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Rogue ached all over. She wanted nothing more than to roll over in bed once more and fall asleep, but her discomfort would not allow her to do so. Wait… bed? Rogue stirred and rose up realizing that she was indeed lying in bed… in the middle of the woods.

"Last Ah checked we did not pack a Queen-sized, brass bed in our provisions." She said to no one but herself. It was an unusual sight: a lovely antique brass bed sitting smack-dab in the middle of a grassy clearing in the woods with nothing but tall, stately trees surrounding her.

The bed was not the only thing foreign to Rogue; she clearly remembered falling asleep wearing every article of clothing she had on her back, but now she wore a beautiful cotton and lace white nightgown that felt impossibly soft against her skin. She sat up straighter in the bed and pushed the fluffy white comforter that had been keeping her warm aside. She had just swung her legs over the side of the bed and her bare feet had just touched the soft, dewy grass when suddenly she retracted them with a wince. Something sharp and jagged had just pushed against her vulnerable skin.

Confused, Rogue peered over the side of the bed, now on all fours. An amazing sight greeted her: growing at an impossibly rapid rate, were dozens upon dozens of thorny vines. At first she was frightened, fearing that they would inevitably harm her. She relaxed and even allowed joy to wash over her when she saw the end of each thorny vine blossom into a perfect red rose. It was only a few minutes before a sea of wild roses surrounded the bed Rogue laid upon.

Rogue allowed a bittersweet smile to grace her lips at the fragrant and beautiful world surrounding her. Still smiling as she rolled her eyes, she stated, "Ah'm… Ah'm dreamin', aren't Ah?"

"Oui, Ah'd say so."

Rogue did not look surprised as she turned to the source of the voice that just suddenly appeared. He was there, of course, leaning over the back of the bed's headboard on his forearms. He looked arrogant and far too beautiful as his red and black eyes raked over her scarcely covered body with a smirk adorning his face. He was not wearing much himself: just his jeans and nothing else. Not that his lack of proper dress mattered much; he was born to go shirtless.

"You were born to go shirtless, you know that?"

That smirk of his stretched into a smile that better suited a wolf. "Correction, petite." And then he was above her, hovering over her lace and cotton covered body with a goal in mind. Rogue had laid flat on her back, her head upon the soft pillows and arms held back in surrender. She did not dare argue that she was as good as conquered at this point. "Ah was born wearin' nothin' at all."

His head had just ducked to have a taste of her exposed creamy neck when suddenly a very loud, pronounced * AHEM * broke through the tension. Neither of them had been expecting this interruption and both looked appropriately surprised at the source of the sound.

Standing just outside of the perimeter of the roses was a very cross-looking Remy LeBeau, also wearing nothing but his jeans. With both hands placed powerfully on his hips, his eyes flared in annoyance at his double. "Just what do y' think y' are doin' wit dat poor, defenseless, innocent girl?"

"Moi?" He replied, sitting up. "Ah'm just doin' what y' don't have de balls t' do half de damn time."

Remy never wavered in his stance. "Somethin' Ah tend t' rectify immediately." He roughly jerked in the other direction with his thumb. "Now scoot."

He rolled his eyes and suddenly was behind the headboard again. "Fine." He turned to leave, and was almost out of sight when he turned and asked, "Y' won't even consider de ménage à trois possibilities?"

Remy looked tense and annoyed when he punctuated through gritted teeth, "Git." And he was gone, leaving Rogue alone with Remy.

"Well…" Rogue finally said after a moment of palpable silence. "… if Ah didn't think Ah was havin' a dream before, Ah know it now." Remy looked at her with the question in his eyes. "The world just isn't big enough to handle two Remy LeBeau's."

Remy laughed a little and said, "Too true." He looked around, admiring his surroundings before his eyes finally settled on Rogue. "Though, for a dream, dis ain't so bad." His eyes raked possessively over her body and she blushed and tried to cover herself with the crumpled comforter.

