Secret Snog

Warning: This is slash. SLASH! Remus/Sirius pairing. If you don't like it, don't read it. It's that simple.

Disclaimer: Harry Potter and all related characters/names/places/events/etc. belong to JKR and Warner Bros. I'm just a poor little fangirl that likes to borrow them.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Sirius asked for what felt to Remus like the hundredth time that day. All through classes he had been anxiously whispering the question at Remus.

"Yes!" Remus finally snapped back loudly. Unfortunately, they were in the middle of the hallway on their way back to Gryffindor tower for the only free period they had together. Students turned around to stare at Remus's exclamation. He felt his face flush. "I do if you do, Sirius," he said softly.

People walked on, giving Remus funny looks. Sirius smirked smugly at them as they passed. Then, abruptly, he took hold of Remus's wrist and pulled him at a light jog toward the tower, weaving in and out of the crowds. He didn't stop until they were inside the dormitory, door locked and charmed, curtains drawn.

Remus dropped his book bag at the foot of his bed and turned to face Sirius. In the darkness from the closed curtains, he could see Sirius's blurred outline, his skin darker and more enticing in the shade.

A pair of strong arms encircled his waist, and Remus was pulled over to his own bed. He dropped gratefully into Sirius's welcoming warmth, foreheads pressed together.

"Ready, Pads?" he whispered.

He felt Sirius nod against him and pull him so that he was lying on top of him.

"I'm ready if you are." Sirius suddenly looked anxious. "I don't want to hurt you, Rem."

"You won't." Remus pressed his face into Sirius's neck and licked the pulse point there.

Sirius drew in a sharp breath. In one fluid movement, he had flipped them so that he was now the one straddling Remus. Their lips found one another, and Remus was hard put to keep from moaning at the sensations Sirius's touch was causing in his body. Every place their skin made contact felt like it was on fire. But they didn't have much time—

"Padfoot," Remus panted, pulling away from the kiss just enough to talk. "We only have an hour before Transfiguration."

"Then we should get to work, shouldn't we?" Sirius asked wickedly.

He kissed Remus again—more urgently this time. Any other time, Remus would have been disgusted at the amount of saliva the kiss produced, but he was too busy basking in its perfection to notice. Sirius's tongue found its way into Remus and curled around his own, bending in ways he was sure tongues weren't supposed to bend.

Sirius trailed kisses down his jaw, stopping at his neck to nibble a mark of ownership. Again, Remus would have normally found this appalling, but he was surprised to discover that he didn't mind belonging to Sirius—it was actually quite an arousing thought.

Something hard touched his chest lightly; he felt a tingling feeling, and suddenly his clothes were gone. Sirius raised his head from where he was licking Remus's collarbone and smiled sheepishly.

"Sorry…we don't have much time. Next time, I'll take hours doing this part."

Remus groped around for his own wand. After a few seconds of fumbling, his fingers closed around the hard wood. He flicked it once, and Sirius's clothes vanished, leaving him completely and gloriously naked.

He gasped as Sirius's mouth closed on his nipple, teeth grazing the sensitive skin. Remus moaned and wound his hands in the ebony hair that he had always loved touching. Sirius licked down to his navel while his hands drew soft circles on Remus's thighs.

Remus wasn't expecting Sirius to go any lower, so he couldn't help but groan surprisedly as a hot, wet mouth found his erection. A tongue swirled around the head. Remus struggled to stiffle his cry of pleasure as his body shuddered and thrust. His hands spasmed on the bedclothes, trying to get a firm grip on anything except Sirius's hair.

He was peaking fast. Thrusting hard and fast into his lover's mouth, Remus cried Sirius's name as his body trembled with his climax.

Panting hard, Remus vaguely heard Sirius sputter and cough, something being spit out. And then Sirius's head swimmed above him, smirking and looking slightly guilty.

"I wasn't expecting that," said Sirius.

"Did it taste that bad?"

As an answer, Sirius descended on his mouth, prying his lips apart with his tongue. Remus tasted the salty, metallic tang on Sirius's tongue as they kissed.

"Ready for the next step?" Sirius asked as they broke apart.

