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Scene Twelve

It had been 5 years after the fateful meeting between the three wizards and the rangers. The wand users had settled quite nicely in the ranger society, learning how to fit in. Harry was now a twenty years old confident young man. He was taught how to survive in the wilderness and how to use weapons. He could use all known weapons in Middle Earth pretty good…well with the exception of axe, mace, and other weapons that were quite heavy for him. He was advised not to use them unless he wanted to crack someone else's skull open accidentally. Sirius decided to ban said weapons after Harry almost killed him accidentally.

Strength wasn't the young wizard's strong point because of his build, but his stealth, speed, technique, and precision more than made up for it, that didn't mean that Harry was weak. Harry would make a fine scout or assassin with his abilities. He was also taught fencing by Sirius, after the older man ordered to make fencing swords for the three of them from the town's blacksmith. The rangers were quite interested by the unfamiliar sword's style and a couple of them even asked Sirius to be taught too.

The three men were often included in orcs hunt when they were deemed to be able to live in the wild without help from others. Casualties from their sides had dropped considerably since they joined them, be it because they could finish off the orcs before the monsters could charge at them or because of their healing magic. It didn't mean there was zero casualty though.

Leaving in Middle Earth didn't mean that Harry was neglecting his magic studies. If anything, it had been tripled after he was there, being taught by both Remus and Sirius to his limit, although it only consisted of defense and offense magic (and even some magic for pranks). Sirius, as he was the only one between Remus and him who came from an old family, told him about his duties as the Lord Potter-to-be when he reached 18 years old (sadly when he was 18 years old he wasn't in England and thus wouldn't be able to assume his job. He also told him about the politics among prominent wizarding families and their standing in the British magical society. Meanwhile Remus taught him about the workings of magical creatures' society, especially werewolf, as he knew it the most with him being a werewolf himself. Those things didn't worth there in Middle Earth, but the young man learned them nonetheless.

With Harry's limited knowledge from what he read and heard when he was child, the rangers were learning how to create primitive weapons (to the muggles in modern era anyway), such as trebuchet and the likes. They didn't want to admit this, but Caracas The Inventor (who always screwed up his inventions) played a large part in the weapons development. It seemed that he was suited to build mass-slaughtering weapons, if his working weapons were an indication to go by. The cities were busy preparing for the war that they knew would come soon. Blacksmiths were busy making weapons and scouts were sent outside to get information as accurate as they could.

When the news that there was a gathering in Rivendell, the Ulras City reached its busiest peak. The time of war against Sauron had come. Many young men were trained for the war, and the women were trained as healers and to provide their logistic. After deciding that their city would be safe even with most of their men gone for the upcoming battle, the ranger battalion marched toward the East. They heard that their member, Strider, who went missing years ago, accompanied the multilateral group that had been made in Rivendell. They didn't know the exact quest of this fellowship, only that it was important for turning the tide of the war to their side's favor.

Sirius shrunk another cart of food supply that had been preserved using preserving charm and put it on a pile of other shrunken food boxes, separating the pile from the shrunken weapons pile to make it easier. He wiped the sweat from his forehead. "Man, who knows that shrinking things can be so tiring like this. Fortunately we had shrunk most weapons before this or I'll drop dead," Padfoot complained.

Harry shrugged, not feeling as tired as his godfather. Beside him Narda, Doran's black haired son, was labeling the shrunken box of food according to what it contained. The black haired wizard packed the shrunken food pile (that had been labeled) into a wooden box with a wave of his wand. "Damn, I forget my sword!" Harry cussed.

"How in the hell can you forget your sword?" his friend asked him, amazed.

