Three months later~

Harry awoke slowly, his eyes wanting desperately to stay shut. Light seemed to flood in through the tiny gap between the drawn curtains around his bed. He could hear muffled footsteps and quiet voices from the other occupants of the Gryffindor boys' dorm. He yawned widely and stretched his arms out to the side of him, starting slightly when he hit something solid.

"That's a nice way to greet your boyfriend in the morning," Draco pouted playfully and jabbed Harry in the shin with his foot. Harry sat up and stared down in wonder at the boy beside him. Even though it had been three months since they had taken the potion for the second time, it was hard for Harry to grasp the concept of Draco Malfoy being his, Harry Potter's, boyfriend. He grinned sheepishly at the blonde boy and leaned down for a kiss.

"Good morning, my beautiful darling," Harry murmured, playfully pushing Draco on to his back and straddling him. He assaulted the Slytherin's neck with butterfly kisses until Draco laughed and tried to push him away.

"That's more like it," Draco snorted and laid his head back on the soft pillows. Harry sat back on his haunches and bit his bottom lip. It was a dangerous affair starting playful teasing like this. Once they got started, it was hard for Harry to stop. He pushed his hips forward, grinding slowly against Draco. The blonde let his eyes slip close and his hands to rest gently on Harry's upper thighs. One of his favourite things was morning sex. Harry lent down again and kissed Draco fully on the mouth, letting his tongue push for entrance.

The Slytherin's hand was making its way to the front of Harry's pyjama bottoms when the curtains around their bed were thrown open.

"Wake up Harry, or we'll be late-" Ron came to an abrupt halt as he took in the position of his best friend, "Bloody hell!" The ginger boy jumped back as if he had been shot. Harry blushed to the roots of his hair and scrambled off of Draco who, aside from the pink dusting of colour across his cheeks, seemed completely unfazed by being caught red handed. In the background, Harry could see Seamus with a dirty grin on his face and Dean who was trying very hard not too look. Neville must have already fled.

"Erm, Hogsmead today." Ron took a deep breath in and bit his bottom lip, "And could you at least let us know when Mal- Draco is going to stay over? Could give a guy a heart attack, that." Ron frowned deeply and rubbed a hand up and down his chest. Harry could see Draco smirking and mentally jabbed him in the side. Draco flinched slightly and turned widened, innocent eyes on his boyfriend.

"We'll be ready in a second Ron," Harry smiled bravely at his best friend, "We'll meet you downstairs." The ginger boy nodded slowly and made to leave before turning back to his friend.

"Don't be long, Hermione is already waiting." Harry nodded back and, after Ron left the room, flopped back on to his bed with a sigh. Draco rolled on to his side and propped his head up on his hand.

"Could have been worse, he could have caught us five minutes later." Draco smiled down at his embarrassed boyfriend. When Harry caught his eye, they both burst in to laughter.


Several minutes later the two boys came hurtling down the stairs. Harry jumped the last few, landing messily at the feet of Ron and Hermione. Draco came running down a second afterwards, failed to stop in time and crashed into Harry's back. They landed in a giggling, squabbling heap on the floor.

"I won!" Draco straightened up first, and held out a hand to heave Harry up too. When the raven haired boy was on his feet again, he playfully pushed Draco back a few paces.

"Clearly, I won," He turned to his waiting friends. Their faces read surprise and amusement, "Right, guys?" Hermione shook her head light-heartedly at their antics and turned to leave the Common Room. Ron nodded seriously.

"By a mile, mate," Harry grinned at his friend and turned a leer on Draco.

That means I get to top tonight, he sent the thought clearly and Draco let his eyes half close. It was the only sign that anything had passed between them. Over the last few months the couple's bond had blossomed. Hermione was the first one to come up with the theory that taking the potion voluntarily would increase the potency of it. Without the boys fighting the effects, the potion would develop much more how it should have done the first time. Compared to the feeling of complete isolation and desperation that had consumed them both during the time they had been separated, the constant feeling of a second presence was barely noticeable.

The other interesting effects the potion was having was that Harry and Draco could virtually read each other's minds. There were limitations, of course. There always was with this kind of thing, according to Hermione. The boys could only read what was being sent at one specific moment, they couldn't freely explore the others past memories.

It had startled Harry one night when he was awake in bed, watching Draco peacefully sleep, to find himself having visions. At first, he thought they were Voldemort's thoughts but he quickly realised that Voldemort couldn't possibly be seeing Harry at that moment. The edges of the vision were blurred, as if someone couldn't be bothered to paint the edges of the picture in from of him. It was only when vision-Harry got on his knees in front of him and Draco let out a quiet moan that real-Harry realised it was Draco dreaming.

