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Rating: M (This fic deals with an underage girl with an older man, so if that bothers you, don't complain to me. Although really, if you watched the shows, you should be used to it…)

Summary: It's 2021, and Connor Angel has built a life for himself outside of the world of demons. But when his father asks him for a favor, he finds out how quickly that can change…

Spoilers: It's post the end of both shows, so I'm going to say everything…

Author's Note: This was one of those little plot bunnies that was sort of hopping around in the back of my mind for a while, and I basically managed to ignore. But then I started to discuss bits of it with Niamh, and once again, she led me to want to write something right now. So this one's her fault, too.

I know Connor wasn't exactly the world's most popular character, and yeah, sometimes I wanted to beat him with a stick, too. Like the Cordelia thing. Ew… But all in all, I kinda liked the guy. A little psycho, but he had his reasons. I always wondered how he'd end up, how everything he'd been through as a child and young man would affect him as an adult. And then this idea struck me, so I decided to write it. I'm not really writing this in hopes that it'll be extremely popular, but because it's something I want to do. But hey, if a few people out there actually like it, well, I'll be good with that…

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By: Addie Logan

I don't think you know my name
And I think you'd leave me standin' in the rain
You're a pretty little girl got a thing for me
But you'd cut me open and let me bleed

But I'll be looking at you with your long brown hair
Pretty little feet, sparkling everywhere
You look so good when you come my way
But I have to look down when you talk to me

'Cause you're dangerous,
You're Dangerous
You're Dangerous
And you don't even know it

One baby, two, maybe three more years
You'll be a full grown baby, have all your curves
But here's a little taste of irony
You'll be a ten hot lady, too good for me

But I'll be looking at you with your long brown hair
Pretty little feet, sparkling everywhere
You look so good when you come my way
But I have to look down when you talk to me

'Cause you're dangerous
You're Dangerous
You're Dangerous
And you don't even know it

So little girl, you better stay set
You're playin with fire when you get too wet
So set me down and leave me be
You find a devil when you unchain me

Los Angeles, California, 2021

When he met Laura, he'd been trying to forget.

When he met Anne, he couldn't help but remember.

Connor saw her the moment he walked into the lobby of his father's hotel. She was leaning across the desk, laughing at something Angel had said, her brown-streaked-with-blonde hair falling to one side of her face, giving Connor a clear view of her porcelain features from where he was standing. He stopped, staring at her. There was nothing else he could do.

Sensing his son's presence, Angel looked up from behind the desk, his attention gone from the woman there with him. "Connor. You showed up."

Connor blinked, turning his focus on the vampire. "Uh, yeah. You said you needed my help with something."

"I know. But usually when I say that…"

"You made it sound important."

"It is."

Connor crossed his arms over his chest, a serious look on his face as he tried to keep his eyes on Angel and not the girl. Something about her was screaming to him, and it was as unnerving as it was alluring. "Then spit it out. I have a life to get back to, you know."

"Laura's out of town, isn't she?"

Connor frowned. Why was Angel asking about his wife? He never asked about his wife. "Yes. She's visiting with her mother for the next couple of weeks. Why?"

"Because I need a favor from you, and I know how she gets about that."

Yeah, Connor knew, too. Laura didn't like him doing anything that could get him killed. Made sense really when you thought about it. "You know how I feel about doing favors for you, Angel. I'm not any more enthusiastic about them than Laura is."

"I know, and I wouldn't ask if it wasn't something I really needed. But Anne's in trouble, and I need to get her someplace where no one would think to look. Her parents sent her here for that reason, but, well, she's still pretty much a target here in the hotel."

Connor's brow furrowed. It would help a lot if his father would speak in sentences that made sense. "Who's Anne?"

The girl spoke for the first time then, her hand raising slightly. "I am."

Connor turned to her again then, noticing the way she smiled slightly at him, and the hint of mischief in her eyes. He heard a warning sound lightly in the back of his mind. This girl was dangerous. "What's the trouble?"

"Someone's trying to kill me—again."

Her voice was soft and warm, her accent belying an English origin. Connor deemed it as beautiful as the rest of her. "Oh? Who?"

"That's what we don't know," Angel answered for her. "But whoever it is, it seems like they're going directly after her. She lives surrounded by other possible targets, but all the attacks have been personal. Her parents thought that with me would be the last place anyone would look for her, but I can't watch her all the time."

"I don't really need a babysitter, you know," Anne said, flipping her hair.

