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Scene One

Thrown into the veil

"Sirius!" Harry yelled fearfully as he saw the man he considered his own family plunged into the veil. "Let me go!" Harry struggled against Remus' strong grip, but Remus didn't let him go.

"He's gone, Harry! He's gone! There's nothing you can do." Remus shouted desperately like he was assuring himself, not the boy he held in his arms. He needed to get him somewhere safe, far from this place. For his sake, and for Sirius. He stared at the veil sadly.

Unfortunately this made his grip loosen a little. Harry, seeing this, used his chance to untangle himself from the werewolf's grip. Surprised, Remus couldn't move when he saw his deceased friend's son jump into the veil.

"Harry! NO!" he shouted and tried to catch his hand. It worked. But unluckily he got himself sucked into the veil with the boy-who-lived.

This event was watched by the room's occupants' wide eyes. Dumbledore shouted something in a worried and frightful tone, something the former professor of DADA has never seen or heard before. He couldn't hear what he said, but his widened and shocked eyes had said more things than words alone. The last thing he remembered was blackness all over his body and mind.


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