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"What's wrong love, whatever it is can't be that bad."

Draco looked at Harry and smiled. "No…no it's not…well I don't think it is. Maybe a bit early in our relationship but I'm ok with it…I just hope you are." The blond elf looked up at his lover nervously.

"Draco stop rambling and tell me what going on."

Draco took a deep breath; "First Harry let me ask you a question."


"What do you think of children?"

Harry gave Draco a puzzled look. "Well, I guess they're ok, we could probably adopt after a few years. Why?"

"No I mean what do you think of having our own children?"

"But that's impossible." Said Harry. "We're both men."

"Harry, I'm not fully human. I am a magical creature. It is possible for male elves to get pregnant."

Harry took a step backing shock. "Wow but why are you telling me this?"

Draco wanted to hit his head against the headboard of his bed in frustration. (Damn can he ever be so thick some times.)

"Before I tell you, I want you to tell me what you think about us having children."

"Well I guess that would be ok…Why do you ask?" Now Harry was really getting confused.

Draco smiled and took Harry's hand. He placed it on his flat stomach. He looked up at his lover who was now looking at him with wide eyes. (Now he gets it) Draco was smirking at Harry.

"I'm pregnant love." He said softly.

"What…what did you say?" Harry's voice was just a whisper.

"I said that I'm pregnant. In eight months we're going to have a baby."

Harry was shaking as he took Draco in his arms. "Do you realize what this means? You're giving me just what I always wanted; a family."

Harry was now kissing Draco leaving him breathless. Harry's hand sneaked up under Draco's pajama top to rest on his lover's stomach. Draco shivered at the touch. His body responded by sending all the blood to a certain part of his anatomy.


Harry moved his hand down to caress his lover's member. He cast some wandless locking and silencing charms around the room and started pealing off Draco's pajamas. He kept on kissing his lover and stroking him. When he felt Draco get close to his climax he let go and replaced his hand with his mouth. It didn't take long for Draco to shoot his seed in Harry's mouth.

Harry thought that it was the sexiest thing to see Draco loose himself in the moment when they made love. He particularly loved making the blond scream his name as he came.

When Draco calmed down from his incredible orgasm he noticed the state that Harry was in so he pulled the raven haired wizard on to his bed where he quickly unzipped his pants and took out Harry's member in his mouth. Harry trashed on the bed moaning while Draco sucked him to completion.

A few minutes later Harry cast a cleaning charm on both of them and they got dressed. Harry removed the privacy charms he had set up and slipped into the bed next to Draco who was already half asleep. He too soon fell asleep feeling safe and the happiest he had ever been. He had his godfather back, a child on the way and would soon marry the man he loved.


Sirius, who had decided to check on his godson when he didn't come out of the room after an hour, found himself staring at the two tangled forms sleeping on the bed. It was a beautiful sight. Harry's dark looks against Draco's pale ones. The made a very handsome couple.

Remus came and stood next to him. He whispered in the animagus' ear.

"They're so in love, they remind me of us. They're soul mates just like we are. Give Draco a chance Sirius just like we gave you one. Even if we knew that you came from the Black family we still let you be our friend. We didn't judge you by your name and you shouldn't judge Draco by his. Under his grandfather's influence he's become a good man. He's a great leader and he's proud of being a half blood elf. His people have accepted him for what he is. He had it rough at the beginning from what I heard. His grandfather came to fetch him from our world on his sixteenth birthday when his elven heritage started to show physically. Now that he and Harry and getting married I couldn't be happier for them."

Sirius sat with Remus on a conjured love seat while watching the two young men sleep. He could see by how they clung to each other that they were very close. A few hours later the two older wizards noticed that Draco was waking up. The young men must not have noticed them because he conjured a feather and started tickling Harry's nose with it.

He passed it over Harry's nose a few time with the dark haired wizard sleepily swatting at it. Draco snickered and did it again but this time Harry grabbed his hands making him squeal. Harry flipped him over and pinned Draco under him. He moved to kiss Draco's neck but stopped when he heard two people chuckling. Both he and Draco turned their heads to look in the direction that the noise came from. They saw Sirius and Remus sitting next to their bed looking at them with big smiles on their faces. The two older wizards were trying not to laugh too much but were failing miserably. The two young men jumped apart blushing.

"Sirius…Remus…er…what are you two doing here?" Harry was puzzled what were they doing in his room. Then he took a look around and remembered that they were in the infirmary.

Remus just laughed. "Harry you two fell asleep so we were just making sure that you were ok."

Harry smiled and got up. He gently helped Draco sit up.

"Harry, I'm not made of glass love."

"No, but you are pregnant with my child and I intend on taking care of you." Harry realized what he said out loud and turned to look at his two godfathers. Both men had paled and were giving Draco funny looks. Draco rolled his eyes at their expression.