Remy smiled at her actions and then began to figure a way around those roses to get to the bed. It was apparently a harder task than he had first imagined as he stumbled quite awkwardly as he tried to cross over the mass of roses in a few long strides. Apparently, he overcompensated the distance somewhat and less than gracefully wound up in an unceremonious heap on his back atop of the bed. Quickly recuperating, he turned onto his side and forced a grin at his companion as he placed his head upon his propped up hand. He was confused by the startled expression on Rogue's face at his not-so-perfect entrance and his grin faded in concern. "What? What's de matter?"

"Ah'm… Ah'm dreamin', right?"

Remy looked around at the serene woods lit by only the most majestic sunlight, the far-too-perfect roses that formed a far-too-perfect ring around them, and, of course, at the lovely antique brass bed that they both laid upon. "Oui, Ah'd say dat dis is a dream."

"But you're…" Rogue pulled her legs up to her chest as she sat upright and wrapped her arms around them defensively. "… You're not a dream, are you?"

Remy looked down at his undressed form and briefly ran his hands over the skin on his stomach. It did not feel real; it felt like silk and the tingly feeling of feet falling asleep, but nothing like real skin. But Remy LeBeau knew without a shadow of a doubt that he was real and that Rogue was real and that they were both there together. "Non, cherie. Ah'm not a dream." Remy then crawled slowly on all fours over to where she sat. He drew his face uncomfortably close to hers until the hairs of their eyebrows almost intermingled. Without warning, he raised his right index finger up and tapped her quickly on the tip of her nose. "And neither are you."

Quickly, Rogue spun around, still holding her legs to her chest, until her back was to him and she was almost resting atop of the pillows. "Are you… are you some kind of remnant of Remy's psyche that's decided to come out and play inside mah head?"

Neither of them could see the other's faces at that moment. Rogue did not see Remy roll his eyes at Rogue's statement; Remy did not see Rogue hardening her face for disappointment. "Y're thinkin' too small, chere."

"But you're not real. Ah know you're not real." Rogue replied, firmly.

"Y' want t' know what's real, Rogue?" Remy raised himself up to his knees and crawled forward until he was right behind the beautiful young woman, towering over her seated form. "De reality is dat right now we're both still asleep and we're both still lost." He leaned forward slightly until his nose and lips came into contact with her loose hair. "What's real is dat it stopped rainin' 'bout an hour ago." His hands raised up until his fingertips lightly brushed the bare skin on her shoulders. "Y're lyin' on top of m'." His groin pressed pronouncedly into the short cotton skirt of her nightgown and she held back a whimper. "Y'r head's layin' right on top of mah chest." His fingers began to play with the flimsy straps of her nightgown that were keeping her decent. "Ah can smell y'r hair." He inhaled the scent of her hair deeply as though to make a point. "And Ah'm warm everywhere y'r touchin' m'." He drew her closer into him by her shoulders and she did not fight him. "Can y' hear mah heartbeat, mon chere?" He whispered right into her ear.

Rogue had her eyes closed. "No." She whispered and opened her shining eyes. "But Ah can feel it."

Remy allowed his own eyes to slide shut and his fingers, almost acting of their own accord, began to lightly tug on the straps of her nightgown only until they reached the slopes of her shoulders before he allowed gravity to take them halfway down her arms. He explored her newly exposed skin with his palms and fingertips, desperately willing and wishing his sense of touch to feel like Rogue's warm flesh really was filling up his hands. There was no way Rogue could keep her eyes open. Her eyes had slipped shut and her head slumped forward slightly as she tried to revel in the false feeling of his touch. His groin pressed firmer against her bottom again, pushing the skirt of her nightgown up a little higher just as his hands began to stroke her front, tracing the length of her collarbone, his mouth taking his hands' place on her shoulders.

Rogue needed to speak. "Remy, it doesn't- it's not-"

Remy paused in his ministrations. He did not tell her that he feared what words would next come out of her mouth. "'It's not' what?"

Rogue breathed before speaking. "It's not real. It doesn't feel real." It was a blessing in disguise that neither of them could see the defeated cloud in both of their eyes.

