Chapter Six

Author's Note: so yeah, it's been so long since I update this story (or my other stories, actually). Well, here it is.

Info (correct me if I'm wrong):

Shirei: youkai servant of kirin. Formerly youkai, but converted by Kirin on battle of will between them. When the kirin dies, the shirei may eat its body shudder

Nyokai: the guardian of kirin that was born alongside it. Has human face but weird body. Each nyokai is different from the other. All females…I think?

Hourai: The other world, but I think it only includes Japan

Ranka: the fruit where people on Junni Kokki world were born. Funnily in this world, no one is giving birth. You have to pray to Tantei on a tree named Riboku and trying a cloth around a branch. If it's successful there will be ranka on the branch (but I think it needs time to show up on the branch). Kinda like Momotarou who was born from peach fruit. I wonder why the other couples can't just take the ranka which aren't theirs.

Shoku: storm that connects hourai and junni kokki world

Taika: people born from ranka that were swept into hourai

Tantei: God/Kami-sama (or is it Tentei?)

(name of country) + Taihou: the official rank for kirin of the country. You can add the name of the country before this word. Kou taihou means kirin from Kou country, while Kei taihou means kirin from Kei country

(name of country) + -ki/rin: the name of the kirin. –ki for male and –rin for remale. Kouki means male kirin from Kou country, while Kourin means female kirin from Kou country. The previous ruler of Kou had female kirin, so her name was Kourin. And huh, I just realize this, but when you combine –ki and –rin, you get 'kirin'!

Chapter Six

Unexpected welcoming committee

The people in the shore of Kyokai Sea were in panic. The Void Sea was once again raging and a storm suddenly appeared out of nowhere, an indication that a shoku was happening and that the gate to the other world was opened. These people had become so sick with all these unnatural storms, but they couldn't move away, for it was one of the few places in Kou country that haven't been affected yet by the death of the previous emperor, though perhaps someday it might change. Many other areas were swamped with drought, famine, and youkai for them to move there. Here in this shore, at least they still had abundant fishes for them to eat. In fact, there were many people from other areas coming here to make a living.

The last time the gate was opened was two months ago, when their Holy Kirin turned to Hourai to find the emperor or empress. Apparently the Kirin couldn't find the Kou Ruler among them. Many people in Kou Country were wary of this fact. For so long, their previous emperor put the idea on their mind that people from Hourai were bad and while he was now pronounced as False King, his teaching was still deep inside their minds. And now it seemed that their next ruler would be a Taika, just like the emperor of En and empress of Kei. They honestly didn't know what to think, even though there were facts that En and Kei were flourishing countries despite their rulers being a Taika .

Sometimes the gate would open on its own and allowed objects from Hourai to enter their world, but it seemed that it wasn't the case this time, for there in the sky above, flying, was a Kirin and its nyokai. And since all other countries had their own Kirin with them, they concluded that it was their country's Kirin. They rejoiced because it meant that soon peace would enter Kou once again, but they still had reservations about their would-be ruler.

An hour later in the sky, Harry was observing his ravaged country from Kouki's back. It was worse that what he first thought. The ground was cracked, a sign that there wasn't enough water, and he couldn't see any greenery at all, with the exception of few spots here and there. He also had seen signs of burnt village and skeletons down there. It seemed that the bandits attacked it. There were not many people left in the country, not that Harry blamed them. Kouki told him that many of them took refuge in neighbouring countries, especially Kei.

Harry narrowed his eyes when he saw black specks moving toward them at high speed.

"Kouki, what is that?" he asked the grim faced Kirin.

"Hold on tight, my Lord!"

"What?" the black haired young man was bewildered. He was forced to grab Kouki's long mane when the Kirin suddenly took a dive, followed by Lila. "Woah! What's wrong?" he shouted the question.

"Those are Kochou, bird youkai," he informed, as they landed on the empty ground in a ruined village. "We are better off on land than on sky. Most of my shirei were land youkai and thus an aerial battle will be a disadvantage for us. We have to lure them near the ground," the Kou taihou called in his four servants with combat ability, including Kurei, as he didn't want to endanger his emperor any further. "Hide inside one of the houses, my Lord, choose one with roof," Harry had the urge to remind the Kirin to call him by his name, but he knew it wasn't the time. And while he didn't like to hide, while the others were fighting he knew that he was still weak from his imprisonment. Perhaps he could aid them from behind?

Clutching Nigel, the dark phoenix chick, tightly, Harry ran toward a house that looked like it was the most structurally built house in the village. Harry wondered why the Kirin didn't follow him. It wasn't like the Kirin had offensive capabilities and from what he knew from Kouki, blood would weaken them. He got his answer when he saw the bird youkai were attacking the Kirin. Apparently Kouki was playing the bait to get the youkai to the ground, while his servants attacked them.