"Hey, I'm not perfect," he defended. "Sirius, I'm going back to the cave!" he quickly apparated to their house to search for his sword. Harry had been taught how to apparate when he was 16 years old. He had learned it under 12 days of constant training, faster if not for Sirius telling him horror stories about apparation splinching and a warning that there was no competent medi-wizard to help him pull through if something happened. Harry was now proud to say that he was an accomplished apparator…as long as he was calm anyway. There was an incident that left him in the middle of a bandit group when he was training, but thankfully the bandits were too shocked (and terrified) to do anything. At that time he was asked to apparate in a ranger camp 50 km from the city, using Sirius' magical signature (who at the time was accompanying the rangers) as a guideline.

The wizards' apparation and ability to make portkey were godsend for the rangers, but their capabilities were limited. Apparation couldn't be used for transporting a large number of people and both apparition and portkey are useless if they didn't know their landing target unless they wanted accidents to happen. There was also the long distance problem. Creating long distanced portkey was harder and required more power, the same happened to apparation.

After Harry found his sword and sheathed it back, he went back to Ulras City. "When will we depart?" the young man asked Doran who had jumped when he unexpectedly apparate in front of him.

"By Valar, how many times I told you to not do that in front of me!" Doran put his hand above his chest exasperatedly.

"The same amount of the time I told you that I wouldn't know where you were when I apparated in," he replied good-naturedly with a small smile.

The brown haired man rolled his eyes at the answer. "You brat," he muttered fondly. "As for when we depart, it'll be in 2 hours. Make sure you don't forget anything," he left Harry afterwards to check for their preparation.

"Hey, Sirius, you better make it faster. We'll depart in 2 hours," The Boy-Who-Lived stated. The Grim animagus winced as he took a look at the arrays of unshrunken goods. "Don't worry, you don't need to shrink all of them, just the big ones," Harry shrank a catapult.

Narda picked up the shrunken catapult and commented, "It looks more like a model figure rather than a true catapult," he commented, as he took a look at the mini catapult. Harry laughed, agreeing with his older by 6 months friend.

Two hours later an exhausted Sirius leaned on his mount. "I need a god damn break!" he muttered, not looking forward to ride the horse for hours already. It was unfortunate for the wizards that since the rangers knew about their shrinking charms, they didn't just bring basic needs, but also a whole load of medicines, herbs, clothes, foods, drinks, weapons, etc. It looked more like as if they were migrating instead of going to battle. "If there is another thing to be shrunk, I'll pass," he stated, failing to mount his horse because of magic depletion.

"You sure you'll be okay, Sirius?"

"Does it look like I'm okay?" the Head of Black family asked grouchily, as he stared at his godson in annoyance.

"Well nope. But if you want to, I can bring you to the first encampment with my animagus form. We had never gone to this intended place before so apparation and portkey are out of question. But I'll need a guide so we don't get lost," he offered. "Our horses can travel alongside the cavalry."

"Hey, you know what, that's a good idea," Sirius perked up.

"Doran, I'm going to go to the first encampment with Sirius first," he yelled to the ranger, before he transformed into a magnificent black dragon. The beast wasn't a known dragon on his world, so they practically knew nothing of it when he transformed, assuming that perhaps it was an extinct dragon. His dragon form had a slim and sleek body that was built for agility. His scale was thinner than some other dragons, since the dragon was built to evade rather than to endure attack. Arrows, swords and most spells didn't work on his scales, but a blunt brute force would be able to wound the dragon. There was a horn on his snot that Remus predicted was used like rhino's horn, ramming into the opponents.

Another weapon of the dragon was his lightning ball. The attack could be done many times in fast pace, but unlike fire breathing dragon, it couldn't breathe lightning. He was able to do something that Harry later called as charge shot though (Sirius' suggestion to call it super duper awesome lightning bolt was rejected). It was the same as lightning ball, but instead of releasing the attack as soon as possible, he'd wait for 20 seconds before releasing it, creating a lightning ball 3 times bigger and more devastating. It seemed like fast, but for a dragon which relied on speed the attack had its disadvantage, as he couldn't fly when did the attack, giving his opponents to attack him. They found out Harry couldn't hold out more than 20 seconds.

Harry stretched his wings before he nodded to Sirius. The man climbed him and Harry immediately flapped his wings and rose from the ground. With a last roar he took off.