"Ah know. It is just a dream after all." Rogue's eyes closed and she could not stop the anguish that once more washed over her. Anguish that was quickly replaced by shock, fear, and arousal when she felt Remy once more press firmly against her backside and pull her by the shoulders slightly around so that she could face him. He had a shadow of a smile on his face and a hungry look in his eyes. "But Ah did say dat Ah would take what Ah can get."

Rogue had never in her life felt more small and helpless as he hitched his arm around her waist and slipped his other arm underneath her knees, effectively scooping her into his arms only a short distance from the bed's mattress… and she loved it and that scared her like nothing else had before. Her arms went around his neck in response, but it seemed somewhat in vain as he almost immediately began to lay her back down. His arms slipped out from underneath her legs first, making sure that her soft, white legs were stretched out comfortably. Before he fully allowed her upper body to lie upon the bed, he maneuvered his now free hand to the back of her head as he gently and slowly lowered her to rest upon the pillows, practically cradling her like a precious, irreplaceable, rare, and adored object. Rogue still had her arms around him as he lay down on top of her, crumpling her nightgown against him. He looked straight into her eyes and her arms slid away from him, once more lying beside her head as though she was surrendering. He became concerned and confused when she turned her head to duck her face into a nearby pillow. He waited for her to speak and was rewarded after a moment.

"Ah'm afraid." She whispered into the pillow. He gently turned her by her chin to face him. She looked genuinely scared and vulnerable as she looked back into his eyes. "Remy, Ah'm afraid." She whispered once more.

Remy considered that for a moment, not meeting her eyes. When he looked at her once more, she was shocked to see his own kind of vulnerability (well, as much as he was capable of) present. He breathed a brief laugh and looked at her. "Rogue, Ah'm terrified." She must have looked shocked at his statement because he laughed before looking amazed at his own vulnerability once more. "Don't y' see dat? Ah have never been more terrified in mah life." Rogue looked at him sympathetically and they rested their foreheads against each other, closing their eyes to try and soak up whatever feeling they could muster. He opened his eyes before she opened hers and looked at her for a moment. She opened her eyes to look at him when he spoke. "Fact is… dere's only one thing dat scares me more."

Rogue's hand was on his cheek and Remy's knee was between her legs pushing the skirt of her nightgown further up her thighs. "What scares you more, Remy?"

He could not answer that question and both of them knew that. Instead both of his hands resumed playing with the straps of her nightgown, sliding them down her arms until she was practically wearing a strapless dress. Her hands moved over his bare chest and shoulders, repeatedly sliding across his heart; she wished she could feel it pound against her palm, but she couldn't. His lips had begun their descent down towards hers when suddenly she turned and ducked her head into a pillow again.

"Don't." She said before he could speak. "Please, don't do that." The question remained in his eyes and she answered it. "If you do that, then that makes this real. And Ah'm not ready…." She thought about how to phrase what she wanted to say very carefully. "…Ah'm not ready to go back to reality just yet."

His small smile told her that he understood. She placed her trust in him as he descended to her face once more, but he did not go for her lips. Instead his head lowered past her face and stopped when he reached her ear. Very gently, he placed a small kiss on the stretch of skin just behind her perfect ear. Rogue gasped; it felt good enough, even though it still did not feel like the real thing. Remy's head moved around and planted a kiss at the base of her neck. He let his lips drag along the milky white column of her skin until he reached her chin. When he reached her face, he allowed his lips to brush over her face, even briefly crossing over her lips, before he placed two distinct and palpable kisses on both of her cheeks. She shut her eyes to try and revel in the feelings as best as she could as he placed one final kiss in the center of her forehead.

Remy pulled back and was looking at her until she looked at him when she noticed his extended absence. When he had her attention, he raised his index and middle finger and placed them right on top of his Adam's apple. She understood, raised her head up and replaced his fingers with her full, soft lips in a perfect kiss. He closed his eyes and trusted her and next indicated his right ear. She raised up once more and gently suckled his ear with her tongue and teeth and he began to pant a good bit. She looked back at him and he pointed at one of his closed eyes and then the other one. She pressed a sweet kiss against one of his eyelids and then repeated the gesture with the other.