"I know," Angel conceded. His expression was impassive, but Connor knew his father enough to know that he was frustrated. He wondered what kind of grief Anne had been giving him. "But it would be easier to fight off whatever might come for you if someone is with you."

Anne ran her eyes over Connor's form, making him suddenly quite uncomfortable. There was something almost predatory in her gaze. "Can he fight?"

Angel looked offended. "He's my son."

"All the more reason to ask the question," Anne replied.

"I can fight," Connor said. He almost wished something would crash in right now so he could show her. He felt a need to prove his strength to this woman. "And I'll help her."

Angel arched an eyebrow. Connor was being agreeable? That was rare. He sniffed the air. Oh. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all…

But it was all he really had right now. He'd promised to look after this girl, and if something happened to her… Besides, Connor was married. It's not like he'd do anything to ruin what he had with Laura. His son was smarter than that. "Would you be willing to let her stay with you for a few days? We have reason to believe that the people after her have followed her to the States, and I want to see if I can find them and get word back to her parents."

Now Connor knew the real reason why Angel had asked if Laura was gone. She'd never stand for another woman in the house like that, especially if it was someone connected to his father. "Yeah, sure."

"I know this is asking a lot, Connor, and I'm really grateful," Angel said.

"It's no problem. I mean, if she's in trouble, and I can help…"

"Well, if I'm staying with him now should I get my things and be off then?"

Angel turned towards Anne again. "Um, yeah. Probably should get it done quickly before anyone's had a chance to trace you even this far."

"Whatever you think is best, Peaches," Anne replied, pushing off from the counter. "I'll be back in a moment."

After Anne had left the lobby, Angel said, "She's sixteen, you know?"

Connor blinked. "Huh?"

"I saw you watching her just now, and then again when she was walking off. Just letting you know, she's sixteen."

"Dad, I'm married. Besides, you're the one with the history of cradle robbing. I tend to go the other way around."

Angel's eyes darkened for a moment at the memory, but he said nothing. Connor was glad. He'd said it with the express purpose of shutting the other man up. "Is there anything else I should know about her?" Connor asked.

"There's not much. We don't really know what's going on here other than the mortal danger part. Her parents are working on that, obviously, so hopefully it'll all be cleared up soon."

Connor knew there was plenty he wasn't being told, but with his father he'd gotten used to that. "All right then."

When Anne came back, she had a bag slung over her shoulder. "So are we going now, Connor? As amusing as your father is, I think I've had my fill of this place." She smirked, taking extra care to infuse her words with a healthy dose of sarcasm.

Connor liked the way she said his name. It made him shiver the way it rolled from her mouth. "Yeah, I guess. Dad, is there anything else?"

"Don't let her get killed."

"Yeah, I sort of figured that much."

"And Anne, stay put. This is serious, and…"

"I know. I'll be on my best behavior. Or possibly someone else's best behavior would be better…"

Connor wondered then what exactly he'd just agreed to. This girl was oozing danger, and he was welcoming her into his home while his wife was away. Maybe he should… No. She was in trouble, and if Angel was coming to him for help, it was serious. "Not a lot of trouble to get into at my house. Laura sees to that."

Anne gave Connor an all-too-knowing smirk. "I bet she does."

Connor swallowed hard. "Um, so, how is this working exactly, Angel?"

"I'll contact you once it blows over," Angel said. They shared a look that communicated the unspoken or if it gets worse…

"All right then. Anne?"

Anne approached Connor, linking her arm with his. The first touch sent a jolt through him, and he caught Angel's disapproving look from the corner of his eye. "Been fun, Broody," Anne said, flashing Angel a grin. "See you around sometime." She led Connor out of the hotel and he went along without complaint.

Connor watched Anne as she examined his living room, her bag still over her shoulder. She went to a side table, picking up the edge of the piece of lace she found there before letting it flop back down. "Doilies, huh?"

"My wife does the decorating."

"It's very…domestic." Anne picked up a picture in an ornate silver frame. "This your wedding day?"

"That would explain the white, frilly dress and the tux."

"How long ago was that?"

"Almost ten years."

"You don't look any older."

"I do a little."

Anne frowned as she examined the picture closer. "Not really. How old are you now?"

"Thirty seven."

"You don't look it."

Connor took the picture from her and set it back on the table. "Why don't I show you the guest room? You've got to be tired, what with all the running for your life you've been doing."

"Not really. I'm sort of wired, actually. Got anything to eat?"