Harry swore loudly. Stupid self-sacrificing demented horned horse!

He drew his holly wand with Kouki's hair on it from his wand holster and created a barrier around the kirin. At least this way he had better protection than just running wildly, dodging the attacks of the youkai. To Harry's surprise, after being hammered for the fifth time, the barrier gave out.

"You've got to be kidding me, that's enough to stop a round of ammos from gaitling gun!" then again this was a youkai and not a muggle gun he was talking about here. He renewed the barrier and this time pouring much more magic into it. "After this I'm going to talk his ear off about the importance of staying safe!"


A startled Harry watched with wide eyes as a huge black bird with sharp talons and menacing beak ripped open the roof of the building he was staying at. "Fuck me sideways!" it was only his rusty quidditch reflex that had saved him from having his body ripped open by those sharp claws.

Apparently Kouki noticed that his liege was being assailed and thus galloped toward him. Which was a bad thing because the smaller birds that were attacking the horned horse were following him.

"Avada Kedavra!" he shot the green light toward the demon bird. But it seemed the magic didn't have the right effect against the bird, for it merely shook its head and went back glaring at him, this time it was twice more menacing than the first. "Uh…Confundus!" he tried to confound the youkai, but once again, the bird merely shrugged it off. Drawn into the conclusion that direct magic didn't affect the youkai much, Harry grabbed a small stone from the floor and threw it into the sky above the bird. "Engorgio!" the stone became a large boulder and dropped right into the bird. But other than making the bird startled, it didn't do anything else. "What the? Oh right, how could I forget! While the spell changes the mass, it doesn't change the weight!" the young wizard wanted to slap his forehead in embarrassment for forgetting that basic fact.

He wasn't as gifted at transfiguration as his father was, but he could do some things with it. "Avis!" a torrent of white birds appeared to distract the demon bird, while he used the time to attack it. He transfigured the pebbles into crude stone javelins that didn't look much but would serve his goal. He levitated them and banished them toward the squawking youkai, impaling it on its neck, chest, and wings. Blood burst out of the wounded bird and splattered into Harry's face and clothes. "Eugh!" he scrunched his nose.

A chirp came from inside his clothes and from their bond with the dark phoenix, Harry knew that it agreed with his assessment that it was disgusting.

He was broken from his thought when Kouki barged into the house, still with a couple smaller youkai following him. Needless to say, Harry was dismayed.

"My Lord, are you alright?" Kouki asked worriedly. Harry wondered how he didn't trip the long mane hair of his when he ran, but immediately dismissed his silly thought. It wasn't time to wonder about that.

"I was, but I am not right now, because you bring them with you," he shouted, pointing at the birds chasing them, while running out of the destroyed house. The Kirin had the grace to blush sheepishly, when he realized that his liege was right.

"My apology, My Lord!"

"Apology later, run now!" Harry ran as fast as he could, which wasn't much, considering he wasn't fit after being imprisoned for years. Already his breath was haggard and his heart clenched painfully. "Serpent- pant-sortia pant pant" he conjured two black mambas three meters in front of him. "Engor-pant

-gio pant" the small snakes were now half the size of the basilisk he had slain. Harry would have laughed had he seen the look on the Kirin's face. "pant Kill the birdsss!" he commanded hoarsely, happy that he wouldn't have to run anymore.

The two snakes slithered past Harry and Kouki and immediately attacked the birds. While their weights didn't change, the volume of their poison did change according to their sizes, not to mention that the snakes now could swallow a whole demon bird in one bite.

Harry saw Kouki's shirei and his nyokai ran past them and attacked the birds alongside the snakes. In no time, the bird youkai were obliterated. Harry opened his thermos and drank the sweet milk chocolate from it to regain energy, inwardly thanking the Eastern ministries for providing him with it.

Meanwhile, Kouki was feeling a bit nauseous because of the smell of the youkai blood on his master's clothes. But before he could tell Harry about it, Harry stepped into his personal space, ignorant of the fact he was causing his kirin to weaken.

"Next time you're running toward me, please make sure that you don't bring any youkai with—Er… are you alright? You don't look well!" Harry touched Kouki in concern, worrying about his health, after all he was in close encounter with those birds.

His kirin fainted.

"Holy shit!" he was about to grab the falling kirin, when Kouki's nyokai took the humanoid kirin and placed him away from Harry. "…I'm not that repulsing, am I?" the black haired wizard looked affronted, as he asked his phoenix chick, but no answer was forthcoming and Lila wasn't talking.

Eventually fed up, Lila pointed at his bloodied clothes and hands.

"Huh? Oh, this is the blood of the boss…" he trailed off when he realized what was Kouki's problem. "Oh, right. Blood and kirin don't mix. I forgot." The nyokai was huffing in exasperation.


Is there anybody who knows the name of the capital of Kou Kingdom?