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It was the summer between fifth and sixth year for Draco Malfoy. He was recuperating from the hexes he had received on the train ride home. He wasn't as mad a Potter and his friends as he thought he would be. He was mostly mad at himself for having believed that his father would bring honor to the Malfoy name by following a half blood idiot. All he had brought was shame and no one would believe that he wasn't interested in following in his father's footstep. His father had ruined any chances of him finally finding happiness and following his dreams.

His secret wish had always been to become a healer. But early on his father had made it clear that he would be a servant to Lord Voldemort and that personal goals were out of the question. Draco had hidden his pain under a cold mask of indifference. Now because of his father having been proven to be a death eater, he would never be accepted at St-Mungos for an apprentiship with a healer. No one would trust him just because of his name and how he had been forced to act in school.

He was sitting in bed reading one of his healing books, 'that he hid under secrecy spells so that his parents thought he was reading dark arts books', when his mother came into his room.

In her usual cold emotionless voice she asked. "Draconis, how are you feeling today?" His mother always called him by his full name. He just rolled his eyes and answered.

"I'm fine mother; as per the healer I can finally leave my bed today."

"That is good news. I wanted to tell you that I will be leaving for France this evening now that you're feeling better. You will be sixteen in a week so you are old enough to stay at the Manor by yourself."

"But mother, you won't be here for my birthday." Draco was surprised, his mother always made a big show of his birthday. Not that he really cared for her presence since he probably would be able to do whatever he wanted to without adult supervision.

"Don't worry dear. I'll owl your presents to you. Now I have to go I still have some packing to do. Your godfather will come and check on you a few times during the summer, but don't expect him around too often. You know how he gets with his potions during the summer."

Draco smiled when he thought of his godfather Severus Snape. The man was a walking encyclopedia on potions. And during the summer he would loose himself in his research, since he didn't have to teach. The only time that Severus Snape would show some human feelings was in the presence of his godson.

Draco watched his mother leave the room then he got up to get dressed. After his shower and a quick breakfast he left the Manor and made his way to one of the gardens that was closest to the forest that surrounded the Manor. Draco didn't understand but for about a month now he was drawn to the outdoors and mostly to the forest. It had started at school when he would slip out of the Slytherin dorms to take a walk by himself outside at night. But now he would spend most of his days walking outside or sitting by a tree reading his healing books and working on his summer homework.

Now that he had finished his week of bed rest after being hexed he was anxious to get back outside. When he finally reached his destination he felt a freedom like he had never felt before.

(Why do I need to be outdoors all the time?) He would ask himself. This puzzled him because when he was younger he had never been the outdoor type. As his sixteen birthday got closer the need to be near nature was increasing.


His days went on without him thinking of how strange his new behavior was. With no one else at the Manor, no one could see the changes happening to the blond. His hair had paled to an almost white blond; he told himself that it was due to the sun and his longs hours outside. He also grew a good seven inches to stand a 6'3 but he didn't notice because his clothes were spelled to adjust to his size so that they would always be impeccable. His blue eyes became silver and this was the only sign that he could see that something was changing in him. He knew that sometimes some wizards would inherit some family magical gifts when they turned sixteen. So he wondered if it was happening to him. His father had never mentioned any special gifts that came with hitting his wizarding puberty.

The night before his birthday he went to bed at his usual hour thinking that he would get a good nights rest. Little did he know that he would experience pain like he had never felt before when the clock turned to midnight.

A golden glow surrounded him and he started floating of the bed. No one was in the Manor to hear him scream in pain. After an hour the glow went away and he floated back down to bed. He slept the rest of the night not remembering what happened.

The next morning he got up he made his way to the bathroom to take his morning shower. Wearing only his silk pajama pants he passed in front of a full length mirror and stopped shocked at what he saw. His hair was now waist length and totally white. He was very slim but still quite toned. His shoulders were broader and he finally noticed that he was much taller. He passed his hand in his hair to push it back when he felt something funny. He pushed back his hair to look at his ears. They were pointed.

"Oh Merlin, my ears are pointed, Bloody hell, I look like an elf."

Draco kept on looking at himself in the mirror. He liked some of the changes that he saw. Then his eyes became sad when he thought about his school friends. They would surely abandon him now. First he was obviously not a pureblood wizard and second word would get around that he had refused the dark mark a few weeks ago.

He got dressed after his shower and made his way to the dining room to have his breakfast. An house elf popped in front of him to let him know that eleven men had appeared in the east sitting room and were asking to see him. Draco was instantly worried that some of his father's old acquaintances would try to change his mind about joining their Lord. Another thing that was bothering him was that no one could apparate or floo into the Manor without having been keyed to the wards.

"Blinky, are they friends of my father?"

"No, master Draconis, they look like you?"

Draco raised an eyebrow in surprise. "What do you mean Blinky?"

"They have pointy ears and white hair too."

Draco was shocked that other elves would present themselves to him in his home.

He told Blinky to see if they wanted refreshments while he made his way to the other side of the Manor where the east sitting room was situated.

When he got there he saw ten men standing up, five of them were on each side of an older elf who was sitting in his father's old chair. The man looked ageless; his long white hair was loose except for two braids that were tied in the back of his head to keep his bangs out of his face. He had a circlet of gold on his head and in the middle of the circlet was a large emerald. His eyes were the same silver as Draco's; he smiled and bid the young wizard to sit down.

