Here it is, the final chapter, it's been a long road, but i think it's been worth it. This is the shortest chapter of the lot as you can see, though really it's more like an epilogue. One thing that i should mention: This is really divided into two halves, the first half has been written in past tense, and the second in the present, as usual. I hope this ending will be enjyed in all it's shortness and hope you like it. Enjoy.

Chapter sixteen


Hours of talking to Nooj, Gippal and Baralai about everything that had happened during the friend's time at Macalania had passed by, every aspect; every nuance and every detail was discussed.

Truth be told, Nooj, Gippal and Baralai were not overjoyed at the state Macalania was now in; an uninhabitable wasteland where not even fiends could survive. But they accepted that in the end the marine's course of action was necessary, and ultimately they were thankful that the crisis had been averted.

As a final act of thanks to those who lost their lives in Macalania the three men drew out plans to create a monument in Bevelle commemorating the dead. To those who had died in the hangar; Beclem, Elma and the two marines, Yuna was asked to send them as soon as possible; feeling it would be inappropriate for their ascension to the Farplane to be delayed any further. She accepted the task willingly, but not without a shed tear or two.

The Pyreflies had floated and danced, whilst those who watched reflected. They knew they had defeated the enemy, but it was a salvation, not a victory. They stood there in silence, long after Yuna had finished the ritual and long after the sun had set.

It was Yuna who made the final decision for everyone to depart from the three leaders of Spira. In silence they had parted their ways, and the only thing to break that silence had been the powering up of the Celsius's engines.

Inside the bridge of the Celsius nobody says a word; they just sit in silent thought.

Buddy clicks a few buttons in front of him and looks to the others, "Hey," he says softly, "I'm taking us to Besaid, ok? I figure Wakka and Lulu will want to know what happened out there."

"That's fine, thanks Buddy," responds Yuna.

Tidus stretches his arms out and yawns.

"I'm so tired. I think I'll hit the sack," he murmurs, getting to his feet.

"I'll join you," says Yuna, holding out her hand to him who takes it and hauls her to her feet.

"What about you two?" she asks Rikku and Paine.

"I'm in," speaks Rikku.

Paine says nothing but gets up to her feet anyway and dusts off her backside.

As they climb up the small flight of stairs Brother calls out to them, "See you tomorrow guys."

"Will do," they all respond. Then they trudge to the lift and activate it.

The Celsius speeds through the starry sky, its occupants finally able to sleep in peace and safety, then Shinra speaks up.

"Did you guys hear that?"

"Hear what?" asks Brother.

"I don't know," he mutters, "it sounded like a weird scuttling noise…"

And there it was done.

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