"Um, not much since Laura usually does the shopping, but there's probably something in there."

She handed her bag to Connor. "Put this where ever I'm supposed to sleep, and I'll raid your kitchen."

Connor gaped for a moment before trading his surprise in for bemusement. Things that would've seemed bratty coming from anyone else seemed to fit Anne. She had an air of self-assuredness about her, a control of her surroundings that was unusual for someone her age. Every move she made was if it was the most natural thing in the world to do.

He went into the guestroom, dropping Anne's bag on the bed. He paid attention to the décor of the room for the first time since he'd lived there, wincing slightly as he imagined what Anne's response would be. He couldn't picture her in a bed with ruffled, floral sheets.

He could, however, picture her in a bed… Connor fought to get that image out of his mind, turning his eyes down to his wedding ring. It really wouldn't do for him to be having lust-filled thoughts about this girl, especially if she was going to be staying in his house. It didn't matter how much she seemed to be affecting him…

Connor shook his head. He wasn't going to let someone with connections to his father disrupt his life. He'd fought too hard to fit in somewhere, and he couldn't lose it now.

Connor went into the kitchen, finding Anne sitting on the counter with a bag of chips. He leaned against the fridge, his arms crossed as he regarded her for a moment. "We have chairs, you know."

"I saw 'em. But your counter looked nice and clean, so I figured it was safe enough to touch." She ate a chip, then said, "You were right about the cupboard being rather bare. Were you planning on starving yourself while the wife is away?"

"I get a lot of take-out when she's gone.."

"Does she leave you all by yourself often?"

"You ask a lot of questions."

Anne shrugged. "Just making conversation."

"If anyone should be asking the questions, it should be me," Connor said. "You're staying in my house, and I don't know much about you at all."

"Not much to know. I'm really rather boring."

Somehow, Connor doubted that. "So why are you here then? 'Boring' doesn't usually involve having people trying to kill you."

"Yeah, well, when you grow up the way I did, that's nothing special. And I'm here because I was in a bit of a spot. Thought your da could help with that."

"That's what he does—helps the helpless."

"I'm not helpless," Anne said with a snort.

He didn't really think she was. She was too confident to be. The question remained, however, of just how not helpless she was. He wondered if maybe he could goad a little more information out of her. "I don't know, you seem pretty tiny to me. You can't be much more than five feet. How much damage could you do?"

For the first time that evening, Anne looked genuinely surprised. "You don't know who I am."

"How could I? We just met tonight, and neither you nor Angel has been very forthcoming with the information."

Anne gave a short bark of laughter. "You really do keep yourself out of the loop."

"Should I know who you are?"

"I know who you are."

"Oh yeah? Who am I then?"

"The Destroyer."

Connor sucked in a breath, her answer the last one he had expected. "Not anymore."


"No, it really isn't." Connor ran a hand through his hair. "Look, you might not be tired, but I am, so I'm going to call it a night. Do whatever you want, just don't be too loud." He was almost out of the kitchen when he felt Anne's hand on his arm. He frowned, his initial thought that she moved damn fast. His second was that her hand felt way too good on his skin.

"Look, if I touched a nerve, I'm sorry. Didn't mean anything by it, really."

Connor turned and looked down into Anne's eyes. They were so beautiful up close, so expressive. Her scent washed over him, and he wanted to kiss her. Scratch that, he wanted to push her up against the wall right here in his kitchen and… Connor blinked, pulling away from her as if he'd been burned. He didn't even know her and she was having this affect on him. There had to be something wrong here, something making him feel this way. "Uh, no, it's all right. I'm just tired, like I said."

Anne bit her bottom lip in a way that didn't help Connor's current condition one bit. "Oh. Well, good night then."

"Good night." He backed away, then stopped, adding, "Your room in the first door down the hall, to the left. The bathroom's across the hall." Before Anne could say anything else, he was out of the kitchen making his way to his own bedroom. Laura's scent lingered strongly in the room, and he tried to focus on that, reminding himself of his wife.

It wasn't helping. It seemed oppressive.

Not at all like Anne's

Connor growled in frustration. She had to be doing something to him, messing with him somehow. She was attractive, sure, but this wasn't normal. He'd never responded this way to a woman so quickly.

He'd have to stay away from her as much as he could until he figured out what was going on. It would be hard with her in his house, but he could do it. He had willpower.

It never once crossed his mind to bring her back to Angel.

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