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"Jack?" Ana said quietly. Jack looked up form the map on his desk at her

"Aye?" he questioned

"We'll be at Tortuga in a few hours, I take it you want to dock the Pearl?" Ana said

"Yeah." Jack stood up and followed Ana onto the deck. He did a quick scan of the deck before turning to Ana

"Where's Nakada?" he growled, Ana suddenly looked uncomfortable

"She took one look at Tortuga when it hit the horizon and made an excuse to go below deck." She told her captain "I was going to tell you but she told me not to say a word on pain of death." She followed Jack as he went below to the cabin Ana and Nakada shared.

"Nakada? What's up?" Jack asked as he opened the cabin door. Nakada was lying on her bed. She wore black three quarter length trousers, boots and an off-white shirt. Also, she typically wore her sky blue sash around her waist and the pale blue bandana that kept her waist length, braided, knotted and beaded black hair from her eyes. A pair of large silver hoops hung in her ears; three rings studded one hand and around her neck hung a necklace. The necklace was a gold circle with a small silver sparrow inside it. Her eyes had been closed but as Jack entered the room they sprang open, revealing their fathomless, piercing blue.

"Nothing Jack." She lied. Jack rolled his eyes and walked over to her, sitting on the end of the bed.

"Nakada, what's wrong?" he asked again as Ana sat on her own bed and looked at the fifteen year old in front of her. Nakada sighed and carefully sat up, leaning against Jack

"It's just seeing Tortuga," she admitted "All that stuff happened last time from coming here, who's to say it won't happen again?" she wiped at her eye, where a tear was threatening to fall and put a hand to her bandaged stomach out of a short habit. Jack put an arm around his daughter's shoulders and pulled her closer to him.

"You'll be fine luv, just no running off this time, alright?" Nakada glared at him for a moment before pushing him off the bed

"Captain." Someone said from the door and Jack looked up from where he now sat on the floor

"Yes Mr. Gibbs?" he asked innocently, Nakada burst into giggles

"We're coming up on Tortuga, you're needed on deck." He turned around and walked up to the deck.

"Nakada, Ana. I want you on deck to." Jack said as he stood and headed towards the door

"Aye, aye Captain." Nakada said, pulling herself up carefully. Ana waited until Nakada was standing before exiting the room.


"Ye alright luv?" Jack asked his daughter. They were standing outside The SeaCrest, a pub in Tortuga

"Yeah, come on. Before I decide to go home." Nakada said, Jack smiled and pulled his daughter into the pub.

The two Sparrows dodged through the drunks and whores until they reached the table Ana sat at. She had three mugs of rum in front of her and as Nakada and Jack sat, pushed two in front of them.

"You alright Nakada?" Ana asked the girl

"I'm fine, don't worry." Nakada replied, "Know anyone who may know about our gypsy Jack?" Nakada asked quietly

"I reckon I might lass, but we'll have to see him tomorrow." Jack replied "Relax for now."

"I will," Nakada said quietly "But I doubt you will." She nodded over Jack's shoulder and he turned to see the blonde whore he'd met last time he'd entered the pub and a very angry looking man beside her.

"Ye Jack sparrow?" the man growled, revealing man rotten teeth

"I think you've got the wrong man mate." Jack said, making Ana and Nakada roll their eyes. The angry man pulled Jack out of his chair, knocking it over

"Ye owe my Daisy money." He growled, jerking his head towards the blonde

"Actually mate," Jack said calmly "Ye've definitely got the wrong man. I owe her nothing." The angry man gave a roar and lunged at Jack, who nimbly dodged out of the way. Suddenly, everyone was on their feet, surrounding Jack and the other man

"Now, is there any need for this?" Jack asked

"Pay up for Daisy or I'll pound the pay from ye!" the other man sneered, lunging forwards. Jack grabbed one of the mans huge fists and flipped him over. He got to his feet and pulled a cutlass from another mans belt, only to have it kicked from his grasp by Jack, who pulled out his pistol and shot the man in the lag. Bringing a harsh silence to the inn.

"Take Daisy and push off." Jack gasped "I owe her nothing." He watched as the man limped over to another table and Daisy started to fuss around him as the inn returned to normal. Jack reloaded his smoking gun before turning to Ana.

"Where's Nakada?" he asked after his eyes did a quick sweep of the inn.


Nakada and Ana rocketed to their feet as the angry man pulled Jack up, both ready to jump in if needed.

"Ye owe my Daisy money." The man had growled, jerking his head towards the blonde

"Actually mate," Jack had said calmly "Ye've definitely got the wrong man. I owe her nothing." The angry man gave a roar and lunged at Jack, who nimbly dodged out of the way. In a lot of noise, the rest of the pub had surrounded Jack Ana pushed her way to the centre so she could help if Jack needed her (A.N. Highly unlikely, it's Jack after all!) Nakada stood in the centre of the crowd, keeping an eye on Jack whilst not putting herself into any immediate danger.

"Now, is there any need for this?" Jack asked, trying to reason with the angry man

"Pay up for Daisy or I'll pound the pay from ye!" the other man sneered, lunging forwards. Jack grabbed one of his fists and flipped him. A cheer ran through the crowd as the room shuddered slightly.

