The next chapter of Anything Goes is here! Beware of weirdness, OOCness, and any randomness that just happens to show up in here. One of my friends wants to show up with Trowa from Gundam Wing (her name will be Lex) but I have no idea of how to write her in, so once again, I'm asking you guys for help.

Shale101: I'm glad you liked your part XD. It's kind of weird writing for someone I don't really know.

Stephanie: Sorry, but I just can't turn Roy into a girl. I tried to think about it, but whenever I do, I immediately start cracking up at the thought. I'll try to do it later. Thanks for all your ideas.

Shale wasn't really that unhappy about being held prisoner. The cell in which they'd put her wasn't all that small, and it had a large window. The food was actually rather good ( A/N: better than my school's food!) and she had most everything that she needed. The guards were polite, if rather unsure what to do with a teenaged girl who had just turned the FullMetal Alchemist into a girl. Since no one knew exactly what to do with her, someone had decided to put her in a cell until she somehow figured out how to turn Ed back into a guy. This wasn't likely to happen very soon, but someone had supplied her with quite a bit of chalk and a book on transmutation circles.

Ed had gotten more or less used to the idea that he was a girl for the time being, but he did have to make sure to stay clear of the Colonel. The Flame Alchemist thought that it was the funniest thing he'd ever seen and, in short, it was dangerous for everyone within a five-mile radius for the two of them to talk to each other for more two seconds. Al was trying, once again, to cheer him up, without much of a result, when Shampoo and her brother Conditioner came back, this time with a giant marshmallow almost as big as Al. Ed was staring at them wondering just exactly what you could do with such a huge marshmallow, when Shampoo threw it at Al.

"Now you no longer metal! Be weaker so Shampoo can beat you!" she squealed.

And she was right. Somehow the marshmallow had turned Al back into a human.

The whole headquarters was in an uproar, and all the alchemists in the area were now examining the marsmallow and trying to figure out what alchemic properties it had, if any. Hawkeye and Hughes, being the only ones who hadn't gone completely crazy when Al turned back to normal, had taken Shampoo and Conditioner into custody fairly peacefully, Hawkeye only having to shoot at them a couple times before Shampoo stopped yelling "Must fight strong one!" and allowed herself to be hauled off.

Great, just great, thought Hawkeye gloomily. With Ed being a girl, Al being normal again and that darn marshmallow, the Colonel's never going to get his paperwork done.

Well, did you like it? Please send me more ideas! Oh, and the giant marshmallow thing? I have NO idea where that came from or what it actually does, or where you would get a marshmallow that big. I think I just went crazy…