Rogue's arms were around his neck again and his arms were around her back, cradling her to him until there was nothing between them. As she lowered her head back to her pillow, Remy pulled her tighter against him, in turn bringing his face closer to hers. Her leg drew up slightly, her bare skin brushing against the rough denim that covered his lower half; this also caused his thigh to become further wedged between her legs. Rogue was exploring his naked collarbone and bare shoulders as Remy repeatedly nuzzled at her neck and scrunched the lacy fabric of the back of her nightgown into his fists. And then suddenly, she felt a chuckle erupt from his mouth right up against her skin.

"What?" Rogue entangled her fingers within his wavy cinnamon locks. "What's so funny?" Rogue became concerned when he did not meet her eyes, but continued to laugh into her neck. "Did Ah do something wrong?"

Remy's laughter stopped at the worried tone in her voice, and rose up to look into her eyes with a serious and admiring mask on his face. "Rogue, y're perfect." He shook his head in reverence at her. "Don't y' dare ever doubt y'rself."

Rogue turned a little pink. "Then why were you…?"

Remy chuckled briefly. "Ah was just thinkin' 'bout somethin' stupid."

Rogue drew her arms around his neck again and he found this very distracting. "Stupid like what?"

Remy drew down a little closer to her and smiled. "Tellin' y' means Ah have t' confess t' likin' country music."

Rogue smiled brightly and Remy's heart stopped. "Somethin' no Southerner ever wants to admit, trust meh." Rogue rolled her eyes back dramatically and pulled Remy's face closer to hers. "Ah like country music too, Remy. There. We've both been outed. Now will you please tell meh your 'somethin' stupid?'"

Remy smiled brightly and Rogue's heart stopped. "Ah was just thinkin' 'bout dis song dat's kind of reminiscent of dis situation."

Suddenly serious, Rogue asked, "How does it go?"

Remy shut his eyes and dropped his head backwards briefly before looking her in the eye once more. He smiled slightly and then dipped until his mouth was right at her ear. "Why don't you stay with me? Share all your secrets tonight." Good Lord, he was really singing to her. His voice was rich, deep where it should be deep, and high where it should be high. "We can make believe the morning sun never will rise." She could listen to him sing until the day she died. "Come and lay your head-"

She smiled and joined him and they both sang, "-On this big brass bed."

He looked into her eyes with a look in his eyes as he sung, "And we'll be all right as long as you stay with me."

Rogue sobered immediately and Remy's hands began to move down to the end of her nightgown. Her face was immediately tinged with pink as his hands slowly pulled at the hem of her skirt up her thighs, over the apex of her legs, and finally allowed it to settle right above her bellybutton. Rogue's face was a bright shade of red with the knowledge that all he had to do was look down and he could potentially see all of her exposed lower half. But he didn't. He kept his red eyes fixed on her green eyes and stroked her with his fingertips from her hair, across her cheek, before lightly tracing the shape of her lips. Rogue, meanwhile, ran her hands down his chest, across his nipples, over the ripples of his abdomen, around his bellybutton, before arriving at the top of the closure to his jeans. Wisely realizing that she was too inexperienced to keep looking in his eyes while doing this, she looked down at her hands as she unbuttoned the top button and pulled down his jeans' zipper. Even with his pants open, all she could manage to see were the beginnings of wiry, dark brown hair that the treasure trail on his belly led into, but vanished all the same into the confines of his pants. She did not realize that he had been watching her intently since he first felt her hands below his navel.

Tentatively, Rogue traced her hands along the skin just above the top of his pants until she reached the sides of his hips where she hooked her fingers into his jeans. She was ready to pull them down when she felt his hands on her wrists pulling them away from his lower body and up until they high above her head leaving her stretched pleasantly for his viewing. He shook his head slightly. "Not yet."

His hands moved to the very front of her nightgown and his fingers hooked into the front of her bodice. The straps of the garment dangled loosely at her sides and Rogue inhaled sharply knowing what he was about to do. Hearing her audible breath, Remy looked at the beautiful young woman in his arms. Testing her waters, he began to inch the front of her nightgown down over the expanse of her cleavage. He was just above the utmost peaks of Rogue's breasts when her hands reached out and latched onto his wrist, pausing his descent.

