The Kiss

I spent the next two days in Trunks arms. No one came to speak to us, the confusion was too much. The hurt was only just ebbing away.

I had lost control.

I had been weak and left to the mind of my master. Trunks had helped me over come that. I was free now.

And even as my savior he did not ask for answers, he only held me close and took what came, what love I could give him.

There came a knock on the door. Pulling the blankets over my body and grabbing a robe Trunks answered the door.

Gohan stood in the doorway of light. "They've come for her." He said solemnly, there was no smile on his face. His head was bowed as if someone had died.

Trunks looked back to me. "Why?" He whispered so as not to wake me, even though he knew full well I was awake.

"They need her. They have always needed her. She's awake now and whole. She has to go with them." Gohan glanced to where I lay. "Get her ready." He sighed.

Trunks nodded. Closing the door he turned to me near tears.

We didn't speak through the afternoon. He dressed me and tied back my hair in a braid, kissing my forehead in the inability to play in my hair.

We walked in silence to the same meadow where I had lost control. It had been cleaned up, but it would take years to heal the damage it had taken.

There talking to Goku was a Kimarrien, my true race. Light purple skin and flowing white hair. His ears pointed and turned in my direction. He already knew I was here.

Your energy is sore, he frowned in my mind.

I nodded to Trunks. His blow allowed me leave. I flashed over to the Ki and whispered in his ear. "I'm I all that you thought I would be?"

He turned and bowed. Belaki, hissed in my mind.

"We'll miss you, Heshema." Goku tilted his head.

"I hope I did not cause you any real pain in my transformation." I bowed my head to him.

"At least you're alright now." He smiled as the warriors came to his side.

Trunks approached from my left and smiled to me, but his heart was scared.

"I was telling Goku of our situation." The Ki spoke, drawing my attention back to him. "There is a demon. We can't hold out much longer against it. It's your destiny to help us. It is your opposite. There will be no challenge elsewhere for you."

"I will see to it." I said calmly.

"I can't take us both back." He rose to his feet. I set my mind over his body. The travel through the dimensions had injured him severely. "I'm the only one that could get here being as I have read all the books on you, you're a legend." He blushed, his cheeks turning white, "I have even learned how to mock some of your powers." He bowed his head.

I scanned him; "I can get us there."

"I don't want to loss you." Trunks said lowering his voice.

"Stay strong for me Trunks. This is something I must do."

"Could it hurt her?" He turned to the Ki.

He responded with a quick nod.

This monster was a threat, even to me.

"Remember what you have learned these past few days." I walked over to him. "I have to go."

He pulled me into his arms and kissed me hard.

The Ki put his hand on my shoulder and I took us away, traveling to a dimension untouched by those I had come to know the black hole of Ki'marra. Trunks was left standing alone, but there was nothing more I could do without hurting him further. The sweetest way to say good bye is with a kiss.

AN: This story is a part of many. Though this one is over its sequel novel is under the DBZ title as well, but takes place in a new world, previously mentioned in the above chapter. This world is not to be confused with the Ki's of DBZ. This is a new breed of my own. The abbreviated name is just similar. The next title is Trials of the Heart.

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