Remus nodded, preparing himself for the pain that he knew would come. Sirius retreated so that he was sitting on the bed and gently pried apart Remus's legs. Wand firmly gripped in one hand, he looked to Remus for confirmation before whispering the charm.

Suddenly Remus smothered a howl of pain as a sharp, slick, hot sting shot up his back.

"Relax, Rem," Sirius said, kissing him softly.

Remus blinked the tears away, biting his lip to keep from crying out. Sirius was staring at him fearfully. He smiled, forcing his muscles to relax. The pain slowly ebbed away, leaving a trace of tingling pleasure. He nodded, smiling what he hoped was an encouraging smile.

Sirius looked deeply into his eyes for a minute, then smiled and kissed him. Remus pulled him closer by the neck.

The sudden tensing in Sirius's muscles was the only warning he got. Sirius pushed gently inside him, and Remus was in pain again. He breathed deeply, again manually loosening his muscles. They kissed—and waited for the pain to recede. At Remus's nod, Sirius started moving inside him, never breaking the kiss.

Their rocking sped, until Sirius inadvertently hit a spot that made white spots appear in Remus's eyes and a thrill of pleasure undulate through his body. Sirius broke away and gave him an inquisitive look.

"Do that again," Remus managed to say.

Sirius smiled and again pressed their lips together. Again and again he angled himself so that he would hit that one spot that made his lover moan into his mouth. Remus shivered underneath him. The warmth, the pressure—it was almost too much to bear.

Remus forced his eyes open—even through the distraction of orgasm—to look at Sirius as he came. Sirius's eyes held such love and desire that at that moment, Remus felt like the luckiest person in the world. He felt Sirius come inside him, the hot liquid filling him out.

They shuddered and lay limp in each other's arms, too content to move. Eventually, Sirius mustered up enough energy to withdraw himself from Remus and roll off him. Remus muttered a cleaning spell.

Sirius wrapped his body around Remus so that, if anyone had walked in, all they would have seen is a tangle of limbs.

"That was fun," Sirius whispered into his ear.

Remus turned his head and pressed their lips together.

"Yes, Padfoot. That was indeed, as you say, fun."

The End.

DEMONSBLADE: I know…it took a while. But I finally wrote it, right?

SIRIUS: A while? Do you have any idea how long I've waited for this, woman?

DEMONSBLADE: (ignores) I'm sure we all need smutty pick-me-ups after HBP.

SIRIUS: (bursts out in tears) M—my Remmy's w—with that horrible little—

DEMONSBLADE: Now, now, Sirius. She's not that bad. She's just trying to—

SIRIUS: Not that bad? She's evil, I tell you!

REMUS: Sirius, relax. She's not evil. She's your cousin's daughter.

SIRIUS: (cries harder) Did you hear that? He's sticking up for her! Nobody loves me!

REMUS: Don't be so dramatic, Sirius.

SIRIUS: Remus hates me!

REMUS: Don't be silly…I just…I mean…why did you have to die, anyway?


REMUS: Exactly.

SIRIUS: (sniff) It still doesn't mean you need to screw her to get over me.

REMUS: I didn't "screw" her. All I did was hold her hand!

SIRIUS: Yeah, well…

REMUS: Don't sulk, Sirius. Here…what do you say to some hot, sweaty sex to get your mind off things?

SIRIUS: Really? With handcuffs and a riding crop and leather and a whip and—

REMUS: Um…maybe just the handcuffs…and maybe a dog collar. What do you say, Padfoot?

SIRIUS: Hmm…how 'bout I transform?

REMUS: Sirius, I don' care how kinky you think it is. Animagus or not, I'm not having sex with a dog.


REMUS: Fine.

SIRIUS: I'll get the handcuffs.

REMUS: I'll get the dog collar.

DEMONSBLADE: I'll get the popcorn. ;)

SIRIUS: You sick, sick woman—get the hell away from Remus!

DEMONSBLADE: Okay, okay. Keep your shirt on…actually, nevermind that. Well, this was certainly fun. Hope you all liked the story. And thanks for sticking with me this long.