Remy looked at her concernedly. "Rogue?"

"Ah'm sorry." She looked regretfully at him. "Ah am sorry. It's just… this is all so new to meh and Ah'm not-" Rogue tucked her chin into her shoulder as far as she could manage. "God, this is embarrassing."

"Rogue." Remy murmured tenderly.

"Ah'm not as experienced as you are-"

"Rogue." He repeated more pointedly.

"-and Ah'm not used to this. Ah'm not used to feeling this way and it's happening so quick and-"

"Rogue, it's all right." Remy placed a kiss beneath her nose, so close to her lips.

"It's not all right, and Ah'm sorry that Ah'm being stupid when you're being perfect-"

"Ssh." His nose nuzzled up along the side of her nose. "Don't talk like dat. Ah understand, petite. Lord knows, Ah understand." He raised his head slightly and tried to smell the breath that was coming out of her mouth in small pants. "Dis is y'r dream, after all. Y're de one calling all de shots. Ah won't do anythin' dat y' don't want m' t' do."

Rogue looked into his eyes then and trusted him. "Is that just a line?"

"Mean dat from de bottom of m' heart, cherie." Remy said too sober for it to be anything other than a truth.

With her thumb, Rogue traced each of his fingers on his hand that she held. "What do you want with meh, Remy?"

"Right now?" She nodded. He had a small and mysterious smile on his face as he traced the line that was the top of the bodice on her nightgown. He looked back at her so hungrily yet tenderly that she was sure that someone more faint-hearted would have passed out. "Ah just want t' look at y'."

It didn't matter that it was not real; there was no mistaking that she really was becoming moist between her legs when he said that. She replaced his hand at the top of the bodice. "Go slow and distract meh, okay?"

That trademark Remy grin appeared just before he leaned up to her, his mouth just above her mouth. "Think Ah can manage dat."

A moment passed where they both took a breath and then Remy was kissing her all over her face. Across her eyebrows, on her eyelids, over her forehead, down her cheeks, upon her ears, his lips were determined to blanket any part of her face he could reach with kisses… except, of course, the part he wanted most of all. All the while his hands were covertly pushing her nightgown down her chest. When the top of it joined with the skirt right at her waist, Rogue began to whimper under his caresses. She had never been this exposed to anyone in her entire life. Between the kisses he continued to plant, Remy whispered, "It's okay" as though they were an answer to Rogue's whimpers. She began to tremble when he began to kiss his way down her neck and it did not go unnoticed by Remy. He ran his hands down her arms and over her legs as though he was soothing a skittish animal.

Her fingernails dug into the back of his shoulders when he took his time lavishing her collarbone with kisses. Rogue went back and forth between clutching the comforter on the bed and tangling her fingers inescapably in Remy's hair. Daring her trust, Remy's hands traveled up the expanse of her legs, briefly felt the dark triangle of curls at her center, before moving up her belly, until he felt the beginning of the swell of her breasts connect with his hands. His mouth began to move downwards once more just as both of his hands discovered handfuls of her ample bosom.

She was shocked at how gentle he was being with her. His hands were not at all rough as they explored the expanses of her flesh. She was not sure how much she liked this; there was no way she wanted him to think of her as fragile.

"Remy, you can-" She had to pause to allow for a gasp when his lips finally found their way to the beginning of the swell of her breast. She could not control the manner in which her fingernails ran over the back of his neck. Remy paused in his attentions to her chest: memory told him that he was particularly sensitive where Rogue had just scratched recklessly and he had to groan. Momentarily he removed his hands from her breasts to move her hands down to his shoulders, where he very much enjoyed the sensations brought about by women's fingernails. Newly inflamed, he lowered his head once more.

Rogue quite literally screamed when his mouth found her left nipple. Her head fell backwards on her pillow and shut her eyes tight. He began gently, kissing her nipple and licking her areola. Feeling her push her chest up towards his mouth made him smile around her breast and suckle harder.

