Every ending has to start somewhere

Everything we start, we finished somewhere. Anything reflects on our nature,
Our feelings and beliefs. And our actions… they are what sticks in
The minds of most people, and they stay there until they're dead.

I don't pretend I'm innocent of my crimes – I do not dispute my black history.
I only look back. …back to the reason why I did them. I can only tell you,
My heart and what I saw and suffered through, then,
Was enough to make me toss my teachings aside and form new teachings.

Teachings of my own; combined with the light and the dark…
And well, suffice to say they served me well. I was Revan, heroine of the Republic,
The victor of the Mandalorian Wars… and the Revan, dark lord of the Sith…
But, now you ask who I am…? Some call me Talhiri Serrano, others call me Revan…

Talhiri Serrano is merely a name, an identity created to give me another life.
But a name without a life, without a past is notwithstanding
The truth and the truth always comes to light in the end.
I am Revan and I am Talhiri Serrano… She and I live as the same…
I can only ask that you can accept me, both past and present. Judge me with my actions, and believe.

And as the tears fall down her face, she collapses to her knees and stares out into the crowd.
I wish I could place myself in your hands… but I cannot, because as much good,
And harm it will do – my daughters and your leaders need me.
Every path is paved with good intentions, only those intentions can stray ever so little.

Only ever so, little one...