"Remus, Sirius, the elves are a magical race where both the male and female can become pregnant. Since we don't base our relationships on gender, to be able to reproduce both sexes can bare a child. We marry our soul mates so chances are that they may be of the same sex like Harry and me." Draco looked at Remus. "You too can become pregnant. You're a magical creature too." Remus looked up in surprise.


"Remus could get pregnant, all you have to do is let Sirius be the dominant one in bed and 'voila'."

Now it was Remus' turn to blush. It's obvious that Draco knew that the werewolf was usually the dominant one in a relationship and so meant that he usually topped. Remus looked at Sirius who seemed to be thinking. The animagus turned towards his lover.

"You know Remus; a child of our own would be great. What do you think?"

"I would love that Sirius but there are laws against Werewolves having children and getting married in the wizarding world; Arthur has tried to change that law but the Wizamont wouldn't accept it." Remus suddenly looked sad.

Draco just shook his head. "Remus, you do remember that your godson is the Prince of Gryffindor don't you?" Draco laughed as he saw the wheels turning in the werewolf's head.

Harry looked skeptical. "Do you really thing that the wizarding world will listen to me?"

The three men just gave Harry a looked that said "Well duh!" They spent the rest of the afternoon discussing the possibilities of his godfather's having children and soon they had drew the King into their discussion and some of the elf Lords. The wizarding world was about to change and for the better.



Draco and Harry had celebrated their weeding two months to the day of Voldemort's defeat. It was an event that had been celebrated by elves and humans alike. Many other magical creatures had also been invited as a gesture of good will.

Harry had been made King of Gryffindor officially after they had come back from their honeymoon. He had quickly helped Arthur, who had remained the Minister of Magic, to change some of the older laws. The first law that was changed was the marriage law for magical creatures. A week after the law had been abolished Remus and Sirius had been married in a private ceremony surrounded by their family and friends. It had been beautiful and touching as the two long time lovers had said their vows on the grounds of Hogwarts at sunset near the lake. Three months later Remus had become pregnant and at the first full moon after he had gotten pregnant they discovered that he wouldn't go through his transformations during his pregnancy. Remus spent his second full moon having a picnic outside with his husband while he looked at the full moon with his human eyes for the first time in many years. In time the potion that the elves had used to cure their people of the werewolf curse would be transformed by Severus to help humans and with the help of the potion Remus would be finally free.

Draco gave birth to a boy seven months after their wedding. It had been a bit of a scandal that he had been pregnant before the wedding but the people soon got over it when they saw the beautiful blonde, messy haired, green eyed baby. The couple had named him Gabriel James Potter-Malfoy-Gryffindor. The family had then retreated to a Chateau that the Malfoy family owns in France for a month so they could enjoy their new son.

Over the last year the rest of the escaped death eaters had been captured by a force of aurors lead by Ron and Hermione; now the wizarding world lived in peace. Harry worked to open wizarding orphanages so that when cases like his and Tom's happened; that the magical children would stay in the magical world so they wouldn't be faced with prejudice at such a young age. Ginny who had just graduated had offered to be responsible for the care of the three children that had come to the orphanage. She would get more help later as they took in more children.

Hermione and Ron had gotten engaged and were planning to marry in a few months. Harry had made Hermione Gabriel's godmother while Cyriel had been made his godfather. The young elf had been shock to be asked by his friend to take on this great responsibility; in the elven world usually you had to be over a hundred years old to be deemed old enough to take on serious responsibilities like the care of a young prince. But Draco had said that if he was old enough to have children at his age then his friend was old enough to be a godfather. So in a touching naming ritual the little prince had been given his name officially as his two godparents swore to take care of him and help his parents to raise him.

Now Harry was standing near the lake on the Hogwarts grounds. He heard Draco walk up to him. The blond slid his arms around his husband's waist.

"What are you thinking about love?"

"Oh I was just thinking about how far we had gone since the war was over. I can't believe that it's finally over and that I'm happily married and a father." Harry leaned back to rest against Draco who kissed his neck.

"Believe it love, we're just starting to enjoy life. We have our whole future ahead of us."

Harry turned around and kissed his lover. "I love you so much. I've never expected to be so happy. Hell I never expected to survive the war."

"Don't think about that Harry, what counts is what happens now."

"Oh what happens now?" Harry raised a questioning eyebrow.

Draco smirked and started pulling Harry towards the castle. "Now I kidnap you, hide you in our rooms and make love to you all night long since Hermione has taken Gabriel to her home to watch him over night."

Harry laughed and followed Draco. He had no doubt that his life would be full of surprises but has long that he had Draco he couldn't ask for anything more. (Well many another child or two.)


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