"Come child, do not be afraid. You probably have many questions to which I'm sure I have answers."

Draco slowly sat down facing the older man. He looked at the ten men standing around him and saw that they were all dressed alike and were wearing many weapons. They looked like they were guarding the older elf.

"Who are you?" asked Draco.

"I am King Lirendel of the Elven realm of Landa."

Draco's eyes went wide. He was talking to the elf king!

"Why are you here?" asked the teen.

"I am here to fetch my great-grandson and heir."

The elf had a twinkle in his eyes that reminded Draco of the headmaster.

"Oh, where is he?" Draco was genuinely curious as to who was the prince the king was looking for.

The older elf chuckled and said. "I'm looking at him."

Draco paled when he understood that the king was talking about him.

"But how, there never was any elves in our family?"

"Your grandfather was my son; he was taken from me by his mother who ran away from our realm. You see we weren't happy in our marriage as it had been arranged by our parents and we didn't love each other. Because of that, our relationship was not the best. So after three years together your great-grandmother ran away with our newborn son. She met Lucifius Malfoy and fell in love with him. She married him and since he couldn't have children due to an curse placed on him, he secretly adopted my son and told everyone that he was his. So he became his heir, thus your elven blood should have been too deluted to become my heir but you also received elven blood on your mother's side. You see, your mother never told you but she is half elf. But she refused her inheritance so she never got the physical attributes of being an elf."

Draco was shocked to hear that his mother had kept such important information from him.

His great grand father gave him a few seconds to digest what he was telling him. They silently drank some tea. After they were done, the king finished telling his story.

"By mixing both their blood, you have enough elven blood in you to receive your inheritance. As you noticed you have gone through some very big changes last night. I'm happy about this as you are my only male heir. I have daughters and grand-daughters but no other males have been born in our line since your grand-father, your father and then yourself. My second wife in anxious to meet you, I think she will spoil you quite a lot." The king chuckled when he mentioned his wife. He had married her ten years after the fiasco of his first marriage and had been very happy with her.

"I have come to bring you to the elven realm where you will be trained to lead our people. You will learn our ways. You will learn how to become a warrior and a skilled healer."

At the mention of becoming a healer Draco's eyes started to shine. "You mean I can become a healer?" Draco suddenly had hope for his future.

"Yes, I see that this would interest you." The elf king had secretly watched Draco for the last few months and had noticed the blonde's interest in the subject.

"Yes, I would rather become a healer than a warrior, but if I must learn to be both then I will." Draco gave his grandfather a smile. "I will gladly go with you to your home. I have nothing good left for me here in this world."

"What about your parents?" asked the king.

"My father is in prison, he is an evil and cruel wizard who never cared for me and my mother only cares when it is time to show me off to her society friends." Draco turned his head to look out the window so that his grandfather didn't see the pain showing in his eyes. He felt a hand on his shoulder. He looked up to see his grandfather smile at him.

"You will find happiness in our realm, you have quite a large family in the realm. You will be surrounded by aunts, uncles and cousins. And I will be your guardian and mentor. My child, I have just met you but I'm already quite fond of you. Your good soul wants to come out to the surface and break through the mask you wear for everyone. You won't have to hide in our world. Now that you are free of your father's bad influence you will be able to become what you were meant to be…And that is a great elf Prince."

Draco seemed shocked that his grand father was fond of him after just having talked for an hour. But looking into the man's eyes he could see the sincerity in them.

"All right, when do we leave?" Now that Draco knew that he was going to start a new life he was anxious to get going.

"As soon that you pack a few personal things we can leave."

"Yes and I have to send an owl to my godfather. I won't tell him where I'm going; I'll just tell him that I'll be ok."

The elf king nodded his agreement and Draco left to go to his room. Taking his trunk out, he started packing some clothes, a few pictures of his family and his broom. He didn't know if he could use it in the elven realm but he didn't want to leave it behind.

He wrote a letter to Severus and sent it with his owl. He would miss his feathered friend but he knew that Severus would take care of him. He shrunk his trunk and took a last look at his room. This room had been both his sanctuary and his hell. Then standing strait with his head held high he made his way to his great-grandfather. He wondered how old his great-grandfather was. He looked no older than 35 years old.

Draco stepped into the room where his great-grandfather was waiting for him and made his way towards him. He noticed the ten guards bowing to him as he walked. This innerved him a little but he told himself that he should get used to it because he was now their prince and heir to the throne. Finally the situation seemed to sink in.

"Oh Merlin's balls, I'm an elf prince and one day I'll be king…Oh my..." Draco paled and sat down on the nearest chair. He was breathing hard and started to panic. The king noticed this and placed his arms around the youth.

"Take it easy child. Take a few deep breath, I know that this is a lot to take but your strong and you will get through it ok."

Draco felt safe in his grandfather's arms and soon was feeling better.

"Thank you… your highne…er…grandpa…"Draco gave his grandfather a hopeful look.

The elf king chuckled and said. "Yes, you may call me grandpa but when we meet with dignitaries from other realms then you will call me grandfather. It is a bit more formal."

Draco smiled and got up. "All right, I'm ready to go."

King Lirendel opened his arms and they were surrounded by a golden glow. A few seconds later the room was empty of its occupants.



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