She grunted; she willed herself to raise her head and look at him and what he was doing to her. His eyes were closed and his cheeks were hollowed. He looked at her suddenly, seeing her watching him. He smiled at her and then moved his mouth to her other breast, keeping his eyes on her face all the while.

Rogue focused on the feelings in her belly; she was so close to feeling real pleasure flutter in her stomach. If he could only do more. "Remy…" She panted. "You… you can go harder… if you want."

He looked at her face and then she felt his teeth lightly rake over the tip of her breast. She inhaled sharply and felt herself become damper, squirming as she rubbed her legs together. He continued biting at both of her breasts, each one become more sensitive with each nibble, and incoherent gasps, pants, and helpless whimpers being all that Rogue could pull from her mouth.

Still continuing to pleasure her, Remy moved his hands from her waist to her hips. One hand began feeling her backside while the other brushed through the patch of curls forming a triangle between her legs. Her eyes opened. His fingers moved lower and began to part her nether lips. He was about to slip a finger inside of her when she stopped him by taking hold of his wrist. He released her breast from his mouth and moved his hands away from her lower extremities. Stroking her shoulders gently, he smiled at her tenderly. "Not yet?"

Rogue shut her eyes and blushed. "Why are you so good to meh?"

Remy chuckled and nuzzled the bridge of his nose alongside hers. "If Ah have any virtues, petite, it's patience."

"Ah mean, God, you'd think Ah would be more than ready for a situation like this, given the reality of mah situation, but here Ah am acting like a schoolgirl stereotype-"

"Rogue, listen to m'." She was caught off-guard by the serious tone in his voice. "Whether Ah show it or not, dis is overwhelmin' t' m' too." He began stroking her cheek with his thumb. "Dere is nothin' wrong wit' y' or de way y' feel right now." He stopped his caresses and looked guilty. "An' Ah'm sorry if Ah'm pushin' y' too fast."

And Rogue felt bad. "God, Remy, you are not the problem. Not by a long shot." She began to run her hands through his hair and stroke them over his face.

Smiling and turning his face towards her caresses, Remy rolled himself onto his side so that his head was resting on the pillow, though he never lost contact with Rogue's hands. He was running the tips of his fingers over the skin on her forearm when he smiled. "We make quite de pair on dis brass bed, don't we?"

Rogue smiled and ran her hands over the stubble on his jaw to see if it felt like stubble. "Ah'm sure there are many other much more creative uses to a bed like this than what we've come up with." She looked at him thoughtfully. "Ah have to say that you've impressed meh though. Ah mean Ah've been nearly naked for a while now, and you have yet to really look at meh. Are you waiting for an invitation?"

He shrugged. "Dis is your dream, chere, remember? Ah'm just de unbelievably sexy, Cajun guest star."

She granted him a courtesy laugh and then looked shy. "You did say that you wanted to look at meh." Even though she was already flat on her back, Rogue pressed her body even further into the mattress as though hoping that it could somehow swallow her whole. "Well, Ah'm not going to stop you if you want to look."

He needed no further invitation. His eyes roamed unashamedly up and down the length of her body several times. She felt silly just laying there in nothing but the nightgown bunched up in a heap around her waist. The only time he touched her was when he allowed his hands to run up and down the perfect hourglass curve her hips and waist created, briefly fingering the fabric of her almost discarded nightgown between his thumb and forefinger. His eyes were lingering on her chest when his eyebrows furrowed ponderously. "Hmm."

"What?" Rogue asked, sounding uncertain and worried.

Her tone did not go unnoticed by Remy. "Oh nothin'." He moved his face closer to hers and gazed downwards at her breasts as he nuzzled his cheek against hers; his mouth was right next to her ear. "Though Ah must say dat Ah wholeheartedly stand by m' earlier statement." She gazed into his eyes, which was more than enough to ask the question. When he looked at her, the affection in his eyes was almost unbearable. "Y're perfect, cherie. In every way, y're just perfect."

Rogue was blushing but she did not look away. "Ah'm far from perfect, Remy."

He shook his head at her and ran his hand up her arm to rest at her shoulder. "Not t' me." His hand gripped her shoulder firmly and her hand rested right on top of his heart.

