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Chapter One

Kouki, the Kou Kirin

It was very cold here. He was alone, but that was surely better than swarmed by dementors, the soul suckers. They have fled from Azkaban after Voldemort gave them a good preposition, which was a freedom to suck people's soul as long as they helped him against his enemies, which meant everybody who stood on his way. From after on the ministry, who somehow started to lose many supporters after his fifth year, sent aurors to guard the infamous prison.

It has been 4 years since that time. The person looked at his own-making calendar…and a half-year since his imprisonment. He sighed tiredly and watched the view behind his jail window. He had to be in his hawk animagus form to do it since the window was located high above. When he heard some distinct sound of footsteps, he quickly landed and reverted to his human form. It wouldn't be good if someone caught him in that form. They would surely place him in another higher security jail when they knew that he was an animagus. He smirked when he imagined their faces if they knew he wasn't just ordinary animagus, afterall he had 4 forms to begin with. One of them was even magical…actually he wondered if his 3rd form was magical too, but he couldn't find any information about the animal in both muggle and wizard book, so he had no idea.

He sat on the floor and leaned against the wall. He brushed his messy long black hair with his left hand. 'Sheesh… I'm gonna beat Snape in the most greasy hair award if this continue'.

In this time like this he wanted to cast a spell for his hair, but that's unlikely since his wand was snapped the moment he was 'found guilty'… by the order of our 'dear' minister, Fudge. Sure he could always use wandless magic, he even got a knack on that kind of thing. But unfortunately the bloody ministry put some magic detector on Azkaban. The anti magic ward didn't help the matter either. Thank God, turning into animagus wasn't counted on 'doing magic', so the detector wouldn't alarm the ministry.

2 aurors passed his cell, one of them stopped in front of his cell. That person was his ex-friend named Ronald Weasley. It was a good thing too that he never said about his little secret (being animagus) to his friends… or should he say former friends? The other auror stopped when he noticed his comrade stopped there.

"What're you doing there, Weasley? That filthy traitor should have died as well when he betrayed us to You-Know-Who!" he barked. Ron turned at him with unreadable face.

"I just want to say 'hi' to him. What do you think?" he replied trying to be as sarcastic as possible.

"Che. He's not worth of our time. I wondered why Fudge didn't execute him right then," he grumbled and stepped away from the cell.

When Ron was sure that his comrade was away he looked at the person being the jail. A pair of dull emerald green eyes stared coldly made him shivered.

"What do you want, Weasley?" he spat with full venom behind all of his words.

"Ha-Harry… I'm sorry we couldn't help you out, we tried to—" his stuttered voice was cut abruptly by cold laughter.

"Help me out? If my memory served me right you guys also condemned me to this hell! You, ministry, and Voldemort," he hissed. "Oh, and by the way you lots have lost the right of calling me Harry."

"We—we don't have any choice! Fudge made fake proves that you helped 'him' and we couldn't prove that you actually didn't help him," he tried to reason.

Harry snorted and watched him with a disgust plastered on his face. "Please… make another reason, Weasley. The order abandoned me to this place, so they could avoid Fudge from endangering them. I knew that Fudge threatened them that he would accuse them being criminal if they defended me. They couldn't afford that, so they threw me to this fucking jail." Ron was silent. He was unable to reply. "And I bet they didn't do any investigation to get me out of this hell!" he spat.


"Go, Weasley! I don't need any of you to pity me. Moreover I feel sick when I see your damn faces." He turned his head and glanced at the corner.

Ron tried to mouth something, but then he decided against it. "I'm sorry," he whispered and then leaved him alone once more.

The boy—no, the young man closed his eyes and gritted his teeth as he tried to forget those painful memories. When he opened his eyes, he revealed his cold and emotionless green orbs.

All of them could die for all he cared. It wasn't a matter for him anymore.

A week later

"..r …ness," a voice called him. "Yo… ss!" it came more forceful. Harry wondered whether he was dreaming. Surely no one would call him, much less in Azkaban.

"Let me sleep," he murmured without opening his eyes and ignored the voice. But this time someone shook his body to wake me up. Harry frowned irritably. Why was everyone annoying him even in his dream? He continued to ignore it and curled more in his cold hard bed.

The person who annoyed him seemed not to take the indication. The voice grew louder each second and so did with the shakes. Harry bolted up from his bed and snapped his eyes open irately. "Why is it everyone just can't leave me alone!" he shouted to no one. He froze in his track when he saw a person across his bed. Deep blue eyes were staring at his emerald green eyes. Harry lost his voice for a moment before his eyes turned into one of suspicion. "Who are you?"

Harry couldn't see the person fully since it was night and the moonlight was covered by cloud. But he was sure that the person was a tall man. He was surprised when he saw him kneeled before him that he couldn't say anything. "I'm sorry for my lack of manner. My name is Kouki," the person said.