"I still can't believe he can turn into a dragon of all things," Narda muttered.

"Well, they did say that the dragons on their world weren't evil like in our world. They're just simply a beast with predator instinct and could be actually tamed," he had remembered how surprised and frightened they were when Harry showed them his animagus form for the first time. Thankfully Harry had trained his inner beast form, so he didn't attack them in instinct. They had heard that he almost ate Sirius when he first transformed.


"Okay, stop here. This place is good for the animagus first transformation. It is quiet far away from the city, so if you turn out to be a predator, we'll be able to subdue before you reach the city," he nodded to Sirius and the man transformed into his big grim form. "Now incase you have a jumpy form—"

"What do you mean jumpy? I'm not jumpy!" Harry protested.

"Well, you seem paranoid enough to me, pup," Sirius commented with a grin.

Harry rolled his eyes. "As if you can tell me that. You're more paranoid than me!"

"Anywaaayyy," Remus cut off with a scowl. "Just incase, alright?" the young man nodded. "I'll create a magical cage around us. This way if your form is small enough…as long as you're not a bug, of course, and you try to run away from instinct, the cage won't let you do that. Searching for you will be a hard task," Harry pouted. The werewolf then muttered incantation and waved his wand, erecting a ten meters diameter cage. "Alright, Harry, here we go!"

Harry clenched his fist, getting excited of his form. He closed his eyes, hearing his former teacher mutter something incorrigible and long.

Sirius wagged his tail, unable to hide his excitation. He watched as the spell was launched. He blinked when he saw no jet of light shoot out of the wand and wondered if Remus got the spell wrong. But a second later a soft blue glow enveloped Harry's body. The body stiffened and then started to change. Black scales started to appear from his hand, causing Sirius to worry that his godson's form was that of a snake, but Harry's nails grew longer and sharper before it his hands turned into claws. Since snake had no hand, he quickly shot down the thought. Next, Harry's nose turned into snout and from his back, a pair of bat-like wings grew. Sirius' stomach fluttered with dread, hoping that Harry didn't turn out to be what he was thinking. As his body turned larger, his form was clearer.

Sirius and Remus watched, stunned, as they saw a dragon replaced Harry. An unknown kind of dragon no less. Padfoot's wagging tail dropped jadedly and was tucked between his legs. The grim backed away slowly.

Padfoot whined and sent a we're-in-deep-shit look at a still stunned Remus, who was staring at the dragon with his mouth open. Both froze when the dragon's eyes opened, revealing two slitted emerald orbs. There was intelligence behind the eyes…but they saw no recognition there. Baaaddd news.

"Uh oh," Remus commented. They had never anticipated that Harry's form would be a big one. The magical web was strained before it collapsed quickly.

You're saying? Padfoot commented sarcastically, but to Remus it was heard as a soft bark. We are definitely screwed. The only one who is going to subdue will be Harry, not us His shoulder sagged. Getting killed by your cousin is one thing, but getting eaten by your own godson is another. I so do not want to be eaten. That jaws looks… Sirius gulped, big and sharp. Ugh, and I haven't even gotten laid ever since I broke out of Azkaban too! Harry's godfather thought in regret. His standing ears dropped lifelessly at such horrible prospect.

The dragon attention turned to Padfoot, ignoring Remus. Sirius was cursing inwardly, wondering why he always got the rotten luck. If he died he'd chew those valars for not taking this thing into account. Their journey wasn't even started yet!

The black dragon walked until his face was in front of the grim. He sniffed the big dog that looked small compared to his size, and tilted its head in an adorable confused look. Sirius was relieved inwardly, at least he didn't feel threatened by their presences. That was until Harry opened his jaw widely, revealing his set of sharp fangs. He would have been swallowed if he didn't regain his wits and dashed away.

The dragon blinked and watched his newest toy ran away and grew angry. He stretched his wings and flapped them, rising to the air, before he flew in a dash, following Padfoot.

