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Sitting back in the shade, Sara reflected on all the changes that had occurred in the past year. Running her hand over her slightly distended belly, she waited for the slight movement that signalled new life. She was rewarded a few minutes later by her child kicking her. Smiling broadly, she couldn't believe that she had new life growing within her.

The last time she'd been her, almost a year go, she'd begun her relationship with Greg in earnest. It was strange to think of those years without him now. He'd been so integral in her ongoing recovery over what had happened to her as a child. His constantly calm demeanour ensured that whenever she felt lost and off balance, he'd be there, allowing her to use his strength to gain her own.

Looking back nostalgically, she remembered their first night back together after the lake. They'd sat close together, having a quite conversation before shift, letting the ebbs and flows of conversation wash over them. So much so that they didn't realise when Grissom entered until all conversation stopped.

They looked up simultaneously. Grissom's blue eyes flashed, but it was hard to tell what emotion he had hidden behind them. Before sending them off on their nightly assignments, Grissom called Sara into his office.

"Hey Griss, what's up?" she asked taking a seat.

Taking his glasses off slowly, a gesture which she immediately associated with him being rather perturbed, he sat down. "You and Greg are an item I take it?" It was a question, but one he knew the answer to already.

"I told you a few years ago, that by the time you figured out what to do about whatever it was we had it would be too late. Well, it's too late. I'd loved you for such a long time," she said revealing her heart fully. "But what I needed most was for someone to love me back, and you made it more than clear that you were never going to be there for me in the way I needed you to be. Greg was and is."

Grissom nodded slowly. There was absolutely no recourse, to the argument, because it was all true. "Okay," he said quietly. "I certainly hope he'll make you happy though."

Sara nodded with a smile. "He already has Griss, more than I ever thought was possible."

With that she'd left his office. Initially she felt a little bad for him, but then she remembered how long she'd waited. How many chances she'd given him to acknowledge SOMETHING, ANYTHING for her more than what was on the surface.

Greg shook his hair over her, breaking her reverie. "Hey beautiful, how're you and my little protégé doing?"

He rested his hands on her belly, and smiled widely when he felt an answering kick. "Hey little dude," he said softly. "How you doin'?"

Sara smiled, she loved how much Greg loved their unborn child. His total enthusiasm for becoming a father put to rest all the fears she'd had about starting a family. Moving up, he kissed his wife soundly on the lips. "Mmm, you're beautiful, you know that!"

"You're full of shit, you know that," she replied.

"Hey, are you dissing how beautiful you look carrying my child?"

Sara chuckled. It was still somewhat of a novelty to be considered beautiful. No matter the time of day, what she looked like, or what she felt like he always considered her the most beautiful woman in the world.

"Greg, thanks again for being here for me all this time. I love you more than you can possibly imagine."

Smiling he kissed her again. "Thank YOU. For finally giving me a chance to show you how much you mean to me. I'll always love and cherish you."