The Search Is On

Sequel to Unexpected Vacation

Chapter 1

It had been two months since Randy's plane had gone down. They'd caught Eric and Randy had gone back to doing promo's for RAW. He hired a private detective to search for Maria. He'd gone to the Tribune but they told him she quit and that was all they could say. They couldn't give him an address due to employer privacy policies or soemthign stupid like that.

Randy sat on the crate in the back of the Arena and ran his hand across his chin. He was getting ready to do a promo and then he could get out of here. Back to his search, back to being miserable. They were in Chicago tonight which made it extra miserable. Maria was so close to him but he couldn't find her. He'd dreamt of his and Maria's night together ever since he'd returned to the states. Vince had tried to help him, talk to him, even offered to help him in his search if he'd get his mind back on wrestling any quicker. Randy knew he needed to get over her but he had a feeling deep down inside that it was important that he find her.

He jumped off the crate when the camera-man called his name to do his promo and afterwards he grabbed his bags to leave. His cell phone rang and he debated whether he should answer it or not but did when he saw it was the PI.

"What you got?" He asked.

"An address." The guy said, rattling off numbers of Maria's last known address.

Randy hung up and hurried to the nearest cab he could get. He gave the drive the address and sat back. He found her, he was going to see her, hold her, kiss her.

Maria stood in her bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. She'd been so sad since she'd left Randy. She knew Randy's type, she'd heard about them. All those famous people who had girlfriends had home, wives, children. They go out and get with everyone they can find but in the end they go home. She was sure Randy was used to it. She felt the tears threaten to fall as she grabbed the stick from the counter and looked at it. She read the box again carefully. One line not pregnant, Two lines pregnant. One line, two lines. How the hell do you tell? She squinted trying to see if the second line was a figment of her imagination or was really there.

"Looks like I'm going to have to go through the embarrassment of going to the doctor." Maria moaned, throwing the test in her trashcan and crawling into bed. She couldn't help but wonder where Randy was now.