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I couldn't save her, I swear I tried.

I clap my hands, slam them against the bloodstained wall. Nothing happens.

My power has never failed me before. Never. Not even when my little brother's body was torn apart and I had to bind his spirit to a suit of armor. Not even when I had to tear off my own arm to make the trade.

But now, now when I need it more than ever just to prove that I can do something, anything, it fails me.

I clap my hands together, slam them against the wall. Again, there is no response.

I have the power to rebuild things, one day I'll have the power to return a human soul to a human body that was destroyed long ago. One day, but not now. Now all I want is the power to bring back this smear of blood on the wall, this mess of chipped bone and mush that was sweet little Nina.

Big blue eyes and a voice so small it didn't seem real, tiny hands and constant certainty that everything would be all right. Long hair, loud words, laughter. Nina. What did they do to her? How could they?

We played in the snow and I made her a garland from flowers of my own creation. She waited anxiously while I took my Exam, and she and my brother were the only ones who believed I could do it.

I clap again, so hard I think I bent one of the plates on my metal hand, and slam them against the wall. Nothing.

My little brother stands behind me, watching, unable to cry because of what I've done to him, unable to stop me because I'm never going to stop trying. I will bring her back. I'll bring her back and I'll give him back his body and I'll get back my real arm and leg. No more metal limbs, no more ancient armor, no more blood.

I will. I will. I have to, or there was never any reason for anything.

I clap my hands, slam them against the wall.

The silence is deafening.

- Fin -

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