The moon that was not covered by the cloud anymore sent a dim light from the window bar. This enabled Harry to see the man in front of him. He seemed older than him, probably 26-27 years old, give or take a few months. He had deep blue eyes, pale skin, and blonde hair.

"What do you want? And how the hell you could go into this place?" Harry got up from his bed.

"I come to pick you up, Your Highness," he answered.

"Your WHAT?" Harry shouted incredulously. This was becoming weirder and weirder. "Is this a joke?"

"It is not, my Lord." Harry sighed dejectedly. Why was something like this always happen to him? It was just not fair.

"Speak clearly about what you meant," he said. To his surprise the man transformed himself into a creature similar but not the same as unicorn. Harry couldn't utter anything, speechless at the sight before him. The Kirin then told him about the 12 kingdoms, Tantei, Kirin's role, and many more.

"So you basically said that I'm a Taika, a person in ranka who was swept away to Hourai, just like the emperor of En and Kei's empress. And that you're a Kirin who has to choose an emperor for the kingdom of Kou. You choose me as that emperor and if I don't accept it, I'm gonna die?" he said doubtful at the last part.

The creature turned back into the blonde man and nodded. "Yes. The heaven will not give mercy to someone who denies it. I as the Kirin will get shitsudou and later when I die, you will also die. The emperor can't live without its half soul which is the Kirin."

Harry slapped his forehead and grumbled. "Just perfect for my bloody life." He then stared at the blue orbs once more. "Can't you just choose another person beside me? I believe there are many people who will accept your offer gladly."

"To become an emperor, one should have certain aura. Only the one who is meant to be emperor has it," he explained.

"Shit!" He paused. "You do understand where we are right now, don't you?"

"Apparently in somekind of prison," Kouki didn't look happy at the fact. How in the name of Tantei his chosen could land here?

Harry nodded. "This is Azkaban, a magical prison. Wizards or witches who committed sins will be sent here."

"Wizard and witch?" Kouki looked confused.

"You don't know what's the meaning of that and yet you could come here? Wizard is a person who can do magic, the same for witch, only wizard is male, while witch is woman. I would give you the example of magic, if there was no magic detector here."

"Why were you sent here, my Lord?"

"Oh that? It was wrong imprisonment, really. The minister hates me and decide that I would be a perfect scapegoat for his incompetent."


6 months ago

Harry was walking down to the Gargoyle statue. He muttered the password and soon a stair was revealed. When he faced up the door to Dumbledore's office, he almost knocked it when he heard a commotion behind it. He lowered his arm, and decided to hear it silently.

"What do you mean that you will send him to Azkaban!" he knew the voice, it was Remus'. Harry frowned. Someone would be shipped off to Azkaban? Who? From his parent's friend's voice, he knew that the person wasn't a death eater.

"You heard me, Lupin. He committed a murder to an auror last night. He's You Know Who's follower."

"He's NOT! And you know that too, Fudge." The werewolf shouted furiously.

Fudge calmly replied. "Whatever. But we have the proofs. A witness saw the murderer's face. And you better don't interfere with his capture, Dumbledore. If you interfere, you can just say goodbye to your dearest order! This is war, and sacrifice must be made."

"Sacrifice? You mean sacrifice so you can still in minister position? You will use him as your scapegoat, won't you?" Fudge snorted.

"I have to go now" Harry hurriedly escaped from the door and went back to the Gryffindor common room. In the night he was arrested in his dorm.

End Flashback

"So that was my story on how I landed here. Peachy isn't it?" Oh yeah something has bugged him since that time, where the hell was Lupin? Ever since the eavesdropping he didn't see that man. Not in his 'trial' or his shipment to Azkaban.

"That's outrageous! How could someone do that!" Kouki shouted furiously but he was soon clamped shut by Harry.

"Shh!" Harry put a finger to his mouth. "Are you trying to attract everyone here?" he hissed, the kirin of Kou country appeared to look somewhat guilty. "We're lucky that my cell is secluded or we're done for," the almost 20 years old wizard grumbled. "And to answer your question: they indeed could do that. They just need a somewhat reasonable plan reason and the community would do the rest of the job."

"They just believe all the deceive from the authority?"

"Yeah. I don't surprise about that, not that they knew they were deceived of course. Them with their pea- sized brain, narrow mindedness, and prejudices." Harry sighed trying to find a reason why he wanted to save them in the first place from Voldemort. He was having nightmares almost everyday since the dark lord always like to hunt down muggleborn and muggle , and many who opposed them. Now he thought of it merely as a nuisance and as a normal occurrence. He didn't know whether to be thankful of the vision or not, since he had a great depth of dark arts knowledge from watching them torturing people.


"So what do you want to do now?" he gazed at his supposed counter part. The kirin looked up, startled by his sudden question.

"Well, I went to this world in order to send you back to our world…"

Harry pondered it for a moment. It wasn't a bad offering, infact it was a good one. A chance to prove himself by his own power. And being an emperor didn't sound bad; it wouldn't be so much different than being the head of Potter family. "I'd like to go with you, but before that I want you to give me details about the country of Kou, so I won't be overwhelmed when I get there."