Their bond had become so strong that they could share thoughts even unconsciously. The thought itself made Harry's heart feel warm. He grinned stupidly until he noticed Draco giving him a strange look. He quickly rearranged his features and took hold of Draco's hand, pulling him towards the portrait hole.

Once they were in the Entrance Hall, waiting to be marked off Mr. Filch's list, they met up with Ron and Hermione again. The four had agreed to a double date of sorts. When they were close to the front of the queue, Harry felt Draco tense. Discomfort wafted from the blonde and Harry sent over reassuring emotions. Draco didn't have to say a word for Harry to understand.

Pansy Parkinson had emerged from the Slytherin staircase along with Blaise, Crabbe and Goyle. The friendship between the Slytherin boys had remained strong, despite Draco spending most of his evenings and nights in the Gryffindor dorm. Pansy however had proven difficult. She had flat out refused to acknowledge Draco for the first month and half. It was only very recently that she stopped turning in the opposite direction when she caught sight of either Harry or Draco.

This time, when her eyes finally landed on the couple, she smiled tentatively and gave a tiny wave. It was small, but the progress made Draco's shoulders sag in relief. No matter how much he denied it, Harry could tell how much the old friendship meant to his boyfriend. Harry beamed at the blonde and gave him a small kiss.

Very early on, Harry and Draco agreed that they didn't want to hide their relationship. Although that didn't mean they were going to parade it about either. They held hands between classes and kissed each other goodbye after dinner on the rare occasions that they did go to separate dorms. This seemed to be enough for the student body of Hogwarts for wild and outrageous rumours to spread like fire. Seamus found it hilarious and would always share one or two stories he heard throughout the day before they all settled down for bed. It lightened Harry's heart and made it all seem ridiculous.

So far, Seamus' favourite was that Harry and Draco got together because Harry, after years of yearning, had saved Draco from a werewolf in the Forbidden Forest and, completely overwhelmed by gratitude, Draco had sworn himself to Harry. This was one of the few stories that made Draco blush and curse the Irish boy. Harry guessed this was the reason Seamus enjoyed the story the most.

The trip to Hogsmead took a ridiculously short amount of time and it was soon that the two couples were pushing their way in to The Three Broomsticks for well deserved Butterbeer. They stayed in the pub until the sky had darkened and it was time to head back.

On the walk back, Draco entwined his fingers with Harry's.


When the Gryffindor Common Room had emptied and Hermione had announced that she was far too tired and was going to bed, Harry, Ron and Draco made their way up to the boy's dorm. The two empty beds looked very inviting. Ron quickly undressed and jumped in to his own warm bed, pulling the curtains almost shut. He wished the two boys a good night and placed is wand on the bedside table before pulling his curtains the rest of the way shut.

Harry and Draco fell on to their own bed. It had been a long and fun day but Harry hadn't forgotten their bet. He scooted up until he lay in the middle of his bed, Draco following closely behind. He pulled off his robe and dumped it on the floor. Harry smiled down at his boyfriend, wrapping his arm around thin shoulders.

The thoughts alone Harry was projecting was enough for Draco to squeeze his eyes shut. Draco hadn't bottomed much since they had become official. Despite the obvious effects the potion had, Draco still liked to be in control. And Harry was more than happy to comply. It had taken many long, hard fucking sessions for the two boys to get used to the effects the potion created between them. At first, it was difficult for either boy to last long, the overall sensations too overwhelming. It had been embarrassing and awkward but Harry and Draco soon came to realise that practice did indeed make perfect.

Harry rolled on top of Draco, using both hands to smooth blonde locks down. He placed a gentle kiss on his Slytherin's lips, aligning their bodies. No matter now much Harry loved being a bottom, the chance to take control over Draco was too tempting. Harry slid his hands down Draco's slim body until he reached the top of the blonde's trousers. He pushed his thumbs in to the waistband and encouraged them down Draco's thighs.

I still can't believe we can do this, Harry closed his eyes and sent the thought to Draco. The Slytherin let out a shuddering gasp and sent a thought back.

I know, It was brief and Harry could hear the strain in Draco's mind. He pushed his hips up to aid Harry pulling his trousers down. The feeling of excited trembled between them until Harry bit his lip roughly and yanked Draco's trousers off. His own quickly followed suit, their shirts and socks soon joining the growing pile on the floor. The Gryffindor sat up to close the curtains, using his wand to perform a silencing spell before flinging his wand on to his bedside table.

