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Sighing with relief Sara fairly flew down the steps of the courthouse. It wasn't so much that she disliked testifying or having to over-simplify the terminology or down play the complexity of the procedures. It was making them understand that a REAL criminal investigation was nothing like what they saw from week to week on all the crime shows that had sprung up in the past five years or so. It was a lot of lab work, usually boring, and hours at a crime scene finding, identifying and cataloguing evidence. Nothing was so simple as to be solved in a regular hour of television.

It was almost five and she only had a few hours of free time before having to go to work. She spent a few moments at the wheel of her car, before settling on the usual, which was going home, reading the latest forensic journal and listening to the Buzzcocks 'Best of...' album. Which would still be a change from the police scanner she usually had on in the background when she was reading. It was a little step, but a step in the right direction.

Arriving home, she took off her court clothes and changed into a pair of very old shorts and t-shirt, both sporting the Harvard logo. Taking a bottle of wine from the fridge, a glass from the cabinet, the remote for the stereo, and her still wrapped in plastic forensic magazine, she spread herself comfortably on the couch.

Half an hour later, she was so engrossed in the article she was reading on new forensic field methods, that she didn't hear her phone ring. It was only when her pager and cell phone chirped that she finally turned the music down and answered the call, which from the caller ID confirmed that it was the lab, and most likely Grissom calling her to come in early.

"Hi Grissom."

"Sara, can you come in to work a little early?"

Wow, what a shocker, spend all day in court and then get called in to work early. "Sure Griss, give me half an hour or so."

"Thanks Sara."

She hung up without answering his response. Yeah, thanks, she thought. Haven't said thanks for giving up my career for you. Haven't said thank you for all the times I've put my life on hold every time you called.

She knew she was being harsh, she'd had the choice to say no now, and all the other times, but her need to please people, a remnant of her foster days, when she did all she could to win the approval of her foster parents and foster siblings. It had disgusted her then, and it disgusted her now that she could still be so easily influenced.

On the way to work, a song became lodged in her not so sub-conscious, but going over the words, she KNEW why. The Best of the Buzzcocks featured "Ever Fallen In Love…" And boy had she ever fallen for someone whom she shouldn't have. It described her to a tee.

Even before Grissom, she'd had an incredible knack of picking the EXACT person, who for whatever reason was wrong. Grissom was just the latest in the long line of asses she'd fallen for. As much as she admired almost everything about him, when it come to 'whatever' it was between them, he was an ass.

Pulling into the parking lot, she realized that she still probably had the smell of wine on her breath. Popping her glove compartment, she was pleased to see the pack of breath mints right in front. With a deep sight, she headed toward another shift.

Barely even acknowledging her presence, let alone the fact hat she'd given up three hours of her free time Grissom said, "Sara, you need to go help Greg at a Henderson crime scene. I called him in early too."

"Sure," she said in a weary tone.

Surprisingly intuiting her mood, he stopped and really noticed her. "You okay?"

A look of surprise quickly crossed her face. "Uh, sure Griss." Taking the slip of paper with the Henderson address from his hand, she finished, "I better go help Greg."

Arriving at a the double homicide scene, Sara checked in with the police officer guarding the front door. "I think your young protégé is in the kitchen," he said with a smile which Sara returned. The officer temporarily went weak at the knees at her thousand watt smile.

Inside the house, Sara could smell the coppery odour of blood. Finding the kitchen, she was proud to see Greg carefully working the room in a grid fashion. He was also sporting a Tyvek suit, was double gloved and had slipped on protective booties.

Feeling her presence he looked up and flashed her his typical enthused smile. "Hey Sar, I thought Grissom was gonna get Sofia in."

Sara snapped on a pair of gloves. "Nah, guess she was smart enough to tell him to go jump. So he had to call me cause he knows I'll never have anything better to do."

Greg's expression changed a little. He'd never heard Sara talk that way about Grissom, whom he thought she had a crush on, AND how sick and tired she sounded. Also something he'd never heard from her.

Noticing the change of expression and realising how she'd sounded, Sara quickly covered it up by flashing a smile and pointing to his get up. "Greggy, I know you don't wanna screw up, but the Tyvek suit is a little over the top."

He shrugged in his usual carefree way. "Yeah I know. Just trying to find my style, y'know?"

Sara shook her head as she took her camera from her case and started snapping pictures of the scene.

As she was working, she thought about the last time she'd been that enthused about her job? She could still remember the slight flutter of butterfly wings when she went on a case, and try as she might she couldn't remember the last time she'd been truly satisfied with her career path. She couldn't even say when that enthusiasm had stopped, only that Grissom was usually behind the times she felt worst.

It was beginning to dawn on her after four years or so, that the fantasy she'd been entertaining wasn't ever going to materialise.

Smiling at Greg before moving in to the next room Sara said, "Hey Greg, you're doing a great job."

Greg returned the smile. "Thanks," he said returning to his work.

It was then that he decided to do everything in his power to get Sara to flash him that smile as often as he could possibly manage. He wanted to ask Grissom for help in setting up something special, but it would have been too uncomfortable to ask him. Doc Robbins would help him though. He was going to give her something he KNEW Grissom had never done for her.