Kouki eyes lit up as he smiled. "Of course, my Lord."

If it was Harry in his fifth year he surely would blush at the title, but he had undergone his role as the head of Potter family which was a very old, rich, and powerful family in the wizarding world since his 7th year, and as such he didn't react at the call. "And after that I want you to purchase a new wand for me, plus books. Any kind of books, I don't care, as long it is a book. You can buy them either in Diagon Alley or Knockturn Alley."

"New wand, I understand. But why so many books?" he inquired.

"Just for my personal library," he shrugged. "My money is still on my vaults, thankfully I have made a deal with the goblin before I was arrested, for safety precaution, and I can still access my vaults. I couldn't go to Gringotts myself, so I'll send you in my place…do you have a paper and a pen or quill?" he asked hopefully.

"I don't bring any. But perhaps I can bring it to you tomorrow?" Harry agreed. Afterwards, Harry just listened Kouki's reports of his soon to be his country. From what he heard, he didn't like the situation much. Poverty, starvation, criminality, youkai's attack… darn he had a lot to do and a lot to learn in a little time, but being somewhat immortal would definitely help this problem. Then he blinked at his thought. 'Wasn't Tom trying to search a way to gain immortality?' he chuckled inwardly, thinking about how would the dark lord react if he knew that his arch enemy has gained the thing he always yearned. The irony…

Harry yawned for the 5th time and Kouki noticed that his emperor was tired and sleepy. He adjourned the lesson and went to bring the paper and quill he needed. When he came back Harry was already sleeping peacefully. He observed him carefully all the time and sometimes hid when an auror passed the cell. The young wizard woke up 5 hours later and noticed that he was being watched, but ignored it.

Harry wrote about his intention to the goblin stating that Kouki was his right hand and he was under instruction to take some money from one of the vaults. He ended the letter with his signature and gave them to Kouki.

"Kouki, can I have a strand of your hair?" the kirin looked at him confused.

"You're magical, aren't you? Or at least since you're God's messenger you have power. I need your hair for the core of my wand. I think it will be compatible with me." Kouki nodded and transformed back to his Kirin form and let him took a strand of his long mane. He reverted back to his human form.

Harry stared at it for a moment before his eyes glinted with a determination. "I want you to take a strand of my tail."

"Huh?" he blinked not understanding his master meant.

Harry transformed to his magical animagus form. The form was shocking the Kirin making his eyes widened in surprise and stumbled back 2 steps. Now in front of him stood a black unicorn, the hair was silky and smooth. His silver horn stood menacingly and his eyelids opened to reveal his beautiful emerald eyes. But there was something that made it different from the rest of the unicorns excluding the color. The wind started to pick as it went to another change. There was red fire dancing on its hooves as if the fire was alive and then his tail and mane were burning now leaving no sign of the silver strand of hairs. As quickly as the fire came it was vanished and returned to its first state. Kouki was speechless. The creature in front of him was his master who somehow transformed into a Kirin look alike with different kind of horn, though he was sure it wasn't a Kirin, but he could feel the power from the black unicorn. After gathering his wits, he took a strand from the unicorn's tail carefully.

"Thanks," Harry said in his human form. When his eyes caught his, he knew that Kouki would like to know what happened. So he told him that his was a quadruple animagus, one of them being a black unicorn, a creature that looked so much like Kirin. When he was finished talking, he gave him the direction to Olivander's Wands and Gringotts, all the way remind him to buy books after he visited the goblin bank.

"Tell Olivander to use Holly for your hair and Blackwood for my animagus form's hair. Don't give him your or my name. When you visited my vaults, you should take a bottomless bag, on it you can pour the money there and also the books. You should buy the books in Knockturn Alley first so the ministry wouldn't be suspicious when they knew someone have just bought many books enough to make a library. When you buy books in Diagon Alley I want you to be as quick as possible, if you can make a deal with the manager in the back so the ministry wouldn't be alerted, it will be better. Just be discreet, okay?" he nodded. "Erm…get all of the books from the vaults too. Also buy potion ingredients, please, with some cauldrons too. Do I forget something?" he paused as if he recited the list on his mind. "That's all for now. You don't need to do it in a day, maybe several days will do. And be careful in Knockturn Alley though I don't think that you'll be in danger with your guards with you. Damn…did I sound like a mother hen?" he shuddered at the thought.

Kouki left the cell and went toward Diagon Alley. His first stop: Gringotts. He took a deep breath before entering the building, Harry's letter in his grip.


Did I make the fic somewhat too fast? Because that was what I thought. There seems to be many mistakes here, be it the grammar, or other things. I can only hope you enjoy the story.

For the language…I notice that Japanese and Twelve Kingdoms' language are different. But then again the 2 kirins, Keiki and Enki, knew about Japanese, so I assumed it was the power they got from God. That meant they could speak all of others earthian's language as well, including English.