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"Jack?" a whisper broke into his dreams "Jack!" his eyelids eased open, and he looked at the canopy for a moment before turning his head to the side. Rachel stood beside him, one hand on his shoulder, shaking him gently. She was pale, her eyes wide, and she was crying – tears running in streams down her cheeks.

"Nakada!" Jack yelped suddenly, knowing that the girl was no doubt breathing her last. Rachel gave a watery smile, and flung her arms around her husband

"She's waking up Jack!" she cried, "She's coming round! She started calling out for us a moment ago!" Jack looked at the woman wrapped around him in shock for a moment, before turning his head to look towards the cot the girl occupied.

Ana was still sat beside Nakada, a grin on her face and her hand lying gently on the arm of the girl. Nakada twisted her head left and right, mumbling wordlessly as she shifted restlessly. Rachel had moved to sit beside the girl, and lay a hand on her forehead, Nakada whimpered, and twisted her head in a hope of evading the hand

"Hush honey," Rachel whispered soothingly, and in that instant Jack saw the mother that Rachel should have been for their daughter if they hadn't been separated "Hush. It's just your mom. Come on sweetie, wake up."

"Mom?" the girl murmured, and Rachel let out a soft sob.

"I'm here honey," Rachel reassured the girl, smiling at Jack, who had propped himself up on one elbow to see his daughter better

"Mom? What's going on?" Nakada asked, her voice was thick, and her eyes fluttered desperately "Where are we?"

"On the Pearl," Rachel told her "You're alright Nakada. Your father saved you."

"Dad?" Nakada's voice broke with a fit of coughing, and only after she'd stop did she continue talking "Dad, Norrington…"

"He isn't chasing after us, luv," Jack called over to her "We're out and away from Port Royale, and we're not going back 'til I know he's on the right bloody side." Nakada's mouth curved up into a smile as her mother choked a laugh, and slowly blue eyes opened

"This isn't my room," Nakada stated, giving the wood above her head a scrutinising look

"It's easier to look after you and your father if you're in the same room, lass," Ana-Maria stated, and Nakada's eyes drifted to the female pirate before she twisted her head, and smiled over at her father

"Hello Jack," she said, her face still pale but her eyes bright, though it could have been due to the fever or life. "What're you being held captive for?"