim Possible and Sidekick." The voice of Drakken laughed as the lights suddenly came from everywhere and focused upon him as if he was a rock star of world domination, "Why am I not surprised by your arrival here?"

Kim and Ron finally saw the main room of the lair in its entirety. First of all, the spotlights upon Drakken, who stood on top of a large machine that was very laser cannon-like, but instead of an emitter at the end of it, there was a human sized tube there. All around the machine's base were other lights that illuminated the entire lair as well Shego's usual standing place, being Drakken's lackey.

"Drakken," Kim demanded from her arch foe, "What's your angle on taking over the world this time?"

"That's for me to know, Kim Possible!" Drakken cackled, "And you…not to…but enough chit-chat! Shego! Kill them both!"

"Works for me!" Shego smiled as her hands began to glow like they always did when she faced Kim Possible and her buffoon of a sidekick. "And this time it'll be different!"

"How's it going to be different, Shego?" Ron demanded with a new sense of bravery that came out of nowhere.

"Like this!" Shego said as she lunged forward with her glowing claws, yet instead of Ron ducking them, Shego had hit her mark. Her glowing claws had dug into Ron's black mission clothes and right down into his soft, pink flesh. They burned through his chest and all the way down to the very ribs that surrounded his heart and lungs; yet, even those weren't enough to stop Shego's claws. They went through them and tore into the muscle of the heart and the alveoli of the lungs all before Shego had pulled back, letting Ron fall backward with blood spilling from the deep wound in his chest. He fell backwards onto the concrete floor and heard one of the last things he would hear ever…

"RON!" Kim screamed, hoping that what she was seeing was simply an illusion and that it wasn't actually happening. Unfortunately, it was real. Kim saw the whole thing happen to her best friend and partner as he was slaughtered by that bitch, Shego. She felt her heart break as she watched her best friend die only a few feet away from her. She watched the blood spurt out of Ron's chest and mouth as he spat his dying words to Kim.

"Kim," Ron wheezed, "Look out." And with that last breath, Ron Stoppable died there on the concrete floor of Dr. Drakken's lair.

Drakken cackled, "Finally! The buffoon is dead! Shego! Kill Kim Possible!"

"With Pleasure!" Shego answered as she dashed after Kim.

To Kim, she fought Shego harder than ever before, because the most horrible and unthinkable thing had happened to her: she had lost her best friend. The very person who had been by her side through everything that they had been up against, but she tried to keep her wits about her while promising a slow, painful death to Shego for what she did.

Over where Ron Stoppable lay, something was beginning to take place, something wonderful and frightening at the same time. The wound in Ron's chest began to heal and close in upon itself, drawing back all the torn flesh, bone, and organs together as if his body had been the target of a regeneration spell like in the RPGs he used to play with his friend, Felix. Lying there, Ron Stoppable had opened his eyes and looked up to the ceiling of the lair, hearing the fight going on between Shego and Kim. He sat back up, looked at himself and then at his environment and knew immediately that it was different for the world around him was no longer was filled with colors and textures, light and shadow. Instead, he saw a world filled with green code flowing like water across different surfaces, swirling round and round the floor of the lair, all around the surfaces of the machine that Drakken had stolen, and even around the surfaces of the people as they moved around and interacted with one another. In Ron's mind, he wondered what was going on and why this was happening to him. The Déjà vu was no longer relevant because it was no longer that. He didn't have a feeling; he had a direct knowing of what the world was around him.

"There is no spoon." Ron whispered to himself as he stood back up on his feet.

While on the other side of the lair, Drakken was savoring his moment of triumph in seeing Kim Possible's spirit crushed after her friend was killed, and by his best lackey, to boot. Yet, to Drakken, he knew that this was too good to be true, so he looked over to where the buffoon lay dead and, to a dumbfounding surprise, he saw that he was not only alive, but walking around as if Shego's attack never happened.

"It's impossible!" Drakken screamed.

"What?" Shego asked.

"The buffoon's alive!" Drakken answered back.

"You sure?" Shego asked as she kicked down Kim Possible.

"See for yourself!" Drakken pointed down from the top of his machine.

Shego was as dumbfounded and flabbergasted as Drakken by what she was witnessing. Even more so than Drakken since it had been her plasma-powered claw that had ripped through his clothes, flesh, blood, bones, and organs. She kept thinking how it could have happened, but it didn't matter to her, as her fighting instincts took over and she made another attack at Ron. She dashed across the lair, her hands aglow with the green fire she always possessed, knowing that she would get it right that time. As she dashed towards him, Ron had his own set of cascading revelations when he saw the world for what it was, and with Shego closing on him, he looked to her and uttered one thing.

"No." He said, raising his hand up against Shego as she dove right for him, and as he did, he saw the change in the 'code' around him; it was changing to what he wanted it to be. To him, the whole odd experience was just like lucid dreaming, where the dreamer could take control and change the dream to suit him. As the code changed, Shego froze in mid-air; she looked all around and saw that she back down or even move hardly at all.

"But there was just one!" Shego screamed, her eyes widening at the boy who was changing the world around him to his whim, "How can you be the One? There shouldn't even be a One yet!"

With what was going on, Kim Possible, who was watching from across the lair, was awed by what she was seeing. Her mind couldn't comprehend what was going on around her; it seemed impossible, despite the family motto, but what she was seeing was truly impossible. It seemed that Ron could bend, break, and suspend all natural laws of physics, but how and why?

"Ron?" Kim asked from her corner of the lair.

"Don't worry, KP." Ron reassured her as he bent the laws of reality all around him, "This time, I'll save you."

Shego felt the grip of whatever held her vanish for a fraction of a second, which was enough time to make haste in their escape. She took her flame-wreathed hands and made a hole in the wall of the lair while Ron was distracted by Kim. It was just large enough for them to make their escape with the machine that they stole from the Merovingian as well, but there was little time to screw around with it.

"Drakken!" Shego called, "Let's go!"

As Drakken came down from the Merovingian's machine, Kim was still concerned for her friend.

"R…Ron?" She asked.

Yet, Ron Stoppable's eyes rolled in the back of his head before collapsing to the concrete floor of the lair. He looked as though he had fainted or perhaps was going into a seizure.

"What will you do, Kim Possible?" Drakken challenged as he and Shego were making quick with their own escape, "Chase the villain, or save the boy! We are all here to do what we are all here to do. Choose what you will do now."

Kim chose Ron. She dashed to his side, placing his head in her lap while making a small declaration of her own against Drakken, "You can't run forever and you know you can't hide, Drakken!" She hissed.

"Yeah, yeah…I can try, can't I?" Drakken asked. He laughed manically as he, Shego, and the machine were picked up by a helicopter on the outside and being to the temporary safety of their escape.

Kim Possible watched the two of them escape, and thought to herself that Drakken and Shego may have won this battle, but the war was far from over in her book. Yet, there were more important matters at hand, such as the ailing Ron, who was beginning to stir in her lap.

Kim looked down and asked the awakening Ron, "Ron, are you ok?"

Ron uttered with a very low breath, "Saved again, huh?" He smiled, "One of these days, I won't be dead weight."

Just hearing his voice was enough for Kim as she leaned in and hugged her best friend tightly around his neck. She even began to shed tears, feeling them run down her face and across Ron's neck. She felt such great relief in seeing him alive when she was so sure that he had been dead a few minutes ago, but he really was alive.

"Uh…did I miss something?" Ron asked as if he had truly been asleep the whole time.

To be continued…

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