"Uh oh, this is not good," Remus stayed root on his place, knowing better than to run and attracted Harry's attention on him. He apparated into the forest, knowing that Sirius would go there to avoid Harry's chase. The forest was thick and it would be hard for Harry to enter it to search him. "SIRIUS? Where are you?"

"I'm here, Remus," there was a rustle from the bush behind him and from it a panting Sirius came. "Did I manage to loose him?" he nervously looked around him. The branches on the trees above them were parted. The wind was blowing hard, caused by the beating wings. "Oh, no."

"Relax, Sirius. He won't be able to enter it. His body is too big." There was a growl of annoyance, coming from the angry dragon.

"I'll be okay after we are safe, tucked in the bed. Let's apparate!"

"But what about Harry? We have to help him regain his mind back! What if he attacks the villages around him? People will try to hunt him!" Remus protested.

"Oh, alright. Man, being a hero is hard," he moaned. Before they could discuss what they should do, they heard a sizzling earsplitting sound from above. "What's that?" he asked in dread. His answer came the next second as the forest in front of the two wizards was blown up and they were thrown backwards because of the force.

When they cleared their heads and looked around them they gaped at the once was forest. It was now a crater, with burning broken trees stuck out here and there. The two gulped and looked up. There was a crackle of lightning around the dragon's mouth.

"Helping him to regain his mind you say? It will be hard enough to stay alive as it is!" The dragon flew down to the 'clearing'. "Uh, Remus, can you fight him in your werewolf form?" Sirius asked carefully at his friend.

Remus sent him a you're-kidding-me look. "I doubt I'll be able to fight him even if I'm in my werewolf form." Remus found out in an accident that he was able to change into his counterpart at will and with his mind still intact half a year ago. They had thought that the valars just made the beast docile before.

(Memory in Flashback)

Harry was training with Narda when Doran barged in with a peculiar face.

"Harry, come with me. Sirius and Remus are here," he said.

"What? But shouldn't they still in our home, away from here?" Even though he knew that Remus wouldn't transform into a werewolf because it was noon, the man should be weak after the transformation and thus stayed on their house.

"Indeed, but the fact is they are here right now. And they said they would tell me what happened after you were there," Harry turned to Narda who shrugged. The black haired boy sighed and followed the ranger into his house.

Harry found Remus was chatting with Sirius lively. He didn't seem to be tired at all after his transformation. Both men stopped their talk after they noticed he was there. "What're you doing here? It's not 3 days yet," he asked concernedly.

"Well, the truth is Remmie here ("Excuse me!") didn't transform at all last night," Sirius said offhandedly, as if discussing weather.

"What?" the others shouted simultaneously.

"But-but yesterday was full moon!"

"Yes, we already knew that, pup. We spent our time gazing at the moon in confusion last night. I first thought that those Valars had cured him, but— "

"I still can feel the beast inside me. He's still alive. I don't feel any rage coming from him and he-you might thing I'm crazy, is docile…at least for now," Remus butted in, his nose scrunched as if he didn't believe it himself.

The silence in the room was deafening.

"…Perhaps it's because you're not in your world and the moon here doesn't affect you," Doran suggested.

"Probably," Harry stared at the werewolf.

"That's good news then," Narda butted in, his face was smiling.

"…Does that mean I'm safe to return home?" Sirius' godson asked.

"Nah, it will be better that you stay here during the full moon in case Moony turned feral. We'll check up on it first," Harry nodded in understanding. Sirius and Remus went back to Marauder's Cave afterwards.

For the next 2 days they observed Remus' inner beast. There was nothing changed. The beast was still docile as ever and didn't fight for dominance, much to their relief.

(End Memory)

Imagine their surprise when 3 months later during the orc hunt Remus changed into a werewolf in rage when he saw the body of lifeless girl eaten by a group of orc. The rangers were frozen when they saw their friend turned into a beast who threw himself to the orcs who were looking around them in confusion and dread when they heard Remus' furious howl. That night the rangers didn't do anything but watched as Remus tore all the orcs. Harry and Sirius were ready to stun Remus, while the rangers were preparing their tranquilizer induced arrow, when Moony changed back into his human form and cried as he took the body of the dead child on his hold.