A hand clapped over Nakada's mouth and another took one of her arms, pulling her forcefully backwards through the crowd. She kicked and squirmed as she was pulled from the fight and the hand on her arm moved and took her around the waist. Nakada gasped inwardly and tears sprang to her eyes as the hand put pressure on her injured stomach. She was pulled out of The SeaCrest and into the alley beside it, where she was slammed into the wall, knocking the air out of her. She doubled over, winded, and gingerly put a hand to her stomach.

"I got us some company for the night PigEar!" a voice cried happily in front of her and Nakada raised her head and blinked back the tears to see a fairly tall man with messy brown hair and another with long, tidy blond hair leering down at her.

"So you have Strip." PigEar said in a high-toned, English accent "A fine girl for some pleasurable company." He leaned in towards Nakada and grasped her around the waist, making her gasp in pain. As he kissed her heavily on the cheek, almost knocking the girl out with his drunken, unwashed smell, Nakada saw something on his hip, which she slowly reached out for.

PigEar's hands moved slowly around the girl's stomach, undoing the buttons of her shirt as he went. He stopped at the feel of coarse material and looked down. Seeing the bandages wrapped around Nakada's stomach made him smile and as he forced his tongue into her mouth, he roughly pushed his hands through the bandages and onto the girl's stomach.

PigEar's tongue entering her mouth made her gag and the pain that came when his hands found their way through her bandages almost made her faint but Nakada strengthened her grip on the object she'd pulled from the oblivious PigEar's hip. With a strangled yelp, PigEar collapsed and the expression on Strip's face changed from one of humour, to shock, to anger at the sight of the 'defenceless' victim standing the body of PigEar, holding a small dirk dripping with blood

"You little bitch." He spat, lunging at her. Nakada gave a strangled sob and backed up against the wall before stabbing Strip in the stomach twice. As he fell to the ground, Nakada heard footsteps approach her and, keeping one hand on the wall, stumbled forwards. Blinded by tears of pain and fear, she moved the dirk around in front of her in the desperate hope of hitting her new attacker.

"Ye don't want to be doing that luv." Her attacker said soothingly, a hand closing over her own "Ye'll regret it later."

"J-J-Jack?" Nakada sobbed before collapsing into her father's arms. Jack put an arm around her shoulders as she cried uncontrollably into her father's chest. He glared at the two deceased pirates on the ground as Ana bent over them, searching them for anything of value

"Don't worry luv, you're okay." Jack whispered reassuringly. Nakada stopped crying suddenly and spun around in her father's arms. She pulled herself form his grasp and stumbled against the wall of The SeaCrest, one arm clutching her stomach. She gave a small sob and started to vomit violently.

Jack stepped over to his daughter and pulled her hair from her face as she threw up, gently placing a hand on her back. Ana stood up and threw a final look of disgust at the recently deceased pirates before walking over to Jack

"PigEar and Strip." She whispered quietly "Two pirates the world won't miss in a hurry." Jack nodded his agreement and removed his hand from Nakada's back as she straightened, wiping a shaking hand across her mouth

"Come on luv." Jack said, putting his arm once again around his daughters shoulders "Lets get you back to the Pearl. Nakada nodded and, keeping one hand on her stomach, allowed Jack to steer her off.


Nakada sat down on the edge of her bed and Jack gave a low, angry growl seeing the bottom of her shirt undone and the bandages beneath rumpled

"They didn't do anything." She whispered, looking at him with fearful eyes

"Only because you killed them before they had the chance." Jack replied, his eyes resting on the dirk in his daughter's hand.

It was a small thing with a large purple pommel stone and white pearls where blade met hilt. A weapon that had probably belonged to the Captain of a wealthy merchant vessel or the Governor of a small but prosperous town before falling into the hands of pirates like PigEar and Strip, yet it want with Nakada like a bird to the air. Nakada sighed, cleaned the dirk and set it to one side. She then pulled a roll of bandages form the chest beside her bed

"You want to keep that dirk luv?" Jack asked, "After what happened to ye?" Nakada looked up at her father as she started to unwrap the bandages around her waist

"Aye I wanna keep the dirk." She said softly "It saved my life today." She gently pulled the bandages from her abdomen to reveal the neatly stitched bullet wound and several bruises, which were just starting to appear. Jack raised an eyebrow and sat down next to his daughter

"Didn't do anything luv?" he pointed out, Nakada closed her eyes for a moment, gave a violent shudder and snapped her eyes open again, tears starting to fall. Jack, not used to seeing his daughter cry so much, hesitated before putting his arm around her shoulders

"Damn it!" she spat angrily "I'm a Sparrow, I shouldn't cry! Maybe I'm not cut out to be a pirate!" Jack tensed at he words

"Don't say stuff like that Nakada!" he said angrily "You were born a pirate, ye've got it in your blood!" he calmed down then and said the next bit softly "You've had a shock, get some rest, ye'll feel better in the morning." Nakada sniffed a couple of times and looked at Jack

"Okay Jack, but I hope you're right." She said. Jack smiled and stood up

'I hope I'm right too luv.' He thought to himself sadly as he closed the door to Ana's and Nakada's cabin.

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