Shattered Innocence

Legend of the android child


Vegeta stood up after loosing $75.00 to Goten, in the boy's monthly game. It had been weekly until Vegeta had started roasting the cards every time he lost.

Goten began jumping around the room in victory. Vegeta followed quickly after trying to strangle him. Gohan and Krillin watched on trying hard not to laugh as Goten jumped out the window and flew out into the orange glow of the horizon. Vegeta ran out the front door, slamming it behind him, flying after his now 14-year-old prey.

Gohan cleaned up quickly and turned to Krillin.

Krillin sensed a strange anxiety in Gohan as he cleaned up the dinning room and kitchen at an abnormally fast pace.

"What's the speed for, Gohan?" Krillin asked.

Gohan stopped short and looked around suspiciously before starting to explain. "Promise you won't tell a soul."

"What are you into?" Krillin asked starting to get worried "You know you can trust me Gohan." Krillin prompted kindly.

"Oh, it's nothing bad. It's just…so…strange. "Gohan paused in his own confusion.

"O.K. Tell me what's going on. "Krillin stated slightly relived.

"Well I was out when Mt. Centris blew up. I headed over toward it when I found… something. " Gohan paused thinking of how to word it. "In that field where Trunks took Marin on their last date, there was a large streak of up turned soil. At first I thought it was just a big piece of debris from the mountain, but…" Gohan paused and looked around. "Well I might as well show you."

Gohan turned and led Krillin down the hall to a stairway. In silence they walked down into Gohan's basement. After Pan's rat had infested the basement no one would go down there. Even uninfested, refurbished and professionally decorated, Gohan was the only one who went there willingly.

Gohan tripped over two boxes of old books before finding the light switch. As the lights flickered to life Krillin shielded his eyes with his hands and Gohan walked swiftly over to an old chemistry table. Books were thrown on the floor all around it like someone had pushed them all off in a frenzy.

Krillin froze as he saw what was on the table. He pushed a scared laugh, "What's that?" On top of the table was a white sheet laid over what looked like a corpse.

"This is what I have to show you." Gohan said slowly, lifting the blanket to reveal a small girl about the same age as Goten, with short blonde hair and pale white skin. "I found her in the debris. She had to have been hit hard. Her injuries were severe when I found her, but they went away quickly."

"What do you mean they went away?" Krillin asked flabbergasted.

"Well..." Gohan reached beneath the blankets and pulled them back revealing an I.V. tube in the inner side of the girl's elbow. "She has been rejecting all liquids and foods I've tried to give her. She doesn't breathe nor have a pulse, but…" Gohan continued before Krillin could interrupt. "I know she's alive because any cut or… well here I'll show you." Gohan stepped over the I.V. tube and placed his thumbs on the side skin and used his free fingers to slide the tubing out of her arm. The wound from the tubing that would have been there a minimum of at least a week on any other human didn't even have time to bleed before sealing itself up.

"I must have gotten there shortly after she landed because her wounds were still visible, but already beginning to heal." Gohan said his voice beginning to be hushed in secrecy, he had obviously not told any one else of his abnormal find.

" So she's been without food, water, air or a pulse for about a week and the only way we know she's alive is because she's self healing." Krillin said stating the facts in an unbelieving tone.

"Well that and I had first taken her to Denda. The healing seemed Namekian to me. He told me that she would be no trouble and to keep her hidden and safe," Gohan repeat shortly re-covering the girl and turning to his friend. "She worries me, Krillin, and in the right light she looks like 18."

Krillin looked back down at the white blanket almost seeing the resemblance between this young girl and his android wife.