Hey guys, this is my second D and J fan fiction. Last one was really gushy, so this one might be too… but who knows… I DO NOT OWN D and J, although I wish I did…D.

"This is the low down…" I heard the man in the ski mask say to his followers as I hid behind the bushes at Middletown High. Every now and then I would sneak glances at them but I was scared that they would see me; after all they had a gun and other various weapons. A shiver ran down my back as I clutched my black hoodie closer around me.

"They made us pay, now they are gonna pay." I heard them say. For a minute I couldn't believe that I, Whitney Peterson would be a witness to a really hugemongous crime, (Or so my best friend, Morgan would say) A long shiver ran down my spine as I heard a scream, a gun-shot, then maniacal laughter. I gasped and shifted my weight making a twig break. All of a sudden all eyes were on me…. I screamed and ran as fast as I could…. Farther and farther I went but where was I going? Soon I ended up in the pat h of an on coming cop car. Without asking I jumped in and the young cop turned to me, "You okay miss?" He asked. "Shot… run, and run…" I could barely speak as I struggled to catch my breath. With a nod he turned the car so quickly it squealed and he sped towards the police station.

Once there I didn't get out of the car. It seemed like I was glued to the seat. I stared out the windshield as the cop exited the car and entered the station. After what seemed like hours, but when I looked at the clock it had only been about 30 seconds 2 people came out. An old fierce looking women and a middle aged man both in their uniforms came by. They opened up the door on the side I was on and each took me by an arm helping me into the station. Never in my life had I been scared. This was seriously my fist time. They took me into a bright room, that I guessed was to cheer me up, but it failed. Only now had I just realized, I was shaking. What exactly had happened, I barely paid attention to the questions they asked only muttering a yes, or a no every so often, knowing it wasn't what they were asking. They nodded understandingly until I let it all out… what I heard, saw, the plan, what the people looked like. These were things I didn't even know I knew, and yet my brain continued to let it all flood out. When I finished I was out of breath and tears were streaming down my face.

They talked to me but all I really hear was, "We're sorry, we have to put you in the WPP, the witness protection program…" For a while it didn't sink in, I'd have to leave everything and go be someone else. I ruined my life, my parents' life. Why was I there in the first place? I don't remember any real reason why, all I remember is what I heard and saw.

The next few days I was in a daze. I was numb, having to stay in the polite station surrounded by people that had corny happiness and my parents who would try and comfort me, although I knew they were pissed off at me. The man who came to my rescue tapped me on my shoulder when I was sitting in the bright room on the floor staring at the wall. "Whitney, we have found a relocation place for you." He said helping me up and out of the room. They sat me and my parents down as they started to explain, "Whitney, you will now go as Rose Lovewood, Mr. and Mrs. Peterson, you are now Jack and Macey Lovewood. You are moving to California, we can't tell you the city or school yet, mainly for safety." I nodded shaking still. "You will share a house with another family, they have 3 children. 2 boys and a daughter. The boys are around your age Whit- Rose. This way you have someone to show you around. They will meet you at the airport in two days." He continued to explain but I stopped listening. I couldn't believe what was happening, this must have been a dream, no not a dream. A NIGHTMARE!

Sorry for shortness, but I have 4 other fics to write.