His face was coming closer to hers; his eyes were staring intently at her lips. He got close: very, very close. But just as his lips were about to connect with hers, she tucked her chin to her chest and cast her eyes downward. When his nose bumped against her nose, he laughed at himself and planted a kiss on her wherever it was that his mouth had fallen, which happened to be the apple of her cheek. "Ah'm sorry." She mumbled.

"Don't be." Remy had to smile again when she looked at him with those wide beautiful eyes, the blush staining her pretty face was practically a permanent fixture by now. "Y're so cute, chere."

Rogue ducked her head and came back up cruelly laughing at herself. "They ought to put you up for sainthood, LeBeau, for being so patient for enduring mah stupid antics."

Remy's gaze directed at her was a hard one. "Don't do dat."

"Don't do what-"

"Don't put dat wall back up. We justbroke it down."

She felt embarrassed and awkward. She wondered if it were even possible to rekindle the passion that had possessed them only moments ago. The hand he had stroking her hair aided this cause. She looked at him and guided his free hand to the top of one of her bare breasts. He accepted her invitation eagerly and gently cupped and molded her offered breast to his liking. He began nuzzling her neck with kisses and shifted his thigh until it was rubbing against her damp curls. She bit her lower lip and tossed her head back, making more of her neck available for his attentions. He kissed his way down her body and reacquainted himself with the way her nipples tasted against his tongue. She grunted and he moved his hands up to feel her face and neck. Not fully thinking, Rogue opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out when his thumb discovered her full lips. She drew the digit into her mouth, wrapping her perfect lips around it and fellating it.

Remy groaned into her breast, and then offered her each and every one of his other fingers to receive similar treatment. She happily obliged him and was amazed at how much she enjoyed making him feel good. Inspired, Rogue gently grazed her teeth along the length of his ring finger. He moaned louder than before but he never stopped his attentions being paid to her lovely bosom.

Remy felt her hands playing with his nipples and got an idea. A wonderful idea. He reluctantly freed his hands from the treatment being received from her sweet mouth, and he smiled when he saw her mouth briefly chase after his hands when he pulled them away from her pretty lips. He placed his hand, damp from the confines of her mouth, over one of her smaller hands on his chest and guided it towards her chest. Rogue looked at him confusedly as she watched him move both of their hands over the swells of her breasts, down her flat stomach, and through her damp curls right into her warmth.

"What are you doing?" She asked him, her nervousness evident.

Remy did not answer immediately, as he was slightly preoccupied with sitting up against the bed's headboard and pulling her up with him, her bare back against his naked chest, her head leaning back on his shoulder, their legs intertwined, her bottom pressing against his groin, and her body completely exposed for his viewing leisure. When he was certain that she was comfortably situated against him, he answered. "Ah want y' t' show m' how t' touch you."

Rogue blushed deeper than she ever had before, as she instantly knew what he was suggesting. "Uh… Ah'm pretty sure you know your way around down there already."

She felt him smile against the skin of her shoulder. "Don't play dumb, Roguey." With his hand still covering hers, he positioned her fingers right on top of her clit. "Ah want t' see how y' want t' be touched."

Rogue's face looked like as ripe as a strawberry with how red she had become. She craned her head to look at him. "Ah don't normally do that in front of other people."

Remy smiled sincerely at her and tightened the hold he had around her waist. "Ah'm not other people. It's just m', chere." He began to plant small kisses down the side of her face. "It's just m'."

She found it somewhat disturbing how difficult it was becoming for her to refuse him. Closing her eyes, Rogue moved her fingers downward and barely brushed over the beginnings of her womanhood. She did not make much noise; nothing more than a sharp breath taken in through her nose accompanied by a pronounced shudder. She knew Remy was watching her every movement from behind her shoulder.

He said nothing. She felt him move his hand from her wrist to cover her tiny hand, his fingers completely in line with hers. Pressing down just enough with both of their middle fingers, Rogue gasped loudly when Remy made sure that her clit was receiving a firmer touch. So gently that she was not even immediately aware that it was happening, he began moving both of their hands in a small, steady, back and forth motion.

Rogue's eyes flew open and looked at him, despite the distracting rushes of pleasure that were coursing through her. Remy looked into her eyes, and when he did, her gasping became quite more audible. His eyes were open fully and staring at her intently. When he looked at her this way, Rogue felt desired and it was possibly one of the better feelings she had ever experienced.

Shutting her mouth, she forcibly paused her hand. He stopped the motions immediately, worried that he might have hurt her somehow. He was surprised when she pulled her hand from its place underneath his, and with it firmly gripped his wrist. The pace of his breathing increased rapidly when she brought his index and middle fingers right to the front of her entrance, and left them there to do with her as he wished.

Remy had to swallow, his throat making an audible gulp upon feeling her offering. Rogue had turned her head enough so that she was able to pepper his jaw line with soft kisses, which he found pleasantly distracting. He was not so distracted, though, that he forgot exactly where his hand was. Very slowly, he slipped his middle finger just inside the start of her entrance.

An audible breath left Remy's mouth. Even through the haze of the dream, it took his breath away how tight she was. He gently pushed his finger further into her depths and Rogue whimpered a little. Her mouth was still pressed against his jaw, audibly panting against his skin. She was still moving her fingers rapidly against her clit when he began to move his finger within her in the manner that she thought she would never experience for herself. She felt her whole body begin to tighten and marveled that it was happening so fast; she had never been able to get so close to release so quickly before. The gratitude she felt towards Remy was almost as overwhelming as the feelings he was evoking within her. She wanted more than anything to make him feel this way.

"Remy…" She breathed, the motions of her hand coming to an abrupt halt. "Remy, stop."

Remy looked at her confusedly but he only slowed down the motions of his finger. Her face was flushed and the perspiration on her face seemingly made her glow. "Rogue, aren't y'… aren't y' close? Why d' y' want m' t' stop?"

She said nothing. She removed his hand from her private area and his concern grew. She maneuvered around so that she was facing him on her knees and held his face within both her hands. She was looking dead into his eyes. "The only way Ah want to come is if you're inside meh."

Remy's eyes grew wider and he swallowed. He said nothing as he quickly laid her down flat on her back, their eyes never breaking contact. He raised himself up, his eyes greedily taking in her flushed face and her gorgeous chest as it rose and fell with each rapid breath. Never removing his eyes from her, he hooked his fingers into the sides of his jeans and pushed them down to the middle of his thighs. He did not bother removing them the rest of the way, and he laid himself atop of Rogue, his hips cradled between her thighs. She never stopped looking at his face, not even to spare a glance at the expanse of skin he had exposed.

Her legs wrapped around his hips, her calves brushing over his smooth, firm buttocks. Her fingers trapped themselves in the waves of Remy's hair. He raised himself slightly onto his forearms, their eyes never severing the connection. He reached one hand down between their bodies and she felt him position himself at her entrance. They both made sounds in their throats at the contact of their most private areas touching for the first time. Their faces were so close, their small breaths breaking against the surface of the other's skin. Neither of them of moved. Remy's eyes spared a look down at her mouth and she knew what he was thinking about.

"Rogue." He said most solemnly. "Ah have t'…" He shook his head, swallowed, and looked her in the eye. "Before we do dis, Ah just just have t'-"

"Ah know, Remy." Rogue's eyes began to shine and she took a sharp breath in. "Ah want you to."

Remy allowed himself one satisfied smile before descending his mouth towards hers. Rogue arched her neck bringing her mouth closer to his. Even when there was still some distance between them, they could almost taste the other's lips. He raised his hips, ready to fill her for the first time, just as his mouth was about to connect with hers for the first time.

"KEETY!" The sudden shout broke through the silent reverie that had surrounded the two young people. Both Rogue and Remy looked around for the source of the noise, both looking shocked and frustrated. Very frustrated.

"Y' have got t' b' kiddin' m'." Remy growled angrily. He looked into Rogue's eyes. She looked helpless as the dark started to encroach their surroundings. The trees, the roses, the light, all began to fade into black. He tried in vain to seal their lips together, but she had already faded into darkness by the time his mouth had reached hers.