With practice they found out that Remus could change into his werewolf form at will even when it wasn't full moon and still retained his mind, although his ability to perform magic was severely reduced. His beast form was half bigger and stronger than his former form. They wondered if it had something to do with the valars.

Well right now they needed those valars' help before dragon Harry ate them.

They didn't want to hurt Harry (though they wondered if they even could hurt him at all), but they also couldn't let him hurting others. Harry would feel guilty and depressed if that ever happened. It would be disaster.

The dragon's emerald eyes glinted and he lunged into the two humans with his jaw opened. "HARRY STOOPPP!!" Sirius cried out and closed his eyes in fright, his hands covered his face. Sirius blinked when he felt nothing. Peeking out, he hoped that Harry didn't eat Remus or anything like that. He gulped when he found dragon Harry's face was still in front of him, but his jaw wasn't opened. The green eyes stared at him in confusion as they narrowed.

It seemed that his name jogged his memory.

Good. They were just one step away from being devoured.

"Harry, please remember us. It's me Sirius!" the Boy-Who-Lived's godfather pleaded. "Your godfather, remember?"

Catching up, Remus said, "And I'm Remus, Harry. Remember your third year at Hogwarts?" the dragon blinked when he heard the name of the school. "You're human, Harry," the dragon tilted his head. "That's right. You're human, not a dragon…whatever your kind is," he muttered the last part to himself, "This is just your animagus form. You don't want to hurt us, Harry. Fight your instinct!" there was a flicker of recognition on his eyes before it disappeared. He still didn't recognize them.


Before they could run away dragon Harry moved so fast and bit his robes, pulling him closer. Sirius wagged his hands furiously, trying to escape. Remus was ready to transform when dragon Harry licked his face, covering him with his slobber. Sirius fainted, thinking that his godson was eating him. A good thing too, because dragon Harry was playing with the unconscious body of Sirius, sniffing his scent and basically studying him.

"Ah…" said Remus in realization. It seemed that when the dragon opened his jaw the first time he didn't try to eat him, but to study him. This kind of dragon must have strong curiousity. Kinda like Harry actually in that way. So of course he was mad when his 'toy' escaped him. Remus looked up when he saw dragon Harry's face was looming above him. "Oh no no no no no!" he tried to back away, but was immediately dragged by the curious black dragon. "I'm gonna kill Harry after this…this sheer humiliation!" Remus' shout was muffled by another licking.

The two wizards spent their night at the forest with the dragon, covered by the slimy drool. When the next morning came Harry (who didn't remember of yesterday's event) was already retransformed back into human and were quite surprised to see his only people from his world looked as if they threw themselves into a slime swamp glaring at him with such irritation. The next week was quite hell for Harry as Remus and Sirius got their revenge by increasing the level of his training. In retaliation Harry told the rangers about Sirius' and Remus' slobbery incident. The two had become an object of joke for 2 weeks before it settled down.

Remus was checking the inventory when he heard the dragon's roar. He peeked his head out of the room and watched as dragon Harry took off. "Where are they going to?" he asked Doran.

"To the first camp. Sirius is too tired to ride horse for long."

"But they don't know the place. What if they get lost?"

"Don't worry, 5 other rangers are with them. They'll guide him and settle the camp for us. Are you finished with the inventory yet?"

"Give me half an hour!" Remus shouted back. Doran nodded and with his son, Narda, they went to check the others.

An hour later all was prepared and they were ready to depart. Remus sat on the back of his brown (and docile) horse, beside him was Shade, Harry's stallion, and six other horses for the rangers and Sirius who had gone first to the designated camp.

"Let's go!" the rangers followed their leader, leaving their home behind them to face the long awaited (but unwanted) war.


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