Title: "Trapped"

Author: AbbyGibbs Stephjag or Well, I do not own them and that is pretty unfair – they again belong to DPB! Why does he always have to own the best shows and the best characters? Could someone explain that to me? His characters are always suffering too much. So I have decided to borrow them for a little while, the length of a story, but I promise to give them back though I really wish I could keep them for myself.

Classification: I don't really know, except that it is a Navy NCIS fic. There will be some romantic moments. Love comes when you're expecting it the least. Oh yeah, and there will be angst.

Rating: T or maybe K+ (+13 or maybe +16 as always to be on the safe side, isn't it?)

Spoilers: none, but every moment involving Gibbs and Abby

Summery: Gibbs doesn't show up at work and for some reason it doesn't really bother anyone; maybe Jethro finally got himself a private life, who knows? The only member of the team that gets worried is Abby Sciuto; she has some sort of bad feeling about it.

Author's note: I guess I had the idea after having watched "Missing," and it's also a sort of challenge to myself, you see? I'm going to test myself and see if I'm able to elaborate a good plot that's entertaining and where there's some suspense and everything. And I would like to thank Beth, for always being there for me and for never stopping believing in me even when I stopped believing in me and when I started babbling about some things like I can't write or that I'm not a good writer, well I'm certainly not the best, but still... Anyway, I hope you guys are going to enjoy reading the story I have in mind.

Feedbacks: well, I'd love them, of course – who wouldn't? But please, only if you respect my work because it takes a lot of time and energy to get a story together. I love writing; I wouldn't allow anyone to discourage me from doing so, never. I don't have any problems at all with readers who choose not to go for this, but I decidedly do with those who write disrespectful mails just because they didn't get the ending they would have wanted. If you want to tell me what I might have done better within the story I made up, you're always very welcome to let me know. But if your only concern is to rant about it, then please, do it in private, okay? Thank you.


Tony and Kate stepped out of the elevator as soon as the doors opened, as usual arguing playfully about Tony's views about how women should behave or shouldn't do this or that. They were both heading to their respective desks – something strange was going on. They couldn't put their finger on it, but something was definitely different; oh, yeah, Gibbs wasn't making any remarks about the fact that they were two minutes late. And there was a good reason for that: he wasn't there yet.

Realizing that, Tony and Kate looked at each other an obvious look of surprise on their face. Gibbs was late.

Tony said mockingly, "Maybe he finally found himself a woman."

And for once Kate didn't make any comment on what he'd just said, because deep inside she hoped he was right: this would do Gibbs some good if he would again have someone in his life.

Tony DiNozzo asked Kate if he could bring her something because he was going to get himself a coffee. Kate thanked him and asked to bring her back a coffee too. Meanwhile, she put some finishing touch on her report and reread it, hoping she didn't miss too much or leave any mistakes; otherwise Gibbs would have her rewriting it. He was fussy about such things. God knew why.

After checking her report one last time, she stood up and went to Gibbs's desk and carefully placed it on the table. It was then that Tony came back with both coffees in his hands. He handed one to her and asked, stunned, "Gibbs not here yet?"

"No, still not," she answered.

"I know, I'm probably getting ahead of myself, but I think it's odd that he isn't here yet, woman in his life or not," Tony said, a slight trace of worry in his tone of voice.

"Yeah, you're right. Let's go see Abby. Maybe he's in the lab with her – he's often there, you know."

"Good idea," Tony replied.

So they both headed for the elevator. The doors opened and they entered the elevator cage. They were silent, lost in their thoughts, imagining some silly scenarios, from the most stupid ones to the completely crazy ones about the reason why Gibbs wasn't at work yet. Tony had a large smile on his lips at the thought that went into his mind; he was making himself such a story. Gibbs actually spends a lot of time down there – Abby's lab.

So what if it was because he was in love with her? This was crazy, Tony knew, but still. Tony, my man you're going insane. Gibbs in love with Abby? Oh, please! You should have a little more imagination, or are you thinking about this just because you have too much fantasy? This is the craziest idea you've ever had in your head, he thought to himself

Though, Abby was the only person of the team that could practically do anything she wanted without provoking an angry response from Gibbs.

Kate on her side was imagining almost the same thing, but with someone other than Abby.

The elevator stopped and the doors opened. There was another strange thing as they walked through the corridor that leaded to the lab – there was no loud music coming from the lab, as Abby usually played. All that could be heard was complete and utter silence. It was almost scary. There was no light in there, either. Tony and Kate's breathing accelerated as well as their heartbeats. Something was definitely wrong. Tony put a hand on his gun and so did Kate. He slowly moved forward before holding up his hand to tell his colleague to stay back. She was about to protest, but the look she saw in his eyes didn't leave any room for arguments.

Kate took two steps back and leaned back against the wall. "Please, say that nothing happened to Abby," she prayed silently.

Pictures went through her mind – pictures of Ducky and Gerald, herself and that terrorist… trapped in Abby's lab. A real version of a nightmare. She had been happy, though, that she'd been the one who had come down that day and not Abby like it was supposed to be.

Abby had been scared to go into Ducky's morgue after that, even though she considered him a surrogate father – everyone knew that, but she'd been having nightmares for a week. In the nightmare, she was lying on one of Ducky's cold work tables and she could see herself slit open. Since then, Abby didn't want to go there anymore. Kate couldn't bear the thought of Abby being in there with that terrorist.

Tony entered the lab, gun in hand. He stopped a few yards from the doors and called Abby's name softly. "Abby?" No answer. He called a second time. "Abby?"