When he was finished, he looked down at the beautiful blonde boy beneath him. Draco lay naked on his back, one hand resting on the bed to his side, the other lazily stroking his semi hard cock. Harry bit his bottom lip and groaned at the image Draco presented. You have no idea what you do to me, Harry thought, leaning down to press a kiss to Draco's neck.

The blonde's laugh reached Harry's ears rather than his mind and the two shared a moment of humour. Of course I do, Draco opened his mouth to Harry's tongue. They mapped each other out, letting their tongues slide together. When the Gryffindor pulled back, he presented Draco with three of his fingers. A nervousness washed over Harry and it was difficult for him to decipher whether it was his own at topping Draco or Draco's at bottoming for him. Either way, the butterflies reassured Harry and he smiled happily as Draco sucked suggestively on his fingers.

When suitably wet enough, Harry traced a delicate pattern down Draco's chest and stomach, reaching his goal quickly. He nudged Draco's thighs further apart and settled between them, pressing his forefinger against the Slytherin's hot skin. Draco squirmed and bit his bottom lip. Harry hushed the other boy with a gentle kiss as he pushed his finger in firmly. He worked his other fingers in quickly, anticipation fluttering in his stomach.

Just do it, Draco slid his tongue in to Harry's mouth and pushed his hips downwards, thrusting gently on to Harry's fingers. The Gryffindor groaned and fought for dominance with his tongue. He eased his fingers out slowly and positioned the head of his cock at Draco's opening. The heat radiating from the boy was enough to make Harry's head spin. His own anus tingled and pulsated, awaiting the phantom feeling of penetration.

Harry took a deep breath and pushed forwards until he was buried deep inside Draco. They both gasped and clutched at each other, desperate for skin contact. When Draco gave a tiny nod of his head, Harry began to move. He pulled his hips back until just the head of his erection was buried inside his lover, then he thrust back in roughly. His breath rushed out in a moan filled with passion as he fucked Draco.

Harry frowned in concentration and used one hand to reach down and grip Draco's leaking erection. Both boys cried out as Harry squeezed the swollen flesh. Despite their practicing, they could both tell their love making wouldn't last long. Harry thrust and ground in to Draco forcefully, making the blonde cry out and drag his short nails down Harry's back. The pain caused both boys to buck in to each other, meeting again in a frantic, beautiful kiss.

I love you, I love you, I love you, Harry chanted inside his head. He tired desperately to keep the thoughts to himself, but the tensing of Draco's back and the slight edge of panic in his mind told Harry that the Slytherin understood his thoughts perfectly. Draco broke the kiss and grunted as he pushed his hips back against Harry's thrusts.

"Don't even think it if you don't mean it," Draco whispered aloud, drawing a hand up Harry's back to rest on the nape of his neck, pulling Harry's ear close to his mouth. Harry shuddered and tried to control his body but he couldn't stop himself. He thrust erratically in to the body beneath him, twisting and tugging at Draco's erection. They both moaned loudly when Draco bit down on the lobe of Harry's ear.

"Uh, Draco," Harry felt himself falling over the edge. He desperately fought for control over his thoughts but his mind went blank as he came inside his lover. Harry felt Draco tense and clench around him, releasing also. It was intense and desperate and when it was over, Harry fell forward on top of Draco. He panted frantically for breath. Draco's arms came up to wrap around his shoulders, his mind strangely absent of thought. Harry rolled to the side and closed his eyes.

"Draco, I-" He started but the blonde boy stopped him with a hand. Draco's eyes opened slowly and he tried to smile reassuringly at him.

"It's okay Harry, people say things during sex-" It was Harry's turn to interrupt but he didn't use words. He lent over and kissed Draco firmly. With all his might he projected his thoughts. His tongue came out to meet Draco's.

I meant every word, Harry cupped Draco's cheek with his hand, I love you, I love you… A weight seemed to lift from Draco and he joined the kiss enthusiastically.

"I love you," Harry whispered against Draco's lips when they parted, his fingers ran gently through the blonde's hair. Saying it out loud was so reassuring. Harry truly did mean it; it was obvious from the feeling in his chest. Draco bit his lip and sent a shaky thought back.

I think I love you too… Harry smiled broadly and fell on top of Draco, laughing happily. Somehow, in that moment, despite the looming war, the rumours and the worries about telling parents and, in Harry's case, adults who cared for him, Harry felt happier than he had in years.

The End

Ah! It's finally finished! After five years and ten months, Potions Gone Wrong has come to an end. Did you have fun reading it? I want to really, truly thank you guys for staying patient with me because I know I have totally abused you all. Making you wait almost six years for a story to be finished… Are you guys masochists?

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