Chapter 3 Two Months Later
Randy glanced up at the entrance to the small chapel and saw the most beautiful site he'd ever seen.

There was Maria, his Maria, standing almost seven months pregnant in an off-white dress. Her arm linked into the arms of Randy's father, Bob Orton. He smiled as he heard the song begin and watched his soon-to-be wife walk down the aisle toward him.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." The man said, smiling.

Randy leaned forward and kissed his wife, letting his hand rest lazily on her large belly. Smiling as he felt the baby kick at him in enjoyment.

"He's certainly active today." Maria said with a smile.

"That's because he's practicing his wrestling moves already." Randy smiled.

"Just what I need." Maria smiled. "Maybe I'll have to learn some of these moves sometime."

"I'll be more than happy to show you all my moves. Tonight." Randy said, smiling and kissing his wife on the lips.

Two hours later the couple were off on the honeymoon.

"Baby please tell me where we're going." Maria begged.

"No. It's a surprise." Randy smiled. "I'll just tell you it's a very important place to me."

Maria lay her head on her husbands shoulder and fell asleep. She awoke when she felt the plane jolt as it landed and opened her eyes.

Before Maria could get a good look at where she was Randy placed a blindfold.

Fifteen minutes later she smiled as she stopped and listened to Randy's breath against her cheek.

"This will always be our special place." Randy whispered, removing the blindfold.

Maria opened her eyes and found herself standing in the middle of the field behind her grandparents house. The field where she had first found Randy.

"Oh, Randy what about my grandparents?" Maria asked.

"Oh your mom said they went to America for the week." Randy smiled. "So we have the guesthouse all to ourselves."

"I can't believe you brought me here." Maria smiled. "Where it all began."

"Where I fell in love. Where we made our baby." Randy smiled.

"I'll always love you, Mrs. Orton." Randy smiled.

"I'll always love you too, Mr. Orton." Maria said.

The End.