Tony still didn't get any answer. He was beginning to get a cold sweat. It was then that he heard a little moaning.

He saw her seconds later; she was there, sitting on the ground, leaning against of the feet of the desk where the computer sat, switched off. He knelt down next to her, putting a gentle hand in the small of her back.

"Abby, what's wrong?" Tony asked, concern evident in his voice.

And she answered like she was coming back from somewhere in a place far away. "Gibbs isn't there, is he?"

"No, but I'm certain he won't be long," he said lightly, more for himself than to try to cheer her up because he had some sort of a knot in his stomach that was growing by the minute.

New tears were brimming in Abby's eyes, and it wasn't long before they were rolling down her cheeks.

"No, he won't come, Tony," she said in a broken voice.

"Abby, what are you saying?" he asked, stunned by what she just said. He stood up slowly and told her he would be right back.

Abby looked him walk away. Her eyes were wild and empty of any emotion. Once outside the lab, Tony called Kate and told her how he'd found Abby.

"It's impossible, Tony – you're exaggerating things again. She wouldn't have told you that," Kate said, looking incredulously at him.

"I'm telling you she did. Abby is convinced that he won't come to work today."

"Is that it? She didn't tell you anything else?" Kate asked, suddenly concerned.

"No, she's completely out of it. I've never seen her like this before. It scares me even to see her like that."

"Tony, it can't be that bad. Come on, I'm sure you're amplifying things again."

Tony was getting a little annoyed and said a little more sharply than he intended to, "Oh, yeah? Well, come with me and see it for yourself, and you'll see if I exaggerate things!"

Kate was a little surprised by the sharp tone of voice and decided not to say anything in return – Tony never talked to her that way unless something was wrong.

Kate Todd followed Tony DiNozzo and stopped immediately at the sight of her best friend sitting there like a poor little girl. It took her a few minutes to compose herself, and then she ran to her. "Abby!" Kate exclaimed.

Abby looked at her friend without really seeing her, her vision blurred by tears. She was sure something had happened to Gibbs, but she could not tell why or what – all she knew was that something had happened to her boss and friend, Jethro Gibbs.

"What is it, Abbs? Why are you crying and why do you say that Gibbs won't show up?" she asked her friend softly.

Abby at still a broken voice when she answered Kate, "Because I know it, that's all!" she said angrily, and started to cry harder.

Tony and Kate waited patiently until Abby's sobs calmed down. Now they were both very concerned about their friend; they'd never seen her like that. Tony knelt down in front of his friend, who suddenly seemed so vulnerable. He hoped she wouldn't take his next move as an offence. Very slowly, he leaned forward and opened his arms to take her into an embrace, and to his surprise, Abby didn't push him away, but instead cuddled closer to him.

Kate, who was watching the scene silently, couldn't repress and little feeling of jealousy. Sure, Tony was pissing her off most of the time, but they were always playing around, and she couldn't help but wish that she was the one cuddling closer to Tony. Kate mentally slapped herself for even having that thought and those feelings in such circumstances. Abby was the one who needed comfort, not her.

Tony smiled a little, but did not say a word. He just held her, then gently placed a hand on her head and rubbed her hair softly. "It's okay, Abbs, everything's gonna be okay," Tony whispered against her ear.

"I don't know, Tony, I don't know…" Abby said, looking up at him with huge eyes that were still brimming with tears.

"Abby," Kate started softly, looking at her. "If you know something, just tell us. Maybe we'll be able to help, and everything will be just fine."

Abby Sciuto slowly, reluctantly disentangled herself from Tony's embrace – she somehow had felt safe for a couple of minutes in Tony DiNozzo's arms. She smiled at him and he just smiled back.

Then Abby looked at her best friend again. "I can't explain how I know. I just know. Last night I had a dream – nightmare would be a better word to describe what made me wake up with a start."

"Abby, it was just a dream, or like you say a nightmare – nightmares aren't reality," Kate pointed out softly.

"I know that, Kate, but this one is true. I can feel it. After waking up in the middle of the night because of this nightmare, I tried to call him five times – he didn't answer. I only got his voice mail. I'm telling you guys, something's wrong with him," she said as new tears started to roll down her cheeks.

Tony and Kate looked at each other worriedly. Kate looked intently at Tony, and he nodded imperceptibly with his head. She got up slowly and told Abby she'd be back in a minute, then turned and left the lab. Once outside she took her phone of her jacket pocket, dialed Gibbs cell-phone number, and waited. And as her friend had said, she was soon greeted by her boss's voice mail. "Damn," Kate muttered. She pushed the speed dial button and waited. Nothing. Only Gibbs's voice on the "answering machine." She started to get slightly nervous.

Meanwhile, Tony tried to comfort his friend. He gently asked her about her nightmare and saw that she was hesitant to talk about it. Tony decided not to push and just waited. A few minutes later, though, Abby begun to talk. "Tony?" she asked in a little voice.

"Yeah, Abbs?" he replied softly.

"Can I ask you something?" she said sheepishly.

Tony smiled at her before answering her. "Sure, you can ask me anything you want."

"Promise me first you're not going to see anything behind it, okay?"

"Okay, I promise," Tony answered, a little surprised.

"Could you please hold me?" she asked looking down at the floor.

Tony couldn't help but grin. "I think I can do that. Come on here," he said, looking at her and opening his arms. Abby slowly moved closer to him